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Issue 8

Welcome to the month of October 2023!

I managed to manually e-mail all of the subscribers whose e-mail addresses yielded a hard bounce with the new Sender mailing program, to let them know about the problem, and that they may need to resubscribe using a different e-mail address. Those Hotmail and Outlook accounts, the new mailer didn't seem to like.

I checked on The Isles PBeM website, and from the looks of it, Roy may have taken it down. I haven't heard anything from him or others regarding the Isles PBeM game, so if you hear anything specific, be sure to drop me a line and let me know, so that i can help spread the word.

Because I have too much PBM stuff to do, already, I decided a couple of weeks ago to start a new blog. I'm already falling behind with it, so when all is said and done, it may not work out. There's a link to it further down below, if you're interested. Maybe I can get back to it, though, in the next day or two. Currently playing in six different games of Alamaze, simultaneously, probably isn't conducive to me trying to write about all six of those games, along with the other PBM stuff that I tinker with. If I had it to do over, again, I'd probably go with a different choice of wordpress sub-domain names. Overall, it has a pretty clean look, I think. I'm sure that I'll decide something, sometime. And if not, then it can fall into eventual obscurity as just another PBM-related digital trinket that's out there, somewhere, if you know what I mean.

I wrote to Lee Kline at Reality Simulations, Inc. recently, to inquire of her if it would be OK for me to go ahead and release the PDF copy of the Hyborian War rulebook. I want to give her sufficient time to look through it, and see if she wants anything changed or added to it. So maybe - just maybe - that might be something to look forward to sometime in the foreseeable future. No promises, though.

A few days ago, I sent an e-mail to Sean Cleworth, the fellow who runs Ilkor: Dark Rising, to see what was going on with that game. No word back from him, yet, though. He lives in South Africa, and that country's electrical grid is really suffering, and has been for years, and still will be for the foreseeable future. It's a really terrible situation, and there's no overnight fix for it. We have it really good, here, by comparison, where reliability of electricity is concerned.

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Nuts & Bolts of PBM - Issue #4
RickLoomis PBM
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Wouldn't it be great?

Wouldn't it be great, if you had everything that you needed about PBM gaming at your fingertips? Wouldn't it be great if all of the PBM websites on the Internet were up-to-date and well-organized? Wouldn't it be great if all PBM game companies and GMs took a more active interest in promoting play by mail gaming on a much wider basis?

Yeah, it would. That would be great.

And wouldn't it be great, if new PBM games were rolling off the production line? Wouldn't it be great if all of the old PBM games of yesteryear, which existed by the hundreds, made a comeback? And wouldn't it be great if PBM companies and GMs advertised more?

Truly, that would all be great. No doubt about it?

And wouldn't it be great if all PBM players kept their player account balance dues paid up without hesitation or delay? Wouldn't it be great, if players that send in their turn orders in hand-written form quit being sloppy as hell when writing, and actually submit turn orders that were legible?

Goodness gracious, that would undoubtedly be great.

And wouldn't it be great if Paper Mayhem and Flagship and all of the PBM magazines from yesteryear suddenly appear back in production? Wouldn't it be great if PBM companies and GMs got off their asses, and finally eliminated all of the bugs from PBM games that have bugs in them? Wouldn't it be great if GMs and PBM companies would upgrade and improve their PBM games that have become more than just a little outdated?

I feel that such would be great, indeed. For how could it not be?

And wouldn't it be great if we all just magically got along? Wouldn't it be great if players didn't rage quit PBM games in mid-stride? Wouldn't it be great of PBM companies and GMs did a better job of listening to their respective player bases of their games? Wouldn't it be great if PBM players, PBM GMs, and PBM companies didn't turn such a blind eye to PBM gamers doing hard and lonely time in prisons?

Indisputably, that would positively be better.

However, I return you, now, to actual reality, and to a PBM scene that still has massive room for improvement. But do those who collectively form the PBM industry and the PBM hobby intend to do their part to make PBM gaming a better reality?

What do YOU want PBM to be? And will YOU do YOUR PART to get PBM to a better place from where it currently is?

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Click the image ad above to be taken to the Sword and Crown Discord!

Welcome to Sword and Crown, a heavily modified version of the En Garde! gaming system by Paul Evans and Margam Evans Limited with added Navy, Clergy, spies, artist, merchant and no traditional gendered roles. Attract the notice of royalty, duel your regimental enemy, swindle foreign countries of their wealth, or carouse and drink with friends and lovers, come join 17th century France and make your own 3 Musketeers journey.

I try to keep to a fortnightly turn around, and the game is free.

- PlagueBearer

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