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Burning News

Amber Burn 2024

Art Grants

The role of Art Grants Lead is still available. This could be your time to shine bright! It is one of the most interesting, because the lead gets to know all the artists and their exciting projects firsthand.

Answer this email, join the next AB24 meeting on April 9 at 19:00 in the National Library of Martynas Mažvydas (basement), and say it out loud if you wish to take on this!

Let's consider whether it should remain called Art Grants, or maybe we can rename it? For example, Quantum Funds, the Fund Your Fun Art (FYFA) Grant, or something else. If you have cool ideas or suggestions, write them at the link below!

Image description

Amber Burn 2022, Art grant From Heart to Heart by Mother Crew, photo by Monika Jasevičiūtė


Central Portal

Amber Burn 2024 is gathering a team of Central Portal co-creators (previously called Central Camp/Corner Camp). Among the many portals in Amber Burn, this one strives to be the point of attraction and attention for the whole community. You can be a part of the team and contribute to this communal effort! Fill out the form at the link below.

We wish for the Central Portal to become an interactive and artistic structure bringing all of us together, hosting vivid performances, engaging events, and workshops. The structure is usually burned at the end of the gathering. Oh, it was so spectacular to witness them burning in previous gatherings. We had:

AMbEr burN lounge, a.k.a. The Church, in 2021, which was about 8 meters high.

Image description

Amber Burn 2021, AMbEr burN lounge, a.k.a. The Church, photo by MayYouSee

SlibinCamp in 2022 was about 10 meters high. It was possible to go up inside the head of the dragon to look around the whole location and breathe some fire out of its lungs just for fun. 

Image description

Amber Burn 2022, Slibincamp, photo by Monika Jasevičiūtė

Slibinas' (dragon's) wings hosted many events and workshops. Rangers, medics, wardrobe, and Info Point were here too.

Image description

Amber Burn 2022, Slibincamp, photo by Justė

And Sushumna Airforce, a.k.a. the Rocket, was the tallest, about 12 meters high! The theme of Amber Burn 2023 was Cosmic Freedom, so obviously we needed some spacecraft.

But what does Sushumna Airforce mean? 

'' It is a symbol of raising your own energy from a lower, material, unconscious plane to the conscious cosmic level. For me, it was about breaking free from karmic patterns and cycles. With love and compassion, for yourself and others. The process is always scary, hard, and very painful. It requires great courage to recognize those cycles, to face your own fears, to shed some tears and sweat, to pass through darkness and turmoil, and to choose something different this time—something that feels uncomfortable but promises some well-deserved reward—to reach the stars. Just think of a regular rocket and its astronauts dissecting the atmosphere, going straight into the unknown. The journey is nonetheless beautiful. Safe journeys to all! I know you can do it too! '' shares Justė.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, Sushumna Airforce, a.k.a. Rocket, photo by MayYouSee

The creation process is mostly rewarding because there are always some challenges once the build starts at the location. In the end, it all falls into place.

So, what will it be in 2024?

Join the team until March 31.

Join the Central Portal Team

Regionals in Europe

Considering traveling, co-creating, and exploring regional events in Europe in 2024? Then read on; in this edition, we will share a few soon-to-happen regionals across Europe.

Burning Nest

United Kingdom

Participate in the largest UK Regional Burn event! Happening from May 20 until May 27 in Devon. This is seven days of Cosmic Carnival! Very exciting theme.

The final ticket sale wave will open on April 1 to release the last tickets. Burner Bio Registration is required, and only one ticket per registration can be purchased (unless you are coming with kids, then you should purchase kids tickets altogether).

Image description
Burning Nest

Créme Brûlée


Whether you are a freshly sown seed or a flower already in bloom, you are welcome to join this gathering in Creuse, France, from May 21 until May 26. Applications are still open if you plan to bring an effigy, a Temple, Big Art, installation.

The theme is Éclosion (hatchling or blooming); it embraces personal growth, self-discovery, and the exploration of new horizons.

Crème Brûlée

Art Bear


Image description

Happening in an amazing Auerworld-Palast in Auerstedt bei Bad Sulza, Germany, from June 20 until June 23. Event of four wonderful days. This is a small and cozy gathering full of fun, arts, and workshops. Event membership registration is still open.

Art Bear

Burning Man

Main Ticket Sale

Ticket sale will start April 17, 2024 12pm (noon) PST. It is important to register in Burner profile between April 10, 12pm (noon) PST and April 12, 2024 12pm (noon) PST to be able to purchase tickets in the main sale.

Please read the information about ticket sale and other important dates in the links below.

Image description
TicketsBM important dates

“Curiouser & Curiouser” Sticker Design Submission

This year Burning Man's theme is “Curiouser & Curiouser”. Stickers are a big part of the gathering. There are always stickers, and 2024 is no different!

All the creators are invited to submit sticker designs. Some of these designs will be printed and gifted throughout the week of Burning Man. This could be your design! Do not lose the chance and participate.

The deadline is May 24. Check the link below for guidelines and more information.


Lithuanians in the Dust

'A Month in Black Rock City' by Jupiteris

A Short Story: Part II

The story continues...

It has been almost a week in Black Rock City, but it still did not turn into a routine, and apparently it never will, because everything is different in the desert. I liked to admire the bright stars of August. One morning, I saw the sunrise from behind the mountains. Magnificent views.

On Wednesday, August 16, I was assigned to work with the heavy machinery department, where everyone gets a walkie-talkie. There was some free time in the afternoon. I was chilling on the sofas and listening, amazed at how smoothly the operators work and communicate respectfully, helpfully, and with humor.

Image description

Black Rock City, 2023

We spent the evening looking at the sky. Nature changed the shapes of the clouds and painted them in all shades of red. A piece of a rainbow was hanging on the side. Apocalyptic spectacle.

Image description

Black Rock City, 18 of August, 2023

The next day, we were getting ready to go back to work, but the cloud was getting closer and bigger. This time, it was black. And it burst. The rain lasted for half an hour, and the desert turned into a lake several centimeters deep. The desert is not with sand but rather with dust, and the dust turned into something similar to clay after the rain. The entire city was canceled for the rest of the day.

People got some unplanned free time, and everyone went to the bars barefoot, with socks, or just with shoes stuck with clay. We went to the shade team camp, where someone pulled the rope, and the two camps decided to have a tug of war, with 8 people on each side. They were about to start, but the leader came running and tried to stop all of it, saying, But the showers don't work! Who could stop so much fun for such unimportant things? After a few minutes, everyone was more or less covered in mud. Immediacy!

Image description

Black Rock City, 2023

On Friday, August 18, me and Aistis went to work at the Artery. This is the place where all artists and sculptors register upon arrival. Since we like to get busy, we started screwing some plywood, gave a good impulse to the team, and the work progressed much better. Later, while enjoying a beer, we received thanks from the lead.

In the evening, we had our camp's housewarming. The neighbors brought fishing chairs. We pulled beer cans floating among the ice cubes from the thermos boxes. We also invited our team leader, Leeway, who was participating for the 20th time in Burning Man! He had so many interesting stories to tell. A great person.

Image description

Black Rock City, 2023

We received new maps of the city with full descriptions: 326 sculptures, ~1800 camps. This city is designed like a clock. In the very center there is a human sculpture (The Man); streets run from it in all directions that correspond to the hours, and they are crossed by semicircles, going from the center alphabetically. It is quite good to find your way around. Our camp address was 5:45 E.

Image description

On August 20, we had a day off, and what did we do during it? Everyone needs bicycles in Burning Man. Due to dust and short usage times, most people buy the cheap ones and often leave them. What remains is then packed into containers, and the next year they are taken out, repaired, and put to use. We had some time to find the bikes that we liked, changed the steering wheel, adjusted the seats, lubricated the chains, inflated the tires, and voila, it was running perfectly. What a pleasure it was to ride in the dessert.

Also, a PreBurn took place when most departments built sculptures, lined them all up, and... that's it, set them on fire. About 20 sculptures were lit at the same time, nevertheless, with fireworks.

Image description

Black Rock City, 2023, PreBurn party

However, the whole town was in a mood of anticipation. It had to start raining again, and there had to be a lot of rain. The work was canceled for the next day.

And it did rain all night. The tents were okay, at least. Traffic was prohibited, or, better to say, impossible, in our black rock swamp. We were isolated with enough food, water, a functioning kitchen, and a full tank of fireball, so chill out. But I was thinking that once it stops raining, there will be more newcomers, and we will have to finish everything on time, and work really hardcore.

Friday arrived again, and four days had passed since the big rain. Then two days were wet and sticky; everything around turned into one big mud bath; walking was a challenge-a whole hike to the canteen. There was nothing to do. We slept, ate, and played chess in our dirt living room. No one could work for those two days; no one could enter; 326 sculpture builders could not; and ~1800 camp builders could not either.

Image description

The desert after the rain, Black Rock City, 2023

The morning of the third day after the rain, the ground finally dried up. Cars could drive, and the gates opened, and the movement started. We started working again. Everything has changed beyond recognition. The desert was filled with new settlers: campers, tents, artcars, everyone was putting up shades. When the night came, there were more and more lights.

Lithuanian campers were also arriving: Lituanica Birds, Raccoons, and Amber Dust. It was great in the evenings, after work, to ride around the city on bicycles, visit everyone, and look at the emerging city. Massive.

Image description

The Temple build, Black Rock City, 2023

The last day of work was Saturday, August 26, and I spent it building shades. Usually, the people for whom we build a shade wanted to thank us with cold drinks, but this time we received some silly plastic thingies, like a duck's beak, and when you blew it, it made a similar sound as ducks. Obviously, everyone "talked" only this way during the construction. Nonsense? Yes, of course, but it's fun. There's a lot of nonsense, everyone makes jokes about everything, especially themselves.

After finishing that last job, I took a picture of all ~45 people hammering the last nail. We returned to shade's base in the "ghetto" district and held the last meeting. As always, a fridge with beer was prepared after work. This time there were many thanks and much admiration for each other, and there were also tears.

Image description

The Man during the build week, Black Rock City, 2023

The city was already full of people, bicycles, lights, and more lights-music coming from corners, bars, artcars. For the first evening, after weeks of work, the action of those lights and people was overstimulating, so we decided to go to sleep and fly the next morning. Literally.

There is an airport in BRC, and if you come early enough—before many people have gathered—they just fly you with a plane. Flying over Black Rock City just after sunrise is magical. A great start of the day, and for others, maybe a great end to the day.

Anyway, a lot of things have happened these days. I would get up in the morning (conditionally, in the morning), sit on my bike, and people would invite me to come to their camps on the streets, and I would go through all kinds of adventures during the day.

Image description

Flying over Burning Man, Black Rock City, 2023

For example, there was the opening of the thunder dome—a huge metal dome with a rope system inside so two people would be able to fight. This event is organized by the Death Guild camp, and the action is as follows:

  • Two people are attached to ropes.
  • They are given a semi-hard or soft rope.
  • The death guilders pick them up, pull them to the edges of the dome, and launch them into each other.
  • They collide, try to grab an opponent, and hit them with that stick.

This continues until the fight ends or someone gets hurt. Things happen in reality; if we fight, we fight! And especially when all those people around are shouting kill! Adrenaline kicks in, I think. 

The lady from the Death Guild supervised everything perfectly. It felt like a dystopian movie. People told stories about fractures of the ribs, arms, and legs...

It is important that everyone understands where they are going. Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. This is Burning Man!

To be continued.

Image description

Thunderdome, Burning Man, 2023

Jupiteris diary Original in Lithuanian

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