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- May 2022

News for Action  
A monthly newsletter to spread the seeds and connect the dots. 

As May turns to June, there is something about warmer days which attracts people outdoors.

According to a comprehensive article you can find below, research evidence supports the claim that ‘nature-based activity’ -specifically gardening, green exercise and nature-based therapy - is effective in improving mental health outcomes in adults, including those with pre-existing mental health problems.

So our intuitions may be right: summer is calling our minds, as well as our bodies, to absorb a new kind of peace in nature.

London parks, gardens and green spaces suddenly appear for what they are - vital resources of connection and resilience, which must be accessible to all families. Let’s not forget the enduring power of life’s roots as the seasons inevitably move on.

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Time for News for Action!

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London ACEs Hub

Evenings I & II of the series Three Evenings on Racial Trauma and Growth are now available on the LAH YouTube channel! 

This was a London ACEs Hub Racial Justice Workgroup event in partnership with Trauma Informed Schools UK.
The webinars were recorded on 23 and 24 March 2022, with special guests Desmond Skyers and Danielle Hibbert (Evening I), and Dr William Lez Henry, Cassandra Carter Vitalis, and Kya Vitalis (Evening II).
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Beyond the Hub 

A range of online and interactive courses promoted by Against Violence and Abuse, exploring important themes related to violence and trauma.

Date:  From 6 June 2022 / Various

Cost: £0 - £140

For professionals working with vulnerable children and teenagers. Organised by the The Centre for Child Mental Health.

Date: From 9 June 2022 / Various

Cost: £20 each

Created and produced by Trinity Laban in collaboration with leading artists and local young people, this socially-engaged project is a key part of the Mayor’s London Borough of Culture 2022 celebrations.

Date: 18 June 2022

Cost: Free

Ingrid Cockhren, CEO of PACEs Connection; Mathew Portell, PACEs Connections’ Director of Communities, and Dr Bruce Perry, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, will engage in a conversation concerning historical trauma and Perry’s best-selling book "What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing", which he co-authored with Oprah Winfrey. 

Date: 28 June 2022

Cost: Free

Media Trust has teamed up with MediaCom to offer mental health and wellbeing organisations a one-hour masterclass on how to communicate effectively with stakeholders and peers through storytelling.

Date: 30 June 2022

Cost: Free


A webinar promoted by the Center for Community Resilience (CCR) to introduce the Resilience Tree, a new tool which helps cross-sector collaborators, and the communities they serve, create a shared vision of community resilience. 13 May 2022. 

More on the Resilience Tree in 'Reports & Tools' below.

Documentary by Dutch film director Klaartje Quirijns, exploring family trauma and revealing how lived experience is shaped through the lives of our parents. First shown on BBC on 10 May 2022. Available for over a year.

Reports & Tools
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This study looks at the experiences of a group of low-income families during the second half of the pandemic, and how they have faced a changing and increasingly uncertain world. By Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 12 May 2022.

Final report. By Josh MacAlister, May 2022.

The Resilience Tree is a new tool developed by the Center for Community Resilience (CCR), which offers a strengths-based approach to create a shared vision of what a Resilient Community looks like and develop place-based strategies, and metrics to build environments where children and families thrive.

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A reminder that the Attachment Research Community and fellow organisations will launch its Call to Action Campaign in the House of Commons on Tuesday 28 June 2022, campaigning for parliamentary support for change to the education system.

The UK Trauma Council has developed nine principles that are
informed by an understanding of complex trauma, its effects on
child development, and evidence-based responses that care givers,
professionals and services can engage in that address the impacts
of complex trauma. March 2022.

Led by Allana Ashmeil, 31, Shakira Ashmeil, 27 and Porsha Robinson, 29, PSA living is a project by black women for all young girls set out to ensure that the teenagers not only have a roof above their head but also receive guidance on how to deal with their traumas. 

Racial Justice
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Black and Asian women are being harmed by racial discrimination in maternity care, according to an inquiry. By Divya Talwar, BBC News,
22 May 2022.

Native American researchers are turning long-held traditions into novel public health solutions. By Jackie Powder; photo Illustrations by Dung Hoang. 15 April 2022, Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health.

Lived Experience

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A major theme from the interviews with care-experienced girls and young women was the feeling of not being listened to or consulted about significant life events, and the impact that this had on their trajectories through the youth justice system. 

By Katie Hunter, Lancaster University, 24 May 2021

A qualitative study on the lived experiences of parental substance use among adults who developed substance use disorders themselves.

By Florien Meulewaeter and colleagues, Frontiers in Psychiatry, 2 February 2022.

News & Initiatives
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Knowledge Exchange Network: Trauma-Informed Principles, Practice and Supervision

Work promoted by Revolving Doors/Police Foundation, exploring how trauma informed principles can help policing practice, specifically for young people and exploitation. It also highlights the importance of trauma informed supervision for police officers and impact of day-to-day trauma.

Starting a drawing club became a way for doctoral candidate Mila Costa to collect data for her dissertation on childhood trauma—and connect with the local community where she’s studying. 

Articles & Books
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Article by Sidney H. Hankerson and colleagues, American Journal of Psychiatry Volume, 23 May 2022.

Findings from a realist review of psychosocial interventions. Article by Sharli Anne Paphitis and colleagues, PLOS One, 17 March 2022.

Article by Peter A. Coventry and colleagues, SSM - Population Health, 1 October 2021

A Dot of Inspiration

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"Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle."

~ Charles Glassman

Have some news to share?

Disclaimer: News for Action is a collection of initiatives and information shared by members and collaborators of the London ACEs Hub (LAH).

The LAH is an independent and non-partisan network and the opinions here presented might not represent the LAH. All items included in this newsletter aim to promote constructive discussion as well as personal and collective development.

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