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Culture and Media Agency Europe


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Great news: CUMEDIAE is happy to have been selected as part of a consortium led by Italian consultancy Eurecna, for  Lot 12 (Education, Culture and Youth), under the new Framework Contract for EU’s External Action 2023 (FWC SEA 2023), that will be running from January 2024 to December 2027. 

To respond to requests for services, we will be counting on our professional network. Perhaps you can also be part of it. 

So, this is how it works: 

The primary aim of the SEA 2023 is to provide support to the European Commission Directorates-General (DG) responsible for external action implementation, including DG INTPA, DG NEAR, the service for Foreign Policy Instruments, and EU Delegations worldwide for the next three years. Unlike a standard tender procedure, this framework contract serves as a contractual mechanism to swiftly mobilize expertise and services through specific contracts. Consortia of contractors are formed to deliver services for each Lot, with one firm serving as the designated lead responsible for coordinating proposals once the contracting process is initiated.

Lot 12 encompasses five key sectors: formal and non-formal education, human resources development (HRD), formal and non-formal vocational education and training, culture, and youth. 

Our main focus is Culture, as you know well. But in this case, and following the perspective of the Commission, we will be ready to connect also with education and youth. 

Culture, as delineated by the expansive definitions outlined in Article 4 of the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, holds significant importance in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and fostering social cohesion. It is considered a fundamental human right, fostering and relying on principles such as freedom of expression, respect for cultural diversity, and gender equality. In addition to its role in sustainable human development, culture increasingly serves as a catalyst for economic growth. Promoting cultural diversity within development cooperation programs aligns with the EU's Agenda for Change, which acknowledges culture and creativity as vital drivers of inclusive growth and job creation.

If you are an expert in these fields and you are ready to be considered for a position as part of the technical team, please send us your CV and an expression of interest. Together we can make a difference and deliver on our wider purpose of developing and supporting culture and education. 

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CUMEDIAE is thrilled to announce project MANIFEST's presence at the 2024 editio of the Invisible Festival that will be held in Brussels at the Gare Maritime (Rue Picard 1000) from the 21st to the 24th of March!

The first of this kind, Invisible Festival is an augmented art festival in the heart of Europe dedicated to highlighting the invisible in history through an extensive program featuring activities centred around 3D avatars and other immersive artistic experiences.

At the intersection of social innovation and technological advancement, we invite you to commemorate the wealth and variety of cultural diversity at the very core of Europe - Brussels is ranked as the world's second most cosmopolitan city!

Experience four themed conferences, delve into three interactive workshops and seize the opportunity for invaluable B2B networking sessions. With an anticipated attendance of 5000 visitors, the festival will feature 600 professionals and international delegations.

The augmented itinerary, co-produced with the BXLART NFT gallery and the OVER broadcasting solution, will feature the consortium of our project Manifest and will consist of a kiosk and a circuit with ten points of interest for visitors, designed to present novel perspectives and narratives concerning colonization and the trade of enslaved people.

Take your chance to be a part of this dynamic and enriching event and join us!

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CUMEDIAE is excited to announce the formation of its new trainee team.

The organisation’s family grew bigger as five young individuals joined its Communications and Projects internship programme. From left to right:

  • Emma Prati, from Empoli, Italy, holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Markets and Institutions from the University of Bologna;
  • Francesca Corrias, from Alghero, Italy, holds a bachelor’s degree in Diplomatic and International Sciences from the University of Bologna;
  • Peter Vu, from Saigon, Vietnam, is currently in his final year at Odisee Dehogeschool in Brussels;
  • Weronika Kamińska, from Gdańsk, Poland, holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Policy at the University of Warsaw;
  • Elisa Carleo, from Naples, Italy, holds a master’s degree in European and American Languages and Literature from the University of Naples “L’Orientale”.

This dynamic team will bring its diverse range of knowledge and expertise to the table at the service of CUMEDIAE in the following months. Under the mentorship of our professionals, the interns are eager to contribute to the organisation’s projects and initiatives and to support CUMEDIAE’s mission of fostering the cultural and creative scene.

With their enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication, the new trainees are ready to embark on an enriching journey of learning and growth. We welcome the newcomers onboard and look forward to nurturing and witnessing their professional development in the culture and creative industry.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting new chapter with our motivated team!

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