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Burning News

Amber Burn 2024

The dates have been announced

Hello everyone, and finally, the newsletter is here with the best news in the whole universe. Amber Burn will rise again in the upcoming summer! The gathering dates are confirmed for July 4th - 7th.

Image description

Participants of Amber Burn organisation meeting in the end of 2023, shared their thoughts, 'What is Amber Burn to me?'.
Join upcoming meetings! 

2024 started with a vibrant community meeting with many people. Everyone, at least for a short time, felt the nostalgy (or FOMO) of amberish summer nights during one of the coldest evenings of the winter and is now definitely looking forward to the gathering. Thanks to all for the positivity and the fire ignited in the hearts!

One of the topics was 'Central/Corner Camp' and its prominence within the gathering. Most of us agree that it is fundamental to have in Amber Burn 2024! And that it is best when it is a full package: a place for workshops, performances, talks, chilling out and rest, meetings, a bar, and music. Of course, we are not limited to only these activities; we can expand with the interactivity, purpose, and essence of this place and make it happen together as a community. Let's see what 2024 Amber Burn will bring to the process of co-creation.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, point of attraction and full of people dancing, the Corner Camp Rocket, photo by EyePass MayYouSee

Also, quotation marks are here for a reason. Some ideas are flying in the air: should it still be called 'Central Camp' or 'Corner Camp'? Is it a 'camp' or something more like an interactive effigy, which we usually burn the last one as a cherry on top of the cake? (Check out the link below with the video of the 2023 Rocket Burn.).

A few options were suggested during the meeting, and it is up for voting. Please check out the link below and choose or propose your favorite!

Vote here2023 Amber Burn Rocket Burn

Several community discussions resulted in a proposal to have an open invitation to jointly design, create, plan, and build 'Central/Corner Camp'. So, this letter is an invitation!

If you want to be a part of it, answer this email or fill out the form, or join the meeting on February 27 at Perkunkiemio g. 6, floor 5, at 7 p.m. We will also connect via Zoom. The intention is to kick - start 'Central/Corner Camp' coming to fruition and discuss other topics: tickets, art grant, community initiatives.

Co-creation FormZoom Online Meet Link
Image description

Amber Burn 2023, the music at the Rocket, photo by M. Žukauskas

Lithuanians in the Dust

'A Month in Black Rock City' by Jupiteris

A Short Story: Part I

August 11, 2023. The flight to America was pleasant. A bus to Reno was full of strangers. I was lying in a motel in Reno and starting my diary. Motel was like in the movies with a parking lot and a building with balconies and ice machines in the corners of each floor.

Reno is the smaller brother of Las Vegas, but the point is the same: wide streets, a million lights; on one side of the street there is a casino; on the other a pawn shop.

The bar was impressive, with slot machines installed on the bar table, so you do not have to walk far.

Image description

Before Burning Man - Reno

When we arrived in Black Rock City, the outside world seemed somewhere far away and long ago. Burning Man veteran Odin, all tattooed and pierced, wearing a burning outfit, picked us up. We recognized his car easily from the layer of dust on it.

Anyway, we packed our six suitcases, stopped last time to shop, took a 5-liter Fireball Whiskey Fire Keg, and turned towards the desert. The landscape became more and more beautiful—all around the prairies, mountains can be seen in the distance. Then we arrived at the emerging city of Black Rock. I still do not know how to describe it: utopia, Mars, Mad Max, WTF, crazy, hardcore, dust, etc.

Image description

Arriving to the emerging city of Black Rock,  2023. Getting to know the desert and its people.

There was not a cloud in the sky. Friends (people were very friendly; that's what I called them after 5 minutes of getting to know each other) from our DPW team helped us set up the tents and protect them from the dust.

HEAT (the team that manages the heavy transport) organized a party. So, I could describe our evening like this: desert, stars, huge loaders around, cranes, bobcats with drills, a DJ, a bar, and a bunch of crazy people.

Image description

Burning Man 2023

The next morning, our first day of work began. It was definitely intense. We were assigned to work with the shade building team—hardcore people—and when we came, nobody explained too much; we just did what they did, and they said good or bad.

Everyone was doing everything; we got infected with their excitement. Dubstep played in the background at full volume. We set up the shade, fell on the ground, did 25 push-ups, drank water for 5 minutes, jumped into a specially adapted/cut school bus, and drove to the next spot, and so on all day.

"This is not a vacation; this is f*cking DPW." It was 35 degrees outside, but the wind was blowing constantly. Oh my, it was a day. 

But then, in the evening, after dinner and a shower, we were sitting in chairs with a fireball floating in the ice, enjoying the cool evening, chatting with the "gang", and, well, life is good.

Image description

Burning Man 2023. Picture from the tent in the afternoon. Although there is a shade above it.

Monday started at 7:30 with the morning meeting of all departments. Everyone enjoys what they do here; as Odin said, he works here not because it is well paid, but because of this community. You can come to work dressed as a clown if you wish. Many people—characters, eccentrics, and crazy people—are united by respect and gratitude for each other. If that suits you, welcome home.

Image description

Burning Man 2023.Welcome home.

In the afternoon, we experienced the first sandstorm. It just started to be seen at one end of the desert, and that thing was approaching us. After a moment, there is only sand, or rather, dust, around; the visibility varies between 1 and 5 meters. Well, just put on glasses and a respirator and live on.

Throughout the evening, the storm calmed down, then rose again, and there was a bit of rain, but the temperature did not drop; it was hot. Oh, well, little by little, I realized that I walk around dusty all the time with dusty clothes, which, they say, never get completely washed. Seriously, after getting out of the shower, the storm came up again, and I was back to normal. These were the conditions; you get used to them.

Image description

Burning Man 2023. Dust storm during the build.

We also worked with a team of fence builders—country music lovers—and forging metal rods in the middle of the desert at +35C is a serious job; sweat flows in streams, but fuck yeah, that's why we came here—strong, unusual experiences. But again, we cared for each other; water was everywhere and always cold. The team leader was always asking everybody if they drank enough. There were fluffers (a team of volunteers who makes sure the ones in the field are ok) who always had electrolytes, mate lemonade, power bars, chips, and ice cream.

It seemed like another day in paradise.

To be continued!

P.S. The story was adapted for a newsletter. You can find the original in Lithuanian at the link below.

A Month in Black Rock City original

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