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The ClimateFast newsletter shares information about the Climate Crisis that may interest our readers, and does not necessarily reflect the views of ClimateFast members.

The Liberal government has been re-elected as a minority government. Thanks to the collective effort of millions of Canadians, climate change was a key priority in all parties' election campaigns. Our role now is to ensure that the Liberal Party's commitment to 40 - 45% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 happens. That will mean setting up the programs required to achieve deep emissions cuts and a just transition. Cooperation among the federal political parties will be essential - please consider signing a petition on this that was started by Canadian climate groups: https://www.nomoredelays.ca/


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ClimateFast volunteers will be participating In Toronto’s Climate Strike, organized by Friday For Futures Toronto. The theme of this strike is #UPROOTTHESYSTEM. Uprooting means removing by the roots, which reflects well our belief that we must address the root causes of the climate crisis to truly tackle it. By striking on September 24th under the banner #UPROOTTHESYSTEM, we recognize and raise awareness about the intersections of climate and socio-economic crises including racism, sexism, ableism, class inequality and more. By striking together, united by common struggles, we demand a rapid and fair decarbonization of our economy, for a safer, greener, more just future.


We can go as a group; bring a sign or pick up one from us - and bring a friend! Meet on the north lawn of Queen’s Park between 12 and 12:15. Let lyn[at]climatefast.ca know if you can come!

Volunteer marshalls are needed for the strike to help ensure that we have an effective and safe event. If you are able to help out, please fill out this google form.

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – Election Pledge Campaign

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Green Party candidate Amanda Cain signed the pledge at Rosetta McClain Gardens, Toronto.

During the federal election campaign, members of Team Climate 2021 urged candidates to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty initiative. They met with candidates, delivered pledge forms to candidates’ campaign offices, and reached out by email. They also suggested that, once elected, they join nationally elected Parliamentarians from around the world in signing on to the Parliamentarians’ Call for a Fossil Fuel Free Future, which was launched on Sept 17, 2021. This campaign will continue in the leadup to the next Climate Conference of the Parties in Glasgow in early November. The prime ask is to end all new oil and gas development - no approvals and no subsidies for new projects.

Individuals and groups can also endorse the treaty at this link: https://fossilfueltreaty.org

Email Outreach

Relying on contact information collected by volunteers, we reached out to 246 federal candidates in 85 ridings, in nine provinces and one territory, in each of the major federal political parties.

To date, twenty-three federal candidates from three major parties have agreed to sign the FFNPT pledge:

1. Imtiaz Popat, Vancouver Granville (British Columbia), Green Party

2. Maryem Tollar, Toronto--Danforth (Ontario), Green Party

3. John McKay, Scarborough-Guildwood (Ontario), Liberal Party

4. Tim Grant, University-Rosedale (Ontario), Green Party

5. Matias De Dovitiis, Humber River-Black Creek (Ontario), NDP

6. Hawa Mire, York South-Weston (Ontario), NDP

7. Kemal Ahmed, York Centre (Ontario), NDP

8. Caleb Senneker, Eglinton-Lawrence (Ontario), NDP

9. Sidney Coles, Toronto-St. Paul's, (Ontario), NDP

10. Nicole Robicheau, University-Rosedale, (Ontario), NDP

11. Maureen Curran, Burnaby South (BC), Green Party

12. David MacDonald, New Westminster-Burnaby (BC), Green Party

13. Paul Manly, Nanaimo-Ladysmith (BC), Green Party

14. Devyani Singh, Vancouver Quadra (BC), Green Party

15. Ran Zhu, Wellington-Halton Hills, (Ontario) Green Party

16. Melanie Lang, Wellington-Halton Hills, (Ontario) Liberal Party

17. Alicia Di Tullio, Saint-Léonard-Saint-Michel (Quebec), NDP

18. Alexandre Boulerice, Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie (Quebec), NDP

19. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, Beaches-East York (Ontario), Liberal

20. Elizabeth May, Saanich-Gulf Islands (BC), Green Party

21. Peter Julian, New Westminster-Burnaby (BC), NDP

22. Oriana Knox, Oakville, Green

23. Nira Dookeran, Carleton, Green

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Peter Julian, shown above, was re-elected in New Westminster-Burnaby. He signed this pledge and also the Parliamentarians pledge.

I am proud to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. We need to supercharge ourinternational climate action ambitions now to reduce emissions, close thesocio-economic gaps and ramp up the shift toward a clean energy low-carboneconomy.

I commit to do everything in mypower to respond to the climate emergency with the urgency it demands. Thatincludes tabling Green New Deal legislation to support a just transition forworkers and communities, Indigenous and remote communities, as we move towardsa 100% clean energy economy. – Peter Julian, MP for New Westminster-Burnaby.

In Scarborough, volunteers made a banner and marched it to the office of John McKay, MP-Scarborough-Guildwood.

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Canada's Still on Fire: Action at Queen's Park

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On Wednesday September 8th, ClimateFast volunteers participated in an on-the-ground "Canada's Still on Fire" action at Queen’s Park, organized by TO350 and People’s Climate Movement Toronto. The event was one of 60 held across the country in a nationwide effort initiated by 350Canada to make it clear that climate must be front and centre this election.

Read the blog post Canada's Still on Fire, written by Colleen Lynch.

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The time is approaching for the Monthly KTCC Support Meeting #5. If you're planning or thinking about climate conversations, this is the meeting for you!

Time: Sunday September 26th, 3pm.

RSVP: to [email protected] and we will send you the zoom link.

Suggested Topics:

  • Any Post-Federal Election conversation needed. What can we do now? How might this help shape our conversations?

  • Go-rounds for everyone to share ideas, what everyone's doing, and how we might help each other.


Petition for Party Co-operation on Climate and Inequality

Federal Party Cooperation Needed

The election results are in. The Liberals won the most seats, but they can’t maintain government without the support of other parties. If they work together, they could deliver bold solutions to tackle the climate crisis and inequality, like a just transition away from fossil fuels and a basic income. 

Will you sign the petition calling on the Liberals, NDP, and the Greens to cooperate for bold action on climate and inequality?

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From the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative Newsletter

On September 13th, 2,185 scientists and academics from 81 different countries launched an open letter calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Their demands were delivered to world leaders on the eve of the UN General Assembly. The full letter and list of signatories can be found here.

This letter is just the latest demand in this campaign, building on the momentum from 700 civil society organisations and 13 cities globally who have endorsed the calling for a Treaty, and a letter from 101 Nobel Laureates earlier this year calling for a phase out of fossil fuels.


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On Sept. 13th the Energy Mix reported that Harvard University’s move to divest from fossil fuels is seen by climate activists as a profound shift in the status quo and a model for other institutions.

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(Photo credit: Greenpeace USA)

Plastic exacts a huge toll on our environment, health and wildlife. Like climate change, plastic is a global problem. Countries have so far failed to deal with it in a coordinated way - but an international plastics treaty could help. A global agreement to curb plastic pollution is a few steps closer to becoming a reality after several countries, including the European Union — but not Canada — backed a draft resolution that will speed up negotiations towards an agreement. (From Canada’s National Observer, Sept 3, 2021)

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In August, the City of Sydney unanimously passed a motion endorsing the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and calling on the Australian Government to end the expansion of new coal, oil, and gas projects. Sydney joins other major cities such as Barcelona, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver. If you’d like to call on your city to endorse the Treaty you can view the Treaty’s Cities Campaign Resources or contact the Treaty’s Global Cities Campaign Lead, Seble Samuel at seble[at]ossilfueltreaty.org

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(image credit: 350.org)

Several recent studies have concluded that the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves owned today by countries and companies must remain in the ground if the climate crisis is to be ended. Read “How much of the world’s oil needs to stay in the ground?” (The Guardian, Sept 8, 2021)


Global Climate Week 2021

Climate Challenge Canada has put together a selection of accessible events and actions you can take with your family or your social circle, leading up to the Global Climate Strike on Sept 24th, 2021

Climate Week NYC - September 20-26, 2021: Events Calendar

Coordinated with Climate Week NYC, seven of the network and cable late-night shows will take part in Climate Night on Sept. 22, during which each of these programs will have a focus on climate change and produce their own original content on the topic. Read the article in The Energy Mix.

Climate Justice, Indigenous Land Connections and Protection

Online workshop on decolonization

Thursday, September 23rd at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.

Register in advance to receive the zoom link. This hour-long seminar aims to provide an introduction to Indigenous Sovereignty, connection to the land, Indigenous land and water defence. Join Kota and Ta7taliya Paisley to explore ideas and action through facilitated dialogue and storytelling.

Time is running out to apply for the virtual Climate Action Facilitator Training program!

Carbon Conversations TO is launching their second online facilitator training and the deadline to apply is September 25th. This training is designed to build your capacity to lead and facilitate our CCTO Six-Week Sessions. You will gain the skills to support participants as they grow to understand how to take climate action.

Volunteering as a Climate Action Facilitator is a great way to participate in a unique approach to climate action and engage with members of your local community on climate change issues. There is a $250.00 registration fee for this training program.

Free online course on Active Hope: This seven week video-based will take you on a journey through seven areas that can nourish our ability to make a difference in the world. We know there is a lot of climate anxiety especially among young people. This program is designed to emotionally support participants in facing the crisis in a positive way.


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Nuclear Power is not a Climate Solution: Watch this 10 minute video.

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What difference do protests really make? This new report analyzes 20 fossil fuel projects in North America that have been cancelled or delayed following protests from Indigenous groups. The researchers found that emissions equivalent to 400 coal-fired power plants have been avoided in the last decade owing to the projects being shelved. (reported in Positive News)

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GreenPac organized 100 Debates on the Environment to make the environment an issue that no party and no candidate can ignore by organizing non-partisan, all-candidates debates on the environment in ridings across Canada.

Climatefast co-hosted two GreenPac debates: one in Toronto-St. Paul and another in University-Rosedale. A big thank you to everyone who helped organize the debates and to all the candidates who came out to share their views and policies on this crucial challenge to our future!

Read an excellent summation of the University-Rosedale debate written by Colleen Lynch.

Missed the debates? No problem! Find the recording for your riding here.

Feeling depressed or anxious about climate change?

After a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which states that a 1.5℃ increase in Earth’s temperature is inevitable, it can be easy to feel defeated. However, if international communities cooperate together to reduce emissions, there may still be hope. Learn about it in this YouTube video (5:44): https://youtu.be/vXmzEtigG1U

If you’re anxious about climate change, this article from CBC’s What on Earth might help you to feel more empowered.

From Positive News (UK publication): What can I do about climate change? 14 ways to take positive action.

Another article from Positive News introduces ‘climate cafés’, where you drink tea and talk about global warming. It’s part of a drive to boost resilience in the face of adversity. Talking about climate change is hard, but not talking about it is worse, according to Rebecca Nestor of the Climate Psychology Alliance, an organization that explores the psychological impact of the climate crisis. “We need to talk about what our changing climate means for us,” she said. “We need to imagine it in some detail so as to be able to think about it constructively and clear-sightedly.” The ‘climate café’ concept is very similar to that of ClimateFast’s Kitchen Table Conversations.

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RECORDINGS: GROUNDWORK Webcast Series - Parts 1, 2 and 3

A total of 343 individuals participated in the Groundwork series. You can view recordings of all three webcasts in the Groundworks series:

Monday, June 7 - Food, Land, Climate: Groundwork for Change

Monday, July 12 - The Challenge and Promise of Regenerative Agriculture

Monday, August 9 - Food and Farming: Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

View other ClimateFast videos on our YouTube Channel.

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IEA’s latest Key World Energy Statistics report is now out, offering a huge array of information across all fuels, technologies, sectors and countries.

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