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Pruning and Fine Tuning
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Don't have much of an update other than to say I've been hard at work on a few things that I still can't quite officially announce yet (but soon I promise!)

Probably the most exciting thing that happened to me was catching some very decent sales on used books I need for research and reference purposes. I even managed to snag a book I had my eye on for months that had been 90$ but got it for around 5$. The hardest thing about looking it historical topics is that most of the books I find useful are out-of-print. Luckily I got it the from the library in the first place, but after a certain point I like to have them on hand. 

Upcoming Events

If you're in the Washington, DC area on May 21 look for me at the Imaginarium Book Festival at the National Press Club between 11am - 4pm!

It's free to attend and there's going to be great crop of authors there!


Later this fall I'll be at the Hampton Roads Writer Conference in Virginia Beach, VA making a few presentations:

Sept 22- 24


Craft Corner

Because I'm a somewhat visual person seeing objects or places helps me better describe things when I'm writing - as well being accurate as possible. In the same vein, it's also why I draw things that are in my mind's eye alone.

For one of the stories I'm writing the sense of place was even more cruical than usual as a large portion that place in a house where actions in certain rooms were key. Because this house wasn't enchanted to have roving a rooms, I drew a layout of the house to nail down these rooms. Not only do I have better visual, it actually helped with snarl I encountered in my draft. It's not a perfect layout, didn't pull out any rulers, and it's certainly not to scale, but the visualization is more helpful. 

Notable Media Consumed

Fevered Star - A nice solid follow up to Black Sun. I was surprised how short it was, or maybe because I read it so quickly! Looking forward to see where things go next.

Spy X Family  -  I've been loving this very humorous mashup of spy and domestic comedy, where there's several elaborate ruses going on and somehow managing to work so far.  And I'm simply delighted to learn there's an anime that just started.

The Flying Witch   -  A gentle slice of life tale of a witch in training, lots kitchen witch vibes in somewhat modern day setting. 

The Great Ace Chronicles -  I loved the original trilogy of games, but I loved this prequel even more. The characters aren't as silly (though still plenty wacky) and the love of Sherlock Holmes clear with the clever allusions to the stories all over the place.  The presentation of law is pure nonsense as always but I always viewed these more of murder mysteries than anything. I really like that the games built up to one central story with a few slight detours along the way.

Turning Red -  This movie knew exactly what it set out to do, and it hit every mark. I laughed, I teared up, and I cringed, as I tapped along to some surprisingly catchy songs.

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