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Dear friends,

Publishing a book is a bit like a birth, so I am happy to celebrate with you my  new arrival, official launch date March 29. It has had a 30-year gestation, from starting a 130-acre organic farm, through many workshops and coaching sessions.

     I believe the self-help tools the book offers are very timely for these turbulent times, and you can also access Natural Happiness through in-person and online events, plus the website. 

Wishing you deep roots and juicy fruits!


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Ways to buy the book

Special offer until March 28:

If you pre-order on Amazon, and post a review by April 30, I will give you a free book. See more details here.

Available in 3 formats: paperback, e-book and Kindle formats available.

Choose your retailer: you can buy Natural Happiness in bookshops and via numerous online channels including Amazon and www.uk.bookshop.org, which enables you to order online but with a bookshop of your choice receiving 30% of the price: see link here.

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Workshops and coaching with the Natural Happiness Advocates

The Natural Happiness methods work especially well in interactive sessions, so I have recruited and trained a small team of Advocates who can offer both workshop sessions for groups of all kinds, and coaching for individuals. Sessions can be online or in person. Why not contact the Advocate of your choice for a free-of-charge conversation about how they might help you. These services are available in English or Spanish! See more here.

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Seed 2: Natural Energy Sources

Do you find it’s getting harder to find the energy to get through the day? You’re not alone! Life and work really are getting more complex and demanding for most of us, so it’s no wonder if your energy feels depleted more often.

     One reason why this topic is so important is that most people face far bigger demands on their personal energy than 10 or 20 years ago. Why is this? One reason is that the average UK person now spends eight hours on screens each day (smartphone, computers, TV). Research shows that screen time depletes our energy, and makes it hard to relax fully. Another reason is that social media, the climate crisis, and the sheer pace and complexity of life, all raise our stress levels and drain our energy. And most of us spend less time doing physical work or exercise which could be an antidote. Read more.

Events update

Natural Happiness: Use Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself

April 19-21, 2024 at Hawkwood College, Stroud

In these uncertain times, this workshop will help you deepen your roots and grow your resilience. With sessions in Hawkwood’s gardens, you’ll experience how organic skills like composting, mulching, and co-creativity can feed your wellbeing amid daily stresses and big issues like climate change. For more info and bookings click here.

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Deepening the Roots of Resilience

March 20, 2024 - Online, 6.30-8pm | Hosted by Association for Sustainability Practitioners

Alan Heeks shares some powerful insights from his new book, Natural Happiness, and from his research on raising community resilience. Book here.

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From Stress to Authentic Success, UK Health Radio

April 11, 2024 - 9-9.30am

Alan Heeks will join Danielle Sax on her radio show which offers insights and inspiration into weeding out stress and nurturing a more fulfilling life. Tune in to UK Health Radio.

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Secrets of Natural Happiness: Mind Body Spirit Festival, London

May 26, 2024 - 10.30-11.30am

Deepen your roots and blossom through the storms of midlife and beyond: cultivate your human nature with the skills that organic gardeners use. Book here.

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The Roots of Wellbeing online event

June 4, 2024 - 7.30-9pm | Hosted by Network of Wellbeing

This is an opportunity to learn about the self-help approach developed by Alan Heeks and set out in his new book, Natural Happiness: use organic gardening skills to cultivate yourself. Alan will introduce the concept and offer a guided visualisation exercise. For more info, click here.

Community Resilience Update

Alan writes: I see growing the resilience of local communities as a top priority in the UK and beyond. My Seeding our Future project has been exploring this issue for several years, and in partnership with the Network for Social Change, we have commissioned a Scoping Study to identify practical steps to help local communities: for example, better networking capacity to share skills and knowhow more effectively. If you'd like to know more, click here.

Bonus blog: What others say about Natural Happiness

Feedback on the book, workshops and coaching

Natural Happiness is inspiring and practical. Based on decades of hands-on experience, Alan Heeks entwines gardening strategies with mindful exercises that are proven to improve your wellbeing. His approach also has a poetic and ecologically sensitive side as he draws parallels between our personal challenges and the fragile state of Gaia our planet. If you are looking for a helpful, grounded and realistic approach; if you love nature and gardening; if you want to improve your wellbeing — then this short and friendly book is for you.

Dr William Bloom, international author and educator

Read more

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