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Issue 7


It was a really good feeling on my end, to get Issue #6 of PBM Chaos sent out, recently. There ended up being two delays getting it out the digital door. First, when I switched from MailChimp to Sender as the mailer for the Play By Mail mailings, as I waited for my Sender account to be approved/verified, I also include having to set up some CNAME info in my webhosting account at PlayByMail.Net. Second, when I manually uploaded the long-existing Play By Mail subscriber list from my MailChimp account to my Sender account. Sender wanted to know how I obtained the e-mail addresses that I uploaded to it, so I explained that 100% of them, without exception, were individual subscribers who had subscribed over the last few years. I don't add anyone's e-mail address to PlayByMail.Net's subscriber list for mailing purposes. Even the illustrious Alex Bardy of Tabletop Spirit magazine had to subscribe (nothing personal, Alex).

If you ever tire of receiving these Play By Mail mailings, there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each one. This was true when I used MailChimp, and it's also true, now that I'm using sender. Having an automated way of providing our followers with unsubscribing is why I use a mailer service, at all. I have no actual interest in sending the PBM-related mailings to anyone who has no interest in receiving them, or to anyone who may have lost interest in receiving them, after initially signing up to subscribe to receive them. Now and again, I mention the unsubscribe option, because I want to make sure that all of you out there have an awareness of it. Hopefully, it's an option that you won't exercise, but if you choose to do so, know that there's no hard feelings about it. For some reason, individuals like Richard Weatherhead find that PBM-related stuff form the polestar of their lives. Right, Richard? He prefers being called Mister Weatherhead, if I'm not mistaken.

In case you're wondering, I started on this issue - Issue #7 - the same day that I mailed Issue #6 out. Why do I refer to these mailings of PBM Chaos as issues? Well, that's a good question. Really and truly, I didn't know what to refer to these mailings as, and the word issue seemed as good of a choice, as any, at the time that I sent the first one out.

And yes, I'm well aware that more proof-reading of these issues is needed. I tried to take some extra time with Issue #6 for proof-reading purposes, but even still, the word "plain" became the word "pain," and error found its way into my handiwork, yet again. ::sigh::

Much of what I write about PBM tends to get written in an off-the-cuff moment. Stream of consciousness stuff, is what some people refer to it as. And trust me, there are people who hate that approach to writing. I, however, am not one of them. If I were to go with any other approach, in all likelihood, there would never have been a Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM Unearthed newsletter, or PBM Chaos. You may never have guessed it, but I actually do try to learn something from each of my PBM-related undertakings. None of it will ever achieve PBM perfection, though. In a nutshell, for better or for worse, you get what you get, if there's anything at all to get, in the first place.

From PBM Chaos comes a new PBM Order.

Thank you for joining me on this and previous PBM journeys!

Postal Wrestling Federation image ad

Join the P.W.F., today and get that buzz when you receive your fortnightly turn dropping through your mailbox. In an average turn pack, a player will receive:

  • *P.W.F newsletter from the President.
  • *Fortnightly P.W.F program with images.
  • *Results breakdown, promotion wars update.
  • *Free agents list, Champions honours sheet.
  • *Next turns business sheet, plus your own promotions Locker Room news.

Plus much more...

Fantasy Wrestling Alliance image ad

"I have been involved with fantasy wrestling for more than 25 years. I am having the most fun I’ve ever had. When done right, wrestling really is an art form. The FWA provides us the canvas to tell beautiful stories through our own unique characters and imaginations. It is a creative outlet that is therapeutic in a sense. The FWA has reignited my passion for writing wrestling. There are all kinds of special events, PPVs and tournaments with awards, in addition to promotions running on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can’t say enough great things about the FWA. Whether you’re new to this world or playing another game, give the FWA a chance….you won’t regret it!!"
- PBM/W Legend- Hitman Howie Sandberg, New York

"Baby, baby, baby!!!! If you think you have what it takes to beat me, the best creative mind in the FWA, then you are sadly mistaken, baby!!!! Ain't no doubt about it! You will feel the power...of "Sweet" Larry Sour!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha....HA!!!!"
- "Sweet" Larry Sour, Maine

"I am a middle-aged wrestling fan who has loved the sport since I was just a boy. I played another wrestling game for the better part of 30 years. I loved it. I enjoyed it. I found friends and enjoyed some successes. The FWA has offered me a chance to play with others like me. And it, much more to my liking, there is a platform that awards consistency in play as they tier league, federation and wide champions. My prior play was in a place where immediate rewards created messy play. The FWA requires a consistency that benefits players who are committed to making characters succeed long-term."
- Jamie Davis, Kentucky

"What I like most about the FWA is the creativity and the characters. There are some really great writers in the game. I also like that Jim and Mike (FWA owners) listen to the players and try to give us what we want. I came to the FWA because of Howie but I stay because it's fun."
- Mark D, Vermont

"If you like to create pro wrestling storylines involving wrestlers you've created mixed with using your skills to map out and pick the correct wrestling holds and topped off with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of competition, then the FWA is for you!"
- "Showtime" Steve Shettler, The G.O.A.T.

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*This photograph of The Keys of Medokh rulebook courtesy of Haakon R. Monsen.

Quensland Wargame image ad for issue #46

NOTE: Starting on Page #12 is an article titled Keys of Medokh by Peter Fordyce.

The PBM Library

Over the years, there have been many different attempts made to better organize the large body of PBM materials that are "out there" on the Internet. From my perspective here high atop my vantage point on top of the entire PBM multiverse, there is so much PBM material still in existence that organizing it all is a fool's folly to even try.

That said, I think that a PBM Library of just the rulebooks for PBM games that still exist, be they of the postal or digital varieties, might be a task actually worth undertaking. Something like that might actually serve future PBM gamers long after I am dead and gone.

Just one list of them all (all that I can track down, anyway), organized alphabetically by game name, with handy link to each of them. Something fairly simple and straightforward like that might just work - and actually be achievable within my lifetime.

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Middle-earth PBM image ad for Middle-earth Games
FA1000 map image for Middle-earth Games

Recent comments about Middle-earth PBM

Ishamael — 09/24/2023
Thanks guys! I found out this game existed recently by reading an old issue of Dragon Magazine, saw an ad for this game and thought.. I really wish I could have played that back then. Looked it up, pleasantly surprised to see there’s still a community after all these years.

thufir — 09/12/2023
armor definitely matters, weapons less so
but putting steel armor on your heavy cav makes a big difference

HabaneroHolt — 08/19/2023
Double enemy agents; 500 order. this happens earlier in turn sequence than agent orders. So if successful, the enemy agent is now much less likely to succeed on orders against the nation of the doubling emissary. So make sure the emissaries and agents in your company are of the same nation.

Cohen the Barbarian — 09/02/2023
Disappointed that game 422 isn’t starting just yet. 4th Age gunboat is great fun. Hopefully someone will take the last position soon.

Retzy — 09/24/2023
Its a long rule book and very well laid out but there is a ton to digest. There is also some youtube videos by Nic Tall that are pretty good intro material. Put your hat in for a game and get a mentor is the best way to learn!

Click this link to go to the Middle-earth PBM Discord
[This invitation link is good for 30 days.]

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Compare the rulebooks of different PBM games!
[ Alamaze ] [ Middle-earth PBM ] [ TribeNet ] [ SuperNova ] [ Starweb ]

[ Company Commander ] [ Feudal Lords ] [ Boldhome Heroes ] [ Phoenix:BSE ]

[ DungeonWorld ] [ Hyborian War ] [ Galac-Tac ] [ Takamo ] [ Starweb ]

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