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Spring News

Can you believe it is our 10th anniversary this year? Be Me Project was started by just the two of us, Rachel and Lu. Ten years have flown by and Be Me has changed far more than I have…I think?!

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We are looking for ways to celebrate as well as fundraise so watch this space!

Tap below to watch our new video!

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We have been privileged to support so many young people's lives and we are thrilled to share our NEW promo video with you. It's just four minutes long and shows both how valuable our work is to the students and how much it is appreciated by the teachers.

All of our work is funded by donations; we have been blessed with many generous donors over the years and have a small core of regular givers. If you are able to donate as a one-off this Easter or would consider becoming a regular donor, please tap the button below. Even £5 a month means a lot as it's income we know we can rely on.


Or if you fancy doing a fundraising challenge (a run, cycle ride or bake sale?) we would love for you to choose Be Me as your charity. Please do get in contact with us by replying to this email.

Our News

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We have just gone into our 11th school in Surrey so we are now in 18 across the three areas!

We have trialed working in an alternative provision education centre in Dorking for those young people who don’t cope with mainstream school. 

We were so sad our time with them came to an end. It’s in our hearts to continue to support these young people and we are looking at ways to fund future courses. Although it's a small number of students, it's a critical time in their lives.

Activities for Easter

Do your kids say, 'I'm bored' during the holidays? Why don’t you check out the FREE TOOLS on our website this Easter by clicking HERE. We have lots activities and ideas to have a look at…

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Welcome to our new team members!

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We have had some new people start with us and wanted to introduce you to two of them. 

Hannah has been working in the Kendal area in the Lake District. We are so thrilled to have her. Steve has been around Dorking for a long time doing youth work and we have managed to drag him in for some of our boys' work. It’s been a blessing to have his experience on board. Welcome to you both!

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Have a wonderful Easter.

Lu and the Be Me team

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