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Vol 1 Issue 1                                                                                             March 2024

Life Update: Embracing Change and Introducing My Exciting Venture

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I’m so glad to welcome you to my monthly newsletter.

In this issue, I am excited to introduce to you my new business, “Dragonfly Meadows Virtual Solutions”. I am a virtual assistant. I help entrepreneurs and not-for-profits streamline their businesses and increase productivity by completing admin tasks for their businesses; things like email and calendar management, invoicing and customer data management, and a wide variety of other administrative tasks. There is so much more information on my website please visit. Feedback is welcome.

In this monthly newsletter, I'll introduce you to tools and apps that will help to simplify and streamline your business and your life. I’ll also be updating you on my personal life and what’s going on with the garden and my experiences in this beautiful place we now call home -- the Slocan Valley. This month, I’m sharing information on Winter Sowing. (Things are popping up!!! Whoo hooo!)

Let’s dive right in.

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Ooma Telo - Phone service on a dime

"Just use your cell phone!"  I would.... I've had the same number since we moved to BC in 2017. However...we live in the Slocan Valley where there is no cell service. (I get two bars at the bottom of the valley – a 15 minute drive south – and it gets stronger the farther I go toward town.)

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Being able to communicate by phone (and to save and retrieve phone messages) is essential for running a small business. Since we moved in April of last year, we have carried out most of our family communications via Facebook messenger or ZOOM. I was reluctant to pay $50/month+ for a  land line that I seldom used (and didn't really need).

Some online research led me to Ooma Telo. It works via a small box that connects to the modem (we have great internet here via Starlink) and the phone plugs into the box. And IT WORKS. I pay $6.16 per month for unlimited calling to Canada and the US! This is a great addition for me and a business expense that will pay off in the long run as I get
new clients from across the continent. I know it is unlikely that many of you will have the same issue with Cell service that we do here, but if you do, or if you just want a reasonably priced phone service, please check out Ooma. Our new phone number is 236.302.0112. Give it a try!
(NOTE: I do not get paid anything to promote this product/service. It just works for us here and I wanted to share.)

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Winter Sowing - Seed Starting the Easy Way

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For a number of years now I have been Winter Sowing all my seeds (as opposed to starting things inside the house).  I began while we were still living in Alberta, so I know this can work in many different climate/plant zones.

The jist of it is that seeds are planted in marked milk jugs (yes, I know those of you in Ontario buy your milk in bags, LOL!!) and then set out in the snow to ‘chill’. When the weather begins to warm, these seeds sprout at the appropriate times and grow into hardy seedlings. Unlike indoor sowing, you do NOT need to harden them off. I
begin with perennials and hardy annuals, usually around Winter Solstice (just before Christmas). I am still planting tender annuals like tomatoes and will continue to do so for another month, as more milk jugs become available….

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they will emerge later and do not require stratification (cold prepping).

It is a delight to look into the jugs and see the first little seedlings of the season popping up. My lupines and sweet peas were the first to pop, followed closely by the sunflowers!!

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There’s  lots of great info on the internet if you are interested in starting seeds this way. So much more successful for me than indoor sowing and way simpler and cheaper. Give it a try.

Soon it will be time to find a garden space for all of those seedlings. I can't wait to see the final results when everything has found it's place in the garden....

Now, to get back to building that garden!!


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I'm so thrilled to introduce you to my new business. As a Virtual Assistant, I will be able to put to use all of the administrative skills I have acquired over years of working in the not-for-profit sector. I am really looking forward to helping small businesses and not-for-profits streamline their own work by taking mundane and repetitive tasks off their plates. If you know of anyone who is looking for the kind of services that I offer, please direct them to my new website.... www.dragonflymeadowsinc.ca. A complete list of my services can be found there. Or, feel free to share my contact information with them.

Contact me...

        PHONE: 236.302.0112                EMAIL: [email protected]  
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