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Welcome to the July 2024 CBP newsletter

CBP Exhibitions

Image description

Judith Tucker: Dark Marsh - Silvered Out, oil on linen, 2021


Surface Tension at Plough Arts
Cultural Landscapes at Studio KIND.

SLOW PAINTING is a dual-sited exhibition hosted by The Plough Arts Centre and Studio KIND. featuring works by Contemporary British Painting members and guests.

In the 2019 book ‘Slow Painting’, Helen Westgeest considers the role of painting in a world fuelled by the digital, technological advancement, and information overload. Members of the renowned Contemporary British Painting group were invited to respond to the following text, and The Plough Arts Centre and Studio KIND. have invited artists to contribute, exploring why painting is as important as ever.

‘The fleeting nature of digital mass media appears to have unlocked a desire for more physically stable and enduring pictures, like paintings. Slow Painting charts how, in a world where the constant quest for speed can leave us exhausted, the appeal of this ‘slower medium’ has only grown ...'
- Helen Westgeest

The exhibition is part of ‘North Devon Summer of Painting’ which is lead by Barnstaple Museum, hosts of the Turner in Barnstaple exhibition. The event is also support by ArtMakers.

The exhibition runs across both galleries and will commemorate the life of the late Judith Tucker and her incredible contribution to Contemporary British Painting.

Studio Kind, Pannier Market, Butchers Row, Barnstaple EX31 1SY
Plough Arts Centre
, 9-11 Fore Street, Great Torrington, Torrington EX38 8HQ

Private view: Friday 12 July, 6pm - 8pm at STUDIO KIND

Exhibition dates: 13 July - 17 August 2024 (both venues) 

Special Opening Event: Saturday 13 July at Plough Arts Centre

Special Opening Event - Programme of events
The Plough Arts Centre will be hosting a special event on Saturday 13 July in the Gallery, where artists will give in-person introductions to their work. Many of the 50 artists will be travelling from all corners of the UK to join this special event, so it is a unique opportunity and not to be missed!

Tickets are free, but capacity is limited so please book asap.

Image description

Artist of the month

Image description

Natalie Dowse in her studio 2024

Natalie Dowse

Artist of the Month is an ongoing series where we highlight one of our members. This month we are pleased to introduce artist Natalie Dowse selected and interviewed by Paul Newman.

For July’s artist of the month Natalie discusses her Mise en scène series. Mise en scène brings together a number of series based on cinematic tropes: a cut to the cheek framed within the eye of the lens; actors crying for the camera and others in progress. First created in 2015-16, Natalie returned to these series last summer, 2023, to take the concept further….

Read the interview
Image description

Natalie Dowse: Crocodile tears 11, oil on panel, 20cm x 20cm, 2024

CBP Painting Prize 2024

Image description

Painting Rich Jellyman (2023 prize winner)

Today, the 1st July is the last chance to apply for this year's prize. The final deadline is tonight at 11.59pm.

  • First Prize £8000 + more
  • Highly Commended Award £2000
  • The Judith Tucker Memorial Prize
  • Blyth Gallery Exhibition Award
  • £400 exhibitor’s fee for all shortlisted artists
  • Three exhibitions
  • Two full-colour catalogues

Deadline for submissions: 11.59pm Monday 1st July 2024


CBP Publications - SALE - SALE - SALE

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We have a limited number of catalogues available at half price!


Solo Exhibitions

Image description

Gavin Maughfling: White Tigers, oil on Canvas, 2024

Looking at Tigers

Pop-up exhibition by Gavin Maughfling

Starting from a reflection on Francis Bacons’ Two Figures in the Grass, these works ask if a painting’s viewer can be pulled through the canvas surface, so that they are simultaneously one or more of the protagonists in the scene, while also being an observer looking on from outside the picture frame. This duality mirrors of the way in which we experience our own lived reality, being both inside our interactions while at the same time being able to look at ourselves from the outside, questioning how the scene would seem to us, or to a real or imagined other. The paintings hover on the boundary of this apparent pictorial paradox, and the process of their making is the search for a seemingly impossible solution.

The arenas in which the paintings take place range from the bedroom and the act of sex to a lip synch from Ru Paul’s Drag Race to a family outing to Singapore Zoo. Through touch, physical gesture, colour and paint’s materiality, the works explore ideas of intimacy and the performative fantasies and power dynamics that are revealed in our love making; a sudden and unexpected moment of empathy and queer solidarity expressed between two players on a competition stage; and feelings of familial ease, affection and togetherness, seen through the retrospective lens of nostalgic loss.

Bermondsey Project Space
, 183-185 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW
Private view: Friday 5 July, 6pm - 9pm (free but booking required)
Exhibition dates: 5 - 6 July 2024
Opening times: 11am - 6pm
Please note the PV is free but booking required. Book here.

Website: https://project-space.london/l...

Image description

Paul Newman: Canals & Bridges Installation (detail)

Canals & Bridges

A new reiteration of Paul Newman’s Urban Gothic paintings, featuring works based on an urban walk along the canal under M5 near Smethwick in 2016. This series incorporates elements from 18th -19th c paintings, including; Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831 & Jean-Antione Watteau’s The Embarkation for Cythera 1717.

Paul Newman’s Urban Gothic paintings weave together a tableau of motifs including; 18th & 19th-century landscape paintings with 20th century industry, architecture and cinematic monsters like Frankenstein’s, and the human Fly.

The imagery also draws from memories and experiences throughout the artists life; his father’s Ford Escort van, the museum experience of Romantic era landscape paintings. The work explores themes around relics of heritage, ruin and decay. The characters in the work journey through dreamlike landscapes which are on the periphery change and transformation.

The Jubilee Trade Centre, 130 Pershore Street, Birmingham B5 6ND

Private view: Friday 5 July, 5pm - 8pm

Exhibition dates: July / August 2024 (by appointment). Admission free.

Website: https://paul-newman.net/

Image description

Susan Absolon: Sleeper, oil on calico, 20.5cm x 25.5cm

Empty House Full

Empty House Full by Susan Absolon brings paintings and works on paper to a private house in a residential street. A Victorian terraced house emptied of its usual contents is turned into the artist’s viewing space for two days. Running counter to common practice, current and selected earlier works will be placed alongside each other without reference to the chronology of their making. In a commonplace setting, the exhibition offers a dialogue around the habit of art in daily life, and a challenge to the ubiquity and acceptance of digital consumption.

Concurrently, Showoff, an exhibition by painter Caroline Yates, will be open a short walk from ‘Empty House Full’.

43 Hamilton Road, Deal CT14 9BH

Exhibition dates: 13 - 14 July 2024

Opening times: 10am - 4pm. Admission free.

Website: https://www.susanabsolon.co.uk...

Further notes: Refreshments. Free on-street parking. Single step access. Exhibition is over two floors (single step access and stairs to first floor). Both exhibitions are easily accessed by car, bicycle, or a level walk from Deal station or town centre. Visitors are welcome as guests of the venues' proprietors.

Image description

Simon Carter: Deep Water, acrylic on canvas, 162cm x 200cm, 2017 & 2023


A solo exhibition by Simon Carter.
An exhibition of recent paintings at AKA Contemporary, Cambridge. A catalogue available from the gallery.

AKA Contemporary, 54a Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 7AA
Exhibition dates: 7 June - 13 July 2024

Opening times: 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. Admission free.

Website: www.akafineart.co.uk

Two Person Exhibitions

Image description

Holding Time

Holding Time is a project devised by long-time friends Ruth Murray and Linda Hemmersbach. It was first shown as a two person show at Rogue Studio’s Project Space in Manchester in February 2023. We are pleased to present this new iteration comprising many elements that have been produced with this project in mind, including new work not seen at Rogue.

Holding Time explores their mutual fascination with the materiality of paint and its ability to evoke places and sensations through colour, surface and touch. Focusing on the relationship between ourselves and the environments we inhabit and through which we move, the exhibition aims to show the many shared avenues that their studio practices have taken. Themes such as landscape, geological matter, deep time, the body and birth, are presented as constellations of memory, consciousness and hope.

University of Cambridge, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP
Exhibition dates: 15 June - 18 July 2024

Opening times: Weekdays 9am - 5pm. Admission free.

Website: https://arbart.crassh.cam.ac.u...

Group Exhibitions

Image description

Mandy Payne: Golden Lane Estate, Spraypaint and oil on concrete

RA Summer Exhibition

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - Over 1700 works included this year including CBP Members Karl Bielik, Lara Davies, Alex Hanna, Donna Mclean, Sikelela Owen and Mandy Payne.

Royal Academy of Arts
, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD
Exhibition dates: 18 June - 18 August 2024
Opening times: Tues - Sun 10am - 6pm and Friday 10am - 9pm. Admission ticketed.
Website: https://www.royalacademy.org.u...

Image description

Landscapes (not landscapes?)

22 artists, many local, many from further afield coming together to stretch the definition of landscape imagery. Featuring work by CBP member Paul Newman.

Rogue Gallery, 65 Norman Rd, St Leonards-on-Sea TN38 0EG

Exhibition dates: 21 June - 28 July 2024

Opening times: Thurs-Sat 11am - 5pm, Sun 12 - 4pm. Or by appointment.
Website: www.rogue-gallery.co.uk

Image description

Paul Newman: Birmingham wholesale wastelands III Green skip, 40cm x 50cm

Image description

Andy Cropper: Love-Lust, Love-Lost, acrylic and oil on panel, 50çm x 50cm, 2020

Metro Tour

This exhibition features the work of six Sheffield-based artists - Andy Cropper, Katie Jamieson, Thomas Marriott, Jenny Sutton, Sean Williams and Lynne Wixon.

Together these works form a gentle walking tour around a city, during which we encounter sites of both construction and excavation; places that have remained the same for years, and others that seem constantly in flux. We also see areas that can often be overlooked. The artists explore the urban environment for scenes that could make interesting pictures and have unique stories to tell. It is curated by Sean Williams.

South Street Kitchen
, 19-20 South Street, Sheffield S2 5QX

Exhibition dates: 27 June - 16 August 2024
Opening times: 9.30am - 4pm
Please contact Sean Williams at [email protected]

Image description

Bostin Midlands Painters

This exhibition features 42 of the best painters from the West Midlands region, showcasing a diverse range of approaches and techniques. From bold and vibrant to delicate and intricate, the exhibition promises to shine a light on the region's thriving art scene. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase a selection of the works on display.

Includes CBP members Angelina May Davis and Paul Newman.

Moon Raven Gallery, The Birmingham Black Box 19 Harford Street, Birmingham, B19 3EB

Exhibition dates: 28 June - 28 July 2024

Website: https://www.instagram.com/bost...

Image description

Enzo Marra: Shelter, tempera on canvas

Essential Structures

Essential Structures is Gerald Moore Gallery's annual open call exhibition, this year’s artworks are inspired by the broader interpretations of Minimalism. The exhibition aims to survey the spirit of Minimalism in the work of artists today and examine how its principals continue to inspire creativity in a variety of media.

The final artworks in the exhibition were selected by a panel of 20 young people aged 11-18 from Eltham College who chose 27 artworks, according to whether the artworks moved them and whether they felt a relation to the themes of Minimalism.

Includes work by CBP member Enzo Marra.

Gerald Moore Gallery, Mottingham Lane, London SE9 4RW

Private view: Saturday 6 July, 1pm – 4pm

Exhibition dates: 6 - 27 July 2024

Opening times: Saturdays 10am - 4pm and by appointment. Admission free.

Website: https://geraldmooregallery.org

Image description

Heavy Water at Sedgwick Museum with Director Liz Hide (left) and their work at Bloc Projects in 2023

Heavy Water at GroundWork Gallery

Heavy Water Collective have responded to GroundWork Gallery’s extraction theme for its summer residency programme, by presenting a body of work that brings together research developed primarily in response to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and their archives based at Cambridge University.

The works developed by the Heavy Water Collective entangle the weight of geological temporalities with untold human histories, holding subjects such as folklore and the problematic legacies of empire in a scientific context to re-categorise the world through the wealth of artefacts held in the Sedgwick museum and archives.

The Heavy Water Collective (HWC) is an art collective comprising Victoria Lucas, Maud Haya-Baviera and CBP member Joanna Whittle

GroundWork Gallery
, 17 Purfleet Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 1ER
Private view: 12 July, 6pm - 8pm and 13th July (daytime)
Exhibition dates: 13 July – 7 September 2024
Opening times: Wednesday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm. Admission free.
Website: https://www.groundworkgallery....

Image description

Katie Pratt: Dijkstripe, oil on canvas, 190am x 160cm, 2023


This group show celebrates the facets of contemporary abstraction, bringing together the works of eight women artists: Tess Jaray RA, Aida Tomescu, Katie Pratt, Carol Robertson, Lucienne O’Mara, Liza Giles, Freya Tewelde, and Diana Copperwhite.

Supernova explores the intricate relationships between space, memory, and perception. Each artist's unique approach contributes to a collective exploration of how we experience and interpret the world around us. From the meticulous layering and erasure of Aida Tomescu’s canvases, to Tess Jaray’s reduction and abstraction of architectural forms, and the geometric discipline and chaotic poetry in Lucienne O’Mara’s grids, the exhibition offers a diverse yet unified vision of contemporary abstraction and the narratives within it.

Flowers Gallery
, Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ
Private view: Monday 15 July, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates: 16 July - 31 August 2024
Opening times: Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm. Admission free.
Website: https://www.flowersgallery.com

Image description

Mikk Murray: 'Ecclesall I', oil and acrylic on birch panel, 110cm x 60cm, 2024

'Open Air - from 'Higher Bandwidth'

This micro-exhibition in the Prosaic Projects Gallery within Bloc Studios in Sheffield features selected work from ‘Higher Bandwidth’, a large, group exhibition which was held at Skelmanthorpe Library and curated by Ruth Heaton. In ‘Open Air’ each of the artists have made work in response to being out in nature, simply being inspired by the phenomena of the world around them and challenging themselves to translate those emotional responses into paint. It features work by Paul Evans, Catherine Higham and Mikk Murray, and is curated by Sean Williams.

Bloc Studios, 198 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE

Exhibition dates: 17 July - 30 August 2024

Opening times: Please contact @prosaic97 to make an appointment to view. Admission free.

Image description

Image: Lee Johnson

Dancing About Architecture

Dancing About Architecture is an exhibition designed to engage the audience in a physical confrontation with art objects in a way that isn’t simply ‘a show’, but more akin to walking down a back alley and stumbling across evidence of recent human activity - including elements of intrigue, delight, repulsion, fear and beauty.

Dancing About Architecture brings together 27 artists whose work brings the physicality of the space into their work, and the physicality of their work into the space “whether they mean to or not”. Includes work by CBP members Karl Bielik, Enzo Marra and Katie Pratt. Curated by Lee Johnson.

HYPHA STUDIOS, 50 Celebration Avenue, London E20 1DW

Private view date: Friday 19 July, 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition dates: 20 July - 15 August 2024

Opening times: 12 - 6pm. Admission free.

Image description

Amanda Ansell: When the Daffodils Bloom Again, oil on canvas, 30cm x 30cm

Summer Contemporary

As part of the summer programme at Snape Maltings, Suffolk, Britten Pears Arts is staging Summer Contemporary. The exhibition includes more than one hundred artists, all with a strong Suffolk connection, exhibiting in several galleries and spaces across the site. Curated by Devi Singh.

Artists include Laurence Edwards, Glenn Brown, Jila Peacock, Fiona Lewis, Maggi Hambling, Roger Hardy, Susan Cox and Nadio Koo, alongside CBP members Amanda Ansell and Ruth Philo.

Snape Maltings
, Snape, Suffolk IP17 1SP
Exhibition dates: 20 July 2024 – 1 September 2024
Opening times: 10am - 4pm, Monday to Sunday. Admission free.
Website: https://brittenpearsarts.org/e...

Image description

Ruth Philo: Dance Tent, acrylic & graphite on canvas, 70cm x 70cm, 2024. Photo: Douglas Atfield.

Image description

Day Bowman: Fortress 7, oil, charcoal and conte on canvas, 140cm x 150cm, 2021

50/50 (Who's Counting?)

50/50 is a dynamic showcase celebrating the resilience, dedication, and long-term perseverance of artists over 50. The exhibition features works by 100 artists including Contemporary British Painting members Karl Bielik, Day Bowman, Alex Hanna, Paula MacArthur and Donna McLean.

The 50/50 exhibition will feature an inspiring selection of works from artists who are often overlooked and are often emerging talent, often those of who have not only honed their skills but have also navigated the challenging landscape of the art world with unwavering determination. This exhibition seeks to honour those who have consistently pushed forward, demonstrating that true artistic success is a marathon, not a sprint.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, 1 Bard Road, London W10 6TP

Exhibition dates: 21 June - 20 July 2024

Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm. Admission free all welcome.

Website: https://unit1gallery-workshop....

Image description

Ruth Philo: Pollen painting 4, acrylic & graphite on canvas, 60cm x 60 cm, 2024. Photo: Douglas Atfield.

The Beautiful East

The Beautiful East, a group exhibition curated by Simon Carter with artists: Richard Allen, Sue Bennett, Olivia Browne, Noah Carter, Ruth Carter, Simon Carter, Richard Hayward, Di Humphreys, Amanda Jenkins, Jevan Watkins Jones, Jane Lewis, Greg Longstaff-Scales, Louisa Longstaff-Scales, Sarah Milne, Ruth Philo, Dan Sceats, Alison Stockmarr, Nancy Taplin, John Wallett, Bryan Whiteley.

Oasis Cafe
, Frinton Free Church, Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-sea, Essex CO13 9PW
Private view: Tuesday 30 July, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates: 31 July - 30 August 2024
Opening times: 9.30am - 12 daily, except Wednesday, Sunday 10am - 12. Admission free.
Website: https://www.frintonfree.com

Image description

Poster image: Detail of Painting by Sin Park

Frontiers. Painting in Scotland Now

Co-curated by CBP member Robbie Bushe RSA and Flora La Thangue, Frontiers: Painting in Scotland Now will explore the ways in which artists are pushing the boundaries of the medium of painting and reveal it to be a vital connection between the traditions of the past and ambitions for the future of the visual arts in Scotland.

Exhibitors include: Philip Braham RSA, John Brown, Robbie Bushe RSA, Michael Clarence, Francis Convery RSA, Andrew Cranston RSA, Catharine Davison, Laura Drever, Jack Dunnett, Joe Fan RSA, Moyna Flannigan, Helen Flockhart RSA, Audrey Grant, Derrick Guild RSA, Kevin Harman, Joanna Holisz, Olivia Irvine, Paul Keir, Lizzie Lilley, Lynsey Mackenzie, Lily Macrae, Barry McGlashan, Sin Park, Toby Paterson RSA (Elect), Rowan Paton, Sharon Quigley, Finn Robinson, Catherine Ross, Elaine Speirs, Alasdair Wallace, Kirsty Whiten.

Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture, The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL

Private view: Friday 2nd August, 6.30pm - 8pm (by invitation only*)

Exhibition dates: 3 August - 8 September 2024

Opening times: Mon to Sat 10am - 5pm, Sun 12-5pm. Admission free.

Website: https://www.royalscottishacade...

*Please note: Private view by invitation only. If you would like an invitation please contact CBP member Robbie Bushe on [email protected]. Invitation numbers are limited by gallery safety capacity.

Image description

Summer Exhibition

Summer Exhibition features new art work from some of the artists who have collaborated with The Old School House over the last decade along with new artists who have never exhibited at the gallery.

Artists: Gordon Dalton, Brita Granstrom, Jennifer Muntz, Carrie Jean Goldsmith, Maxine Sutton, Tom Frost and Lucy May Schofield.

The Old School House, Foxton Road, Alnmouth, Alnwick NE66 3NH

Exhibition dates: 25 May - 1 September 2024

Opening times: Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm. Sunday til 4pm. Admission free.

Website: https://@theoldschoolgallery.c...

Image description

Brian Cheeswright: The Way We Live Now, oil on canvas, 40cm x 30cm, 2024

What's Going On

This micro exhibition features work by Paul Allender, Brian Cheeswright, Rachel Rhodes and Sean Williams. Their paintings are of groups of figures - the nature of the relationship between these figures and their precise activity isn't clear, leaving it open for the viewer to speculate. It is a distinctly human trait to wonder, to try and make some sense.

'Oh, you know we've got to find a way

To bring some understanding here today'.

Both the title and quotation (Marvin Gaye, of course) refer to the making and reception of individual paintings, yet are also a more general exclamation of discontent at the contemporary human condition. This exhibition is curated by Sean Williams.

Bloc Studios, 198 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE
Exhibition dates: 2 June - 12 July 2024

Opening times: Please contact @swseanwilliams to arrange to view. Admission free

Image description

Image credit: Karl Blossfeldt, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

More News About Flowers

A group exhibition featuring the work of Andee Collard, Gwen Evans, Hilary Jack, Sian Macfarlane, Ruth Murray, and Hannah Wooll.

The exhibition title comes from conversations with Andee Collard about ‘News About Flowers,’ a comment essay by Walter Benjamin. More News About Flowers unpacks the theories from the seminal text; ‘The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media’ (1936) ideas like Mimesis, the Aura and Distance, and the Uncanny are explored through the each of the artist’s depiction of flowers, some works are symbolic, nostalgic, languorous and others are about; site and place, feminist struggle, alienation and nature.

Paradise Works, 1st floor (via steps), East Philip Street, Salford M3 7LE
Exhibition dates: 7 June - 6 July 2024

Admission free

Website: https://www.paradise-works.com...

Image description

Susie Hamilton: Shoppers

Drawing Biennial 2024

Group show of contemporary drawings by invited artists and online auction to support the gallery. Includes CBP artist Susie Hamilton.

Drawing Room, New Tannery Way, London SE1 5WS
Exhibition dates: 3 May - 3 July 2024
Admission free

Website: https://drawingroom.org.uk/wha...

International Exhibitions

Image description

Susie Hamilton: Blind


Group show curated by David Leapman and Richard Davey, includes Susie Hamilton.

Durden and Ray Gallery, 1206 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Private view: 8 June, 6pm - 8pm

Exhibition dates: 8 June - 6 July 2024

Admission free

International Exhibitions coming up in August

Image description

Geraldine Swayne


Group Show curated by Alex Roberts includes work by CBP member Geraldine Swayne.

Kunstpunkt, Schlegelstraße 6, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Exhibition dates: 8 - 31 August 2024

Further details to follow.

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