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We are getting the first glimpses of how Liberal-Democracy will end

I am not sure if any of you read our “Links”. They lead you to a wide range of articles from other media. These include short news articles, from mainstream media and others, to longer articles including excellent analyses such as those by Australian MMT economist Bill Mitchell. Links also give us a chance to point you towards articles that we would otherwise have posted in their entirety among our “Articles”, but are prevented by copyright. Sometimes the authors themselves, such as Ann Pettifor and Thomas Fazi request us to do so as they need the clicks for their websites, which is understandable. In short, links are in no way inferior to our articles, but a means to providing you with current events and articles that we otherwise could not offer you.

Right now events are moving so fast that most authors have great difficulty keeping up with developments. Hardly is an analysis ready, reality has left it long behind.With links we can at least provide you with some raw data for your personal use.

Two short articles however were exceptional this week. One concerned a heatwave in Southern China HERE,which is described as: “The extreme heat and drought that has been roasting a vast swath of southern China for at least 70 straight days has no parallel in modern record-keeping in China, or elsewhere around the world for that matter”. As we know, this is bringing normal life to a halt, especially as the region is expecially dependent upon hydroelectricity. Where there is no rain and high evaporation there is no water for electricity.

Then the BBC postedHERE an article concerning a study by the Global Drought Observatory, a research group of the EU Commission, that claims 47% of Europe is in "warning" conditions, meaning soil has dried up. Another 17% is on alert - meaning vegetation "shows signs of stress". Also here we are seeing energy prices soaring due to lack of hydro-electricity, but also the closure of nuclear reactors in France as they cannot be properly cooled with water taken from rivers. The chaos on European waterways that are either closed or severely disrupted transport has gone through the media, The effects on harvests will be known in autumn, but things are not looking good, especially as supply has already been effected by the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Most Europeans are not adding one and one to reach two, instead jumping on cheap subventioned flights to where it is also very hot and there is a lack of water. Europe’s political class is in complete denial. They are no longer in control of the situation. After millions of press releases concerning climate breakdown, the reality is here with a passion and they refused to see it coming and thus have no contigency plans. In consequence the cost of living crisis is approaching us like an avalanche. Tens of millions of Europeans will be faced with the question of warmth or food this winter. Politicians will try to blame this on Russia, but this is all of their won making. One can only ask where are the wonderful technical fixes they keep promising us and spending billions on? More trees are being destroyed by wildfires than are being planted, not to mention felled for energy. In Germany the Greens are offering solutions to both crises: take cold showers to save energy and wash yourself with a flannel in a basin to save water.

We are getting the first glimpses of how Liberal-Democracy will end.

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Branko Milanović looks at the creation of the Soviet Union and its relation to the national states that joined it in Why was the Soviet Union created?.

Markets are useful institutions for capitalists to manipulate for profit, explains Richard Wolff in The Truth About Markets, Pillar of Capitalist Ideology.

In Those angry at Rushdie’s stabbing have been missing in action over a far bigger threat to our freedomJonathan Cook is of the opinion that the Satanic Verses novelist is championed by western liberals not because he has bravely articulated difficult truths but because of who his enemies are. The truth is that the vast majority of those claiming this as an attack not only on a prominent writer but on Western society and its freedoms, have been missing in action for the past several years as the biggest threat to those freedoms unfolded: the imprisonment of Julian Assange.

The Gig Economy Project looks at the Swedish model of industrial relations is being used as an excuse not to regulate the gig economy in Sweden in an interview with GigWatch’s Felix Söderberg & Jacob Lundberg: Sweden’s election, the Nordic model and the gig economy

With utter predictability, a crisis in capitalism comes along, people
start looking to solutions from the left, so the establishment starts
propagating conspiracy theories, Robin McAlpine writes in Left-smearing is back in fashion

Jonathan Cook  explains why aAllowing only one side to be criticised for its crimes – reinforcing theloaded western political narrative of good guys versus bad guys – is likely to fuel war rather than resolve it in Why did Amnesty apologise for telling the truth about Ukrainian war crimes?

Monetary policy-makers are using PEPP reinvestments to buy Italian government bonds while reducing the portfolio of German bonds observes Philipp Heimberger in his piece How the ECB is trying to prevent a new Euro crisis

Michael Roberts asks "Is the global inflationary spiral peaking?" in his piece Will global inflation subside?

Talks in our series "Economics beyond the Swabian hausfrau"

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It is still tentative, but we have already pencilled in a talk by Rupert Read on 19 October at 8pm. If Covid does not get in the way, it will be open to the public as well as a live zoomcast. Although the talk is in English, there will be a simultaneous translation in German both at the event and in the zoomcast. We shall keep you informed.

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