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Melbourne Last Tickets! 

May 1st - 7pm

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MELBOURNE .... The wait is over ... the final ticket wave for the Melbourne Celestial Ball is at 7pm (AEST) 1st May! There are still a few hundred tickets ready for our eager attendees.  Best of luck, they might go quickly.  

Hopefully, you can join us :)

Link to Eventbrite: Eventbrite link

Facebook removed 200+ members with no notice :(

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SO SAD! .... I was literally about to cry last week when I started getting bulk messages that people had been removed from our Private Facebook Group.  Seems this was a glitch across multiple groups on FB (thanks Mark Zuckerberg!).  
We have so much fun in our group ... news is announced first about tickets, what to wear, and all updates ... so double check you are still in the group as you might have been removed! Re-join here: Facebook Group

Get ready RIDERS!!! 

It's your turn...

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BRISBANE & MELBOURNE ... Our other fav author Rebecca Yarros is coming to town! We want to celebrate with a get-together after her Brisbane and Melbourne events.  If you are coming to hear her speak what a great chance to meet up with other Celestials afterwards and debrief on the spoilers she is sure to giveaway!

With fun things like best dressed, quiz on the night, drink, grazing platters, and bracelet swapping, it is the perfect chance to catch up with like-minded dragon riders.  Missed out on a ticket to see Rebecca - doesn't matter you can still come along to the Celestial Rider events to meet up with us! 

Tickets are on sale 10th May 7pm AEST. Links here.

More fun-fae news to keep you busy...


We have a SJMaas "Embers of Memory" game to giveaway... link here to check it out. To enter use your crafty diva (or divo) skills to colour in an artwork by artist Charlie Bowater. Submit a photo of your work by 31st May. Pencils/felt tips/paint accepted. (no digital versions) 

[email protected]

Link to the artwork here (click on link then download the image and press print on your home printer). 

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As our online community grows to nearly 7,000 ACOTAR-loving, book-reading fans....we needed to increase our moderator team and are excited to welcome our first bookish guys to our team.

We are ever thankful to the real-life bat-boys out there and plan to have more content for our guys.

Read about our three new moderators here: New Moderators Link

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Being part of the Celestial community means you are also part of something BIGGER ... even if your contribution is liking posts on Facebook or watching a TikTok ... this all helps grow our community.  

Each month I pledge funds towards Ecologi to fund environmental projects. You can follow our progress at this link to see how many trees we've planted so far! Thank you!!

Check out our very own page here:

Ecologi Celestial Page

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Make sure you are following our socials as we announce over 40 attending FANTASY writers and ACOTAR merch vendors for our Melbourne Fantasy Book Signing and Merch Day - 23rd Nov 2024.

Check out Instagram for the full list - and in the coming weeks, we'll be announcing pre-orders and special edition packs. Tickets for this event will go on sale July 1st.

Link to Instagram Posts: Celestial Instagram

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Brisbane attendees met my mum Kerry & my sister Cassandra. My mum owns Glitter & Dance, a fabric shop and costume-making business in Brisbane. Mum has been making costumes since the 1970s! They both helped so much in Brissie, including making Valkyrie costumes, dressing the bat-boys, & running the merch stand. Glitter & Dance is the largest supplier of stretch fabric for performance in Australia, so if you need any fabric or costumes, give them a shout! Thanks mum for the endless support :)

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