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Burning News

Amber Burn 2024

Registration and Tickets Deadline!

To spice things up, we would like to remind everybody that registration and ticket sales for Amber Burn are closing on June 9. Hurry up!

Everybody must register (create an account) and get a ticket to enter the gathering. For more information, check out the link below.

    Step-by-step guide

    AB Co-creation Meeting

    The next and last one (before we go to the build) Amber Burn meeting is Tuesday, June 11, 7 PM at Medijų Dirbtuvės, in the basement of M. Mažvydo Library, and online. Join.

      Amber Burn meet

       Community Letters

      Time Capsule

      We built a time capsule in Amber Burn 2023 and established it during the intergalactic conference. Burners were able to share their thoughts and feelings about what the community means, share some stories from Amber Burn, Burning Man, or other regionals, and look for reasons why we are going to burn events. All of these messages have been safely saved. The Time Capsule has been found in the Cosmos and unlocked!

      Image description

      Amber Burn 2023, Cosmic Info Center, photo by Gytis

      It carries so many heart-grabbing thoughts from the past, from Cosmic Freedom and all the galaxies, here in our time—creativity, communication, colors, and sharing. Thoughts from amberburners living their freedom, expression, and love. Emphasizing how important it is to live by the 10 principles of Burning Man. How different Amber Burn or another temporal city is because of the experiences they give space to unfold, the happiness they bring, how they let us be ourselves, and how good it feels to be there. Because it is a home where we can share goodness, be sincere. Place where we can remember what is important. It gives us many lessons on how to look at the world with a little bit more simplicity.

      It is so cool to have experienced cosmic freedom and have had the opportunity to encapsulate our testimonials and feelings about the gatherings, so they could be found and shared with the Burning News readers (with consent). Enjoy!

      Time capsule

      Time Capsule unlocked

      ''To free myself.'' M. <3

      ''To engage with the environment created by all together, relying on the 10 principles of Burning Man. To gather, share, create and let go.'' Jog Oak.

      ''Freedom to be yourself.'' Anonymous.

      ''My first Amber Burn ('23) is promising. Under the veil of phantasy that I entered, I came to live my most authentic and real me: giving and receiving the most beautiful memories with my burning family.'' Kamilė

      ''It was 5 in the morning. Our bodies hurt like hell we couldn't stop dancing; the DJ was simply too good. At some point, he finally came to an end. At exactly that moment, it started raining, so we decided to have a quick swim and a super long stay in the hot tub. Sitting in there, super exhausted but happy, letting our tense muscles relax and feeling the drops in our face simply felt perfect.'' Anonymous.

      Image description

      After burning Art Grant Kankued: Hopelessness, Fear and Revulsion, Amber Burn 2023, photo by Mindaugas Oželis

      ''A place to explore, be open, be vulnerable, be accepted, and be free. Cheers to new perspectives and perceptions!'' Miss Stones.

      ''I want to experience something new and special.'' Gedas

      ''People gather to celebrate creativity. Not a cult.'' Anonymous.

      ''Amber Burn changed my life.'' Anonymous.

      ''It's a community that I feel I can trust, even if most of the people are strangers, and I don't trust people, but I have never seen anything like this.'' Anon.

      ''Freedom to try new things you won't feel anywhere else.'' Eglė.

      ''Because I can explore myself, I can be a part of magical things. I can express myself.'' Ieva.

      ''Had a great time in the Human Corpse Wash Multicultural Showering Experience in the BRC. Groups of 6 people would give consent and spray water, soap, rinse and dry each other. Great workshop to practice communicating ones boundaries and also get all cleansed in the dustiness of BRC.'' Marius.

      Image description

      Colorful entrance to Theme Camp Colors of Freedom, Amber Burn 2023, photo by MayYouSee

      ''Freedom to enjoy, build, communicate, create, and be together''. Astronaut.

      Safe space for everyone. Sharing is caring community filled with acceptance and love. Everyone is welcomed.'' Neringa.

      ''Utopic community where you can be yourself as long as you respect each other.'' Mantas.

      ''Freedom to be whoever you want to be. Sharing emotions together.'' Urtė.

      Every year, I come to AB for different reasons. One year is to have fun and party, next year is to find myself in a difficult, stormy weather year. But somehow it is always necessary to leave the pain of the ''real world' behind. Fill yourself with fresh vibes in the brain. And after every burn, you bring something with you until next year comes. And it's just fun to be part of the community, for real!'' Monika.

      ''2023, the second day of a burn. We have built a huge globe tent with our newly arrived neighbors.'' Dmitrij.

      What is Amber Burn?

      ''Freedom to be open/free/creative and meet like-minded people.'' Laura.

      ''To do stuff.'' Vitalijus.

      ''To be myself... or remember how myself feels like.'' Paulius.

      ''Means I can get support, explore together, make mistakes and laugh together. A strong feeling of belonging.'' Arminas Kazlauskas.

      ''The best thing that makes Amber Burn something I look for to come is participation. It welcomes you with open arms, and you become a part of it. The goodness you find in this community doesn't make you feel like a stranger but one of them. You become a family and you make long-lasting friendships. And this is very unique and priceless.'' CanBerk Cebeci.

      ''It's a place where I get to experience a state of easygoing creative and expressive flow and to take part in a community of amazing people.'' Lex.

      ''To experience cosmic freedom''. Ieva.

      Image description

      ''Nothing at the moment, but I just arrived... So, from the scent and vibrations in the air, I think I wish to make this an annual event for me. Infopoint love.'' ANNA.

      ''Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in. Not when I'm in Amber Burn. When I'm in this community, I feel supported in expressing my artistic ideas. I love it when I'm greeted with WELOCME HOME!!! Because that's exactly how I feel.'' Vato Yigit.


      Thank you all for sharing your truly inspiring thoughts, which awakened a special feeling and will have a dedicated corner in each of our hearts forever.

      Amber Burn 2024

      Ticket Transfers

      Got a ticket that you want to send to your friend? Ticket transfers are easy! Go to your account and look for ticket transfers. Fill out the form to transfer your ticket to another burner.

      It is important that the new ticket holder registers.

      Possible transfers: Regular Ticket, Vehicle Pass, Camper/van Pass, Kids Ticket.

      Ticket Aid is not transferable, but the application is still open.

        Ticket Aid

        Burning Creations


        The idea was born in the theme camp of the Lithuania Burners Community, ''Lituanica Birds''. They have had their nest so many times in the dessert in Black Rock City and spent countless hours dancing, watching, or climbing the magnificent art cars in deep playa. What a dream it has been for such a long time, until, after returning from Burning Man in the fall of 2023, the decision to create the very own art car was finally made!

        ''Where do we start? Who will contribute? Should we build it ourselves? And what kind of car should it be? Style, size, history... Will it be an animal or maybe a house? What about musical equipment or fuel? Where do we keep it after that? How much will it cost, how many people will it accommodate?'', the team commented, saying that there were more questions than answers.

        However, they are confident, having a community of talented, creative, and hardworking people who believe in an idea and have a strong will to do it.

        Image description

        Dreaming of Drakis 2024

        Work started in the winter with design ideas while looking for a used car, ideally a cargo van, to have enough space for a dance floor. After long thoughts, sketches, and brainstorming, an idea was born: a dragon-like creature on wheels, Drakis! So here it is, a character— sharp and strong: inviting everyone to join in the dances and share the joys of fellowship.

        Image description

        Building Drakis, 2024

        Later in the spring, the team finalized the drawings and layouts to fit the dimensions of the bus, aligned on safety, and started! And so the creation continues until now.

        The goal for Drakis is to debut for the first time ever at the Amber Burn event in 2024, July 4-7 as a gift to the Lithuanian Burner community. All Amberburners could have a ride on Drakis during Amber Burn, on an art car impersonating a mythical creature that is a dragon spitting fire, and have a lot of fun.

        Image description

        Building Drakis, 2024

        We are inviting burners to take part in helping Drakis be born magnificent and be able to ride around the colorful globe! Drakis is looking for community help to fund its building: lights, metal construction, paints, decorations, technical details, and safety.

        The hardworking volunteer team is grateful for all contributions and believes that together we can make this dream a reality! Join and follow Drakis at the links below.


        Regionals in Europe

        Where else can we go to co-create, help to build one more temporary city, meet new burners, and explore in 2024?



        Image description

        Schönburn 2024

        Schönburn will happen on the following date: August 7–11, 2024. It will happen at the same place, Böllerbauer, that is ready to be transformed into a magical playground and burner’s paradise. The event enables the freedom to express yourself freely and engage with others in an open and respectful manner. It allows us to unfold to our full creative potential. More information could be found at the links below.

        Schönburn eventSchönburn announcements

        Burning Man

        2024 Black Rock City plan

        Image description

        ''Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'' Alice in Wonderland. Curious to know how the radial streets of Black Rock City will be called this year? Knowing this might help you find what you are looking for, but we all know, that you will definitely find what you need. The wonderful street names are:

        • Esplanade
        • Agog
        • Baffle
        • Captivate
        • Delight
        • Enchant
        • Fascinate
        • Gobsmack
        • Hypnotic
        • Intrigue
        • Jabberwock
        • Kelter

        Notice the central camp; the ring road is gone from the map. Nevertheless, it beats as strong as a heart, bringing the community together.


        In the link below, you can find more information and download a pdf version of the map if relevant to you this summer!

        Black Rock City map

        Burning Soundtrack

        A big part of the newsletter is about the Burning Creations of our fellow burners. This time the newsletter carries a soundtrack of ONELiFE, some of which we might hear in the upcoming Amber Burn. Curious? Hopefully, the newsletter, together with the music, will spark some inspiration and brighten your day! 29 days remain until the gates open.

        Burning Soundtrack

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