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Saint Joseph Church

September 11th eBulletin

Saturday, September 10th

9:00am - in the church

for the soul of Antonietta Lombordi

Parish Pilgrimage to the Martyr's Shrine and Sainte-Marie among the Hurons village

3:45pm to 4:15pm - Confessions

4:00pm - Rosary

4:30pm - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the souls of Maureen and Robert Hogan

Sunday, September 11th

8:30am - Rosary

9:00am - in the church and online

for the celebration of Mary Hofbauer Birthday!

10:30am Rosary

11:00am - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the souls of Karl and Helen Faruga

6:30pm - Rosary

7:00pm - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the people

Monday September 12th

8:00am - Daily Mass in the church

Tuesday September 13th

6:15pm to 6:45pm - Confessions

6:30pm - Devotions

7:00pm - Daily Mass in the church and online

for the soul of Vicenzo Conte

Wednesday, September 14th

8:00am - Daily Mass in the church

Thursday, September 15th

 8:00am - Daily Mass in the church

for the soul of Paul Ahlonsou and all the souls in purgatory

8:30am - Gospel Reflection Group

Friday, September 16th

8:00am - Daily Mass in the church and online

8:30am to 9:30am - Adoration in the church and online

Saturday, September 17th

9:00am - Mass in the church and online

3:45pm to 4:15pm - Confessions

4:00pm - Rosary

4:30pm - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the soul of Pat Coles

Sunday, September 18th

8:30am - Rosary

9:00am - in the church and online

for the soul of Frank Grabowski

10:30am Rosary

11:00am - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the soul of Ilda Fernandes

6:30pm - Rosary

7:00pm - Sunday Mass in the church and online

for the people

It is not to late join us....


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St. Joseph Church Pilgrimage

to the Martyr's Shrine

and Sainte-Marie among the Hurons

Just $10 for those over 12 years of age and above. Bring a picnic lunch. Fr. Craig will leave the church parking lot at 9am.

Joining the Pilgrimage?

See pilgrimage guide
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Welcome to the Table of the Lord!

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We congratulate those children
who receive their First Holy Communion this Sunday!

Ava, Ryan, Taylor, Merucy, Ezra, Emmersyn, Jace, Chelsey & Weston

They've worked hard to prepare for this Sacrament and we are very happy to welcome them to the Table of Our Lord!

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Please keep in your thoughts and prayers...

Those who have died, especially..
Pat Coles, Jeanette Chisholm, Peter Karmiris,
Ronald Chisholm and Tony Wildridge

and those, who are sick and those who love and minister to them especially...

Annie Maas, Austin Mash, Carol Wilson,
Cindy Olford (Zealand), Chris Patel, Darcia Krushen, Francine Blais,
Heather Haug, Helen Connelly, Joan Elgar,
Kimberly Ince, Lynn Wainman,
Mary Chisholm-Nisbet, Paiton Claus, Pauline Schumacher, 

Scott Owen and Vanessa Turley

Jesus, Our Lord, we ask you to have mercy on all who are sick. Give them your strength and love and help them carry this cross with faith. May their sufferings be one with yours, overcome the power of evil and lead others to our Father in Heaven.

Lord Jesus, hear our prayer, for you are Lord forever and ever. Amen.

Request prayers

Let us pray for one another

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We are brothers and sisters in Christ who help and support each other even through our prayers. Every one of us could use extra spiritual support and prayers. Our new Parish Prayer Board found just outside the Adoration Chapel offers a place to leave your prayers. Consider also taking a prayer and join it to your own.

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All Seniors are WELCOME to join...

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Starting Tuesday September 20th

"These functional exercises are geared to assist seniors (both men and women) in the activities of daily living. You will work on upper and lower body strengthening, flexibility, balance and coordination through the use of music, balls & therabands (there is no floor or mat work). You work at your own pace -all levels of ability can be accomodated so if you need to be seated, exercises will be modified for you. All you need is a pair of non slip shoes and a water bottle. So come out, get active and feel great!"

Click Here to Email Kathleen for more info

Now What? - Pastoral Planning Continues

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The ongoing synod on synodality has prompted lots of great discussion in our diocese and parish and lots of feedback has been collected. Last year, discussions were held in parishes and schools and other places on all kinds of topics that impact life in our Church.

See a summary of what was heard in our Diocese
See what was gleaned across the provinceSee what Catholics across the nation have said

But now what? A survey inviting input and suggestions about issues and priorities to address and the next steps to take has been launched and is open till September 16.

Your input is valued!

The Catholic Date Night

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Do you struggle to find true, quality time with your spouse? Do you struggle to find time to pray and grow in faith together? Do you want to meet other Catholic couples who share this amazing vocation of marriage? If so - it’s time to level up your marriage vocation with The Catholic Date Night. The Catholic Date Night is a monthly, virtual event for married or engaged Catholic couples, hosted by music ministers, Jesse and Kathleen LeBlanc (Found Together).

Each night you will enjoy:

  • A powerful, live interview with a Catholic couple sharing about a topic relevant to Catholic marriages
  • Time offline to discuss the content with your spouse using guided questions
  • Virtual breakout rooms to meet and talk with other couples just like you, from across the country
  • A time of guided prayer ministry where you will learn new ways to pray with your spouse

    Until September 15th, use the code DATES100 to get your first month free and give it a try!

    Visit the official webpage and our instagram page to learn more.

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    La Verna place of Franciscan Spirituality Open House

    September 17th, noon to 6pm

    Brs. Alan and Stephen invite you to come by, visit and learn more about our ministry here at La Verna in Peterborough. We have chosen to hold our Open House on the Feast of the Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi, an event which took place in 1224 on La Verna in Tuscany Italy.

    Life Chain 2022

    Sunday, October 2nd, 2-3pm

    Corner of King and Liberty

    Life Chain is held simultaneously in more than 200 locations across Canada each year. Life Chain is an easy way to join others in peacefully expressing our belief in the sanctity of life. Participants simply stand on the sidewalk with others. The organizer will provide a non-graphic sign to hold, and you may pray silently for an end to abortion and for those affected by it. Feel free to bring a chair, a coffee and good spirits.

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    Fall edition of the Catholic Herald

    The Diocese of Peterborough publishes a quarterly magazine called The Catholic Herald. It contains news from across our Diocese. The latest edition of The Catholic Herald has been released!

    See it here

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