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Dictionary & Lexicography Services

SIL International

April 2024

Plautdietsch Dictionary on Webonary

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Recently, DLS had the privilege of importing the Plautdietsch lexical data from Lexique Pro into FLEx and uploading to Webonary. To accomplish this, first of all the Webonary UI menu items were translated into Plautdietsch and a new Webonary template was created. Then the Plautdietsch Webonary site was created.

Plautdietsch is an endangered language spoken by more than 350,000 Mennonites living in Canada, Belize, Mexico, Paraguay and the US. (Incidentally, Plautdietsch should have been my (Verna's) mother-tongue language, however my mother was so traumatized when she had to start school without knowing any English, she decided to only speak English to me.)

If you need help with importing lexical data into FLEx, you may fill out this application form.

Webonary stats

Webonary continues to be a popular platform for publishing online dictionaries. There are now 344 dictionaries published on Webonary.

Notice to Webonary.org Users to Reupload

Since we sent out this notice in December asking Webonary users to upgrade their FLEx database to the latest version of FLEx, https://software.sil.org/field... and upload to Webonary again, many of you have done that—Thank you! However, there are still around 150 Webonary sites that need to be reuploaded. Please do this for all the Webonary sites you manage as soon as possible.

The Future

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At the latest Language Technology Conference 2024 - Dallas, TX., Chris Hirt outlined how he envisions the future of the SIL Lexical Tools Ecosystem. In the current system, FLEx is in the center of the ecosystem, but in the future, the data repository will be at the center. This will make it much easier to integrate lexical data into the many different tools.

Using FLEx with Paratext

There are a variety of ways that Paratext and FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) can interact with each other’s data. Dictionary lookup from Paratext to FLEx received an enhancement in the recently released Paratext 9.4.

For more information check out this video and this article by Beth Bryson.

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Dictionary-Making & Lexicography Courses

New lessons about Reversal Indexes

There are three new lessons about Creating Reversal Indexes in FLEx in the Intermediate course LEX201.

Currently, there are more than 115 people enrolled in LEX101 English edition. CanIL has incorporated lessons from the DLS courses into their curriculum for their Lexicography course.

DLS continues to make progress in the translation of the Basic course into French. We are also using DeepL to translate the Basic course into Spanish and Portuguese. 

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You may access these courses here: https://sites.google.com/sil.o...

Competency-Based Certification

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DLS has completed the development of Competency-based training for SIL Lexicography consultants.

To learn more about Competency-based training, check out this website, 


If you are interested in training to become an SIL Lexicography Consultant, please send an email to [email protected]. We should have a few spots available in the next few months.

Dictionary Apps

DLS continues to create dictionary apps for the Google Play store.

If you need help in creating a dictionary app, please fill out this application.

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FLEx Parser Workshop Invitation

A FLEx Parser workshop is being planned for Aug 12-23, 2024 in Dallas, Texas, USA. If you are interested in attending, please see this site for more details:        https://docs.google.com/docume... Registration closes July 1st.

Verna Stutzman, MA-Linguistics, MA-Counseling
Dictionary & Lexicography Services Coordinator
SIL International
Skype: verna.stutzman

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