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Culture and Media Agency Europe

CUMEDIAE co-hosted the first MANIFEST Workshop: Artistic Funding - A Crash Course

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CUMEDIAE's Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts and Khora's Laura Werup kicked off the MANIFEST Workshop: Artistic Funding - A Crash Course on March 14th.

The workshop was designed to provide the artists in MANIFEST with the tools and strategies necessary to write successful grant proposals. Through various presentations and interactive exercises, participants delved into various funding opportunities, discussed grant writing techniques, and explored budgeting strategies.
CUMEDIAE is proud to contribute to the promotion of events that support artists in every part of their artistic journey, which includes finding the means necessary to make their craft possible.

Stefanie and Laura started the session by guiding participants through exploring funding sources and engaging in discussions and activities to analyse statistics and understand the critical role funding plays in artists' endeavours. A pivotal aspect highlighted during the workshop was the significance of understanding the agendas behind funding opportunities and crafting clear narratives that align with funders' objectives.

The workshop aimed to equip the artists with practical tools and insights to navigate the grant writing process effectively, empowering them to secure funding for their artistic endeavours and contribute to the cultural landscape. The consortium plans to continue offering workshops and resources to support artists in their professional development and grant-writing efforts. Stay tuned for future events and opportunities!

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Project Butterfly's winning stories

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CUMEDIAE is thrilled to announce some exciting news from Project Butterfly: the list of winning stories is official!

The three schools participating in Project Butterfly finalised their work, which will become a part of the libretto and inspire composers to create music for the opera. The plots, topics discussed and characters of each student's group story are impressive and prompt to consider the matter of sustainability, nature and the human role in the climate crisis. Massive congratulations to the students whose work was selected, and to all the participating students who have given their contribution to these brilliant stories!

The stories are already translated into English and will turn into the three parts of the sustainable opera. You can find more information about them on the Project Butterfly website!

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CUMEDIAE presented MANIFEST at the Invisible Festival

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CUMEDIAE's Projects and Communications Manager Constantin van Grevenstein and Director of Strategy and Projects Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts represented MANIFEST at the Invisible Festival, held in Brussels from March 21st to 24th. Organised by XR4Heritage, this unique festival aimed to shed light on hidden stories from the past through immersive art experiences.

Set in the vibrant heart of Europe, the festival invited attendees to delve into overlooked aspects of history using innovative technology like 3D avatars. Participants explored diverse narratives through panels, exhibitions, and networking sessions and connected with professionals and international guests. Noteworthy was the presence, among the guests, of the French producer, director and screenwriter Euzhan Palcy and the Belgian Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity and Deputy to the Minister of Mobility Marie-Colline Leroy.

The booth by MANIFEST focused on revisiting histories of colonisation and the trade of enslaved people, sparking discussions and offering fresh perspectives on such topics.

The Invisible Festival provided a fresh and engaging way to interact with history, using art and technology to unearth untold stories and encourage reflection. It left a lasting impact, emphasising the importance of embracing all aspects of our shared past.

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