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#GFN24: Your Antidote To COP10

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Come to the Global Forum on Nicotine - the conference where everyone is welcome! With COP10 just around the corner, we wanted to take a second to appreciate an important group who will be excluded from the closed door meetings of the FCTC next week. GFN recognises that nicotine consumers are key stakeholders for the smoke free future: although you are shut out of FCTC COP you will be greeted warmly at our conference. Safer nicotine products could mitigate the huge toll of smoking - over 6 million deaths globally - if and when their access is ensured. The safer nicotine product revolution has been driven primarily by consumers, but these very-same consumers are being ignored by the WHO in its discussions about the future of these products.

So how can we respond to these attempts to silence consumers, and help ensure that safer nicotine products are globally accessible?

The answer? Getting consumers around the table

From its very beginning, the Global Forum on Nicotine has existed because of and for consumers of safer nicotine products. We believe that the consumer voice should be central to all discussions about tobacco policy, and that the philosophy of “Nothing about us without us” should underpin all decisions about the future of safer nicotine products. As part of our #GFN24 lineup, there will be a consumer meeting on Wednesday 12th June, and consumers will be well represented throughout the main #GFN24 programme.

Progress can only happen by enabling conversation and communication with all stakeholders involved in tobacco harm reduction. The Global Forum on Nicotine remains the only international conference devoted to tobacco harm reduction, and our doors are open to anyone who wants to explore and debate the role of safer nicotine products in helping people quit smoking - we won’t exclude anyone from the conversation.

Register for #GFN24 today!

Consumers and grass-root activists have been key contributors and participators to the Global Forum on Nicotine from our inception, in 2014. To ensure that as many consumers as possible are able to join in the conversation at #GFN24, our consumer tickets are low priced and have been frozen at 2023 rates! You can find our ticket prices here.

We will also be offering assistance for a limited number of consumers who wish to attend #GFN24 but who are not funded for their tobacco harm reduction work. To apply, please email us at [email protected], before Monday 19 February.

And if you can’t make it to Warsaw, we will be streaming select #GFN24 sessions for free - all you need to do is register!

We can’t wait to see you in Warsaw in June!

The GFN Team

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