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FLH News

June 28, 2024

Calendar At-a-Glance – Save the Dates!

Jun 30 – Hound Walking (McGuire's at 9am)

Jul 2 – Trail Familiarization Ride (McGuire's at 6pm)

Jul 3 – Hound Walking (TBD)

Jul 6 – Hound Walking (TBD)

Jul 9 – Mock Hunt (McGuire's at 6pm)

Jul 13 – Hound Walking (TBD)

Jul 16 – Trail Familiarization Ride (McGuire's at 6pm)

Jul 20 – Hound Walking (TBD)

Jul 20 – Full Moon Ride (McGuire's)

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First Full Moon Ride Complete, Schedule Change

The weather cooperated enough to allow the first full moon ride to proceed, with a group of FLH members enjoying strawberry-themed goodies and great views of the strawberry moon. The next full moon ride—the Buck Moon—will be on July 20. 

The weather is NOT looking good for Saturday, so we will instead exercise hounds on Sunday, June 30 at 9:00am at McGuires.

Annual Meeting Annotated Agenda

Some follow-up items have been covered previously, but for a complete recap of the annual meeting, please see the annotated agenda.

Trail Familiarization Rides

General Information:

  • Tuesday evenings at McGuire’s (251st & Bayle Rd, Easton, KS) starting 4 June & continuing through the start of Autumn Hunting.
  • Gate open @ 5pm; Ride off @ 6pm – please be on time.
  • No cost to current FLH Riding Members; 2nd Hunt/Social Members and Guests are encouraged and welcome – they will pay a one-time $50 fee (cash or check to “LFA”)


  • Riders without a current Hold Harmless (HH) will execute HH prior to mounting.  Adult/Junior versions available at:  https://ftleavenworthhunt.org/resources/; you are encouraged to complete and bring with you!
  • Riders and horses of all disciplines are welcome in serviceable tack and seasonal clothing of your choice. Riders will wear protective headgear (as described in the HH) while mounted, as well as footwear with a heel.  Fly spray for your horse and insect repellent for you are RECOMMENDED!
  • We will ride as a controlled group on a pre-planned route intended to expose riders/mounts with a suitable foundation to the range of conditions present in our primary hunt country.  This is a great way to establish or maintain rider/mount fitness throughout the summer – and for current FLH members who are considering stepping up to Field Master/Secretary or Hunt Staff responsibilities, this is a great way to learn the country.  You should anticipate being out approximately 1.5-2 hours.  We will plan on a mid-point check to water horses, share flasks and allow those who wish, to school on creek crossings (dry bed and deep water).
  • We will “de-brief” with BYO beverages and snacks in the clubhouse afterward!

Looking for Something?

Looking for the season calendar? Don't feel like searching through emails for the latest weekly update? Bookmark the Resources page of the FLH website! With the exception of last-minute schedule changes (which will go through Facebook, email, and GroupMe), the Resources page has the most current FLH documentation.

LAC Information

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A Local Access Credential (LAC) allows civilians to enter Fort Leavenworth without having to stop at the visitor center each time. Members needing to obtain or renew a LAC must complete the Applicant Information and Criminal History sections of the LAC application (click image to download) and submit it to Master Candy Smith. You may also email your info to Candy or provide it over the phone (913-948-0189) and she will complete the form for you. She will then submit it to the FMWR Director, who will sign it and forward it to the Visitor Center (VCC) for processing. Current processing time is 2.5–3 weeks. Renewing LAC holders, please note this is a new form.

For those who need only temporary access to Ft. Leavenworth (for the hunt ball, for example), please register for a one-day pass online.


We use GROUPME Text Alerts for changes and cancellations due to weather or other circumstances. (Alerts for changes or cancellation of an event will continue to be posted on Facebook as well, and you can always call a Master.) To sign up for these text alerts, contact Jim Fain.

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