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New Year News & Promos

2021 was great for FaucetGamers, but 2022 should be even better! Many new things are coming and in the works. I hope you will choose a more enjoyable earning experience at FaucetGamers. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you.

Discord Corvette Ship Giveaway!

To better tie together our community, we have added a Discord Server! Please come join us if you haven't. We will be giving away daily prizes until the end of January. Then on Feb. 1 a lucky winner will win a Corvette Pirate Ship valued at 100K GTs (or 100K in GTs if you prefer). Visit our "fg-discod-pool" channel to enter!

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Lootably Charity Promo!

FaucetGamers has partnered with Lootably offerwall and Loot TV to reward our users a 10% bonus on all earnings and donate 10% of all earnings to the Animal Welfare Institute! They will even match our charity donations, so really 20% of all your earnings will go to animals! This promo will run from now until January 28. Our goal is to hit at least $50 in donations. You can vote for our next site supported charity on our Discord Poll page.

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January Pinball Tournament

This is a pretty awesome game addition to our arcade. Checkout this fun Pinball game and win some Game Tokens! Now through the end of January.


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Stats for 2021 and Goals for 2022

  • FaucetGamers sent over $11,000 in Crypto last year! This year, we hope to more than double that.
  • Our current site member count is approaching 10,000. We hope to get to 20,000 by this time next year.
  • Our site ranks in the top 40,000 in Alexa Ranking! Of course, we want to keep moving on up. Thank you for making it happen. 

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Christmas Contest Results

Congratulations to the 30 highest survey earners in our contest, who combined did over $1600 in surveys! Winners will be paid early February. Here are the top 10 winners and how much they did in surveys in Dec:

  1. sully11 2,086,619 GTs
  2. shoan 2,016,239 GTs
  3. TheDaveShow 1,721,983 GTs
  4. CFC33 1,221,618 GTs
  5. CryptoCass 1,096,101 GTs
  6. Kylekoz 783,681 GTs
  7. Erin 714,789 GTs
  8. Tammy 605,611 GTs
  9. redwood 596,202 GTs
  10. Donboe 493,514 GTs

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Upcoming - 

The BIG Projects for 2022:

  • Upgrades to your pirate ships and battles coming to our Crypto Pirates game! Risk your Naval Power and Loyalty Points to gain Naval Power and Loyalty Points. 
  • Our Android App is still a plan that we would like to do. However, development on it will take awhile, as we have little experience in App development. Feel free to offer any wisdom that you may have.

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Monlix and More Offerwalls

We are looking to add 2 or 3 more offerwalls that will have PTC offers that are geared toward everyone! Our first will be debuting within the next month, MonLix. 
MonLix offerwall has many high paying game offers and a small PTC section!

Promo Codes

Thanks for making it to the end! Here is a special newsletter promo code: GOLDEN
We value our members at FaucetGamers. You are golden to us!

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Reach out to us with questions or comments! 

Contact FaucetGamers' Support on freshdesk or find us on Discord! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for promo codes and news alerts!

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