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Vol 1 Issue 2                                                                                           April 2024

Setting up for Success

Entering the realm of entrepreneurship demands meticulous planning and organization. For me, crafting an efficient office space within limited confines has been crucial. Despite spatial constraints, harnessing the power of multiple screens has revolutionized my workflow, facilitating seamless data management and document transfer. Learn more about how this simple yet effective strategy boosts productivity in the attached article.

In other news, a new chapter unfolds as Alex embarks on a journey to Cranbrook, venturing beyond familiar horizons. While we bid farewell, our hearts swell with well-wishes for his success and the forging of new connections in this exciting endeavor.

This month we celebrate the fortunate winners of the Free Draw for a charming water lily at our market booths in April. Check the list to see if your name graces the ranks!

Dive in for more details.

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Boost Your Productivity: Embracing the Benefits of Multiple Screens

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In today's fast-paced digital world, maximizing productivity is essential. Whether you're tackling work tasks, managing personal projects, or indulging in your favorite hobbies, leveraging the advantages of multiple screens can significantly enhance your efficiency. While some may perceive this practice as a bit 'gamerish' (if that's even a word, LOL), I've found it to be immensely beneficial in both my home and work office spaces. Here's why:

  1. Seamless Reference and Collaboration: Whether you're conducting research, comparing documents, or collaborating with team members, multiple screens streamline the process. With one screen dedicated to reference materials, notes, or communication tools, and another for the main task, accessing and transferring information becomes effortless, fostering smoother collaboration and productivity.
  2. Enhanced Data Visibility: Analyzing large datasets, monitoring real-time data, or managing complex spreadsheets becomes significantly easier with multiple screens. By displaying more data points, charts, or graphs simultaneously, you gain a comprehensive overview without the need for constant scrolling or zooming. This leads to quicker insights and better-informed decision-making.
  3. Customizable Work Setup: Multiple screens offer flexibility to cater to your preferred work environment. Whether you opt for a traditional desktop setup or a more unconventional arrangement, such as side-by-side monitors or stacked displays, customization ensures a comfortable and ergonomic workspace tailored to your workflow needs. This reduces strain and fatigue, promoting long-term productivity and well-being.

Setting up multiple screens is straightforward. Simply plug them into your computer's HDMI or VGA port (the one with multiple pins, typically blue), and navigate to your Display settings. Choose to extend your desktop across both screens, and designate your main screen. Be mindful of identifying which screen is on the left and right to avoid any awkward mouse 'sticking'.

The benefits of multiple screens extend far beyond mere convenience—they are a powerful tool for boosting productivity, improving focus, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency. Moreover, used screens are often inexpensive and readily available, whether on online marketplaces or at local thrift shops. I highly recommend exploring this approach to elevate your productivity and transform your workspace into a more enjoyable and efficient environment.

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Empty Nesters - A New Phase in our Lives

This month we are preparing to move into a new phase of our lives. Alex has been with us for almost 24 years, as we've moved around the country from one place to another. He has worked for the past few years in a grocery store stocking shelves and working in the produce department.

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However, our latest move has left him somewhat isolated from potential employers and places of connection (with others his age), particularly because he doesn't drive. He has been looking for a place to 'land' where he can once again find his footing and make his own way in the world.

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After some unproductive time spent wandering around Nelson and Castlegar (our two closest towns), and several trips across the Kootenay Pass to the east, he has finally settled on Cranbrook as his new place of residence. Lodgings have been secured (not an easy thing in this rental market) and we are on our way at the beginning of May with our small trailer load of furniture and a few boxes of belongs and a couple duffle bags full of clothing.

It will take some adjustment for us to settle in to our new reality.... we are already 'missing' him and he's not even gone yet, LOL! But we are wishing him well in his new venture. He's only 3 hours away, so we will get to see him regularly before winter sets in and the pass is more sketchy. (I do not particularly like winter driving.... so we will travel it less often through the winter months). How many of you have experienced the empty nest syndrome?

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DRAW for a FREE Waterlily

  John Alton and Valarie Kraft have each won a free waterlily of your choice.

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I also still have Waterlilies available for sale. Four varieties to choose from.  $ 20 each.

       Albida                   Chromatella            Burgundy Princess            Norma Gedye

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