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China, The of Paradise of Publishers?
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Being a key player in the economy and having more than 1.4 billion Chinese speakers, China can be assumed as a great market for fresh and quality content, even though there is always a “but” … Read More

Blue Circle at the 2021 Istanbul Fellowship

Every year, the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism holds a fellowship program to provide an opportunity for all of those that work in the publishing industry from publishing houses to agents and agencies in order to help them broaden their network and negotiate the possible future coordination. This Year, the Istanbul Fellowship will be held from 9 to 11 March. As an active neighbor in the publishing industry, turkey has always been an interest to us at Blue Circle Agency. We’re more than Glad that Paniz (Our one of a kind translation right manager) will be our representative at the 2021 Istanbul Fellowship. Are you going to be present at this fellowship? Let’s get together and discuss books.

Lets' Arrange a Meeting!
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We're Now in the Illustration Market! 

Through the blue Circle Agency, you can connect, commission and work with a huge variety of illustrators and writers. We are an experienced and widely used resource for sourcing incredible award winning content.Responding to the demand for Illustration with a communicative focus, Blue Circle discovers, develops and promotes creative talent across Iranian illustration and children publishing.Our experienced agents and artists provide straightforward and professional service for a truly inspiring outcome.Our aim at Blue Circle Agency is to promote the art, but not to own it and create a global cooperative movement in the illustration industry.

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From Germany to Jordan

We’re happy to announce that the rights of three children book from Magink Publishing House in Germany has been acquired by ABC Publishing House in Jordan by the help of Blue Circle Agency. The Crooked City, It’s Worth a Try, and I’m Scared Too! are the titles of the books that their rights have been exchanged between the two publishers with the Blue Circle Agency as the representative. This deal is of particular importance and attractiveness due to Germany's special and impactful position in the international publishing industry and Jordan's unique publishing market in the Middle-East.

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