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March -

April 2024

News for Action  
A bi-monthly newsletter to spread the seeds and connect the dots. 

Responding to trauma is a matter for public and collective action as well as individual initiative.

As our news illustrates, well-informed observers from the worlds of practice and inspection are warning about the rising challenge of serving needs among young people. As the drumbeat of the general election approaches, it will be incumbent on all the parties to show how they will address these challenges.

At the same time, we salute survivors who have navigated their own routes in life through the obstacles created by traumatic episodes and our Lived Experience examples should encourage those struggling at any stage of their lives.

We hope that the approach of Spring is giving you renewed hope as well as nurturing your reserves of resilience in challenging times!

Our May Webinar will certainly help with this renewal, focusing on transforming Children's Services via a Trauma Informed Modular Approach to tackle toxic stress - Count me in!

Expand the ACEs work!

We are planning screenings of Resilience, the inspiring documentary about ACEs, in community venues across London. Following the showing, there will be a panel discussion with reflections from the audience.

If you believe your community would benefit from the learning opportunity, get in touch!

    New opportunities to work with the Hub are also available via voluntary roles in communication and media.

    • How can we create more powerful communications engaging as many Londoners as possible? We would welcome advice from experienced media activists who share our values.
    • If you wish to volunteer to help compile and publish this newsletter, we would also be pleased to hear from you.

    For a chat about these opportunities or if you have items for this newsletter, send us a hello.


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    We are always happy to welcome new members. To learn more about our work and participate in our network meetings, Join us!

    Time for News for Action!

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    London ACEs Hub

    We are thrilled to open our webinar series this year with our very special guests, Dr. Arnon Bentovim and Jenny Gray OBE. They will explore the complexities of  Children's Services and the value of Transdiagnostic Modular approaches with common elements across evidence-based interventions and training, equipping practitioners to respond to ACEs and toxic stress, and the multiple needs of children, young people, and their families. 

    Don't miss out! Book your place as registrations are coming in fast.

    Date: 23 May 2024

    Location: Zoom

    Cost: Donation and Free

    We are excited to be presenting at this year's London Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) pan-London conference on ACES and safeguarding. This important event aims to increase understanding of the history of ACEs, and build knowledge of more specialist and contemporary areas of childhood experiences, reflecting on the impact of these in multi-agency and individual practice to safeguard children. Join us for an insightful event!

    Date: 12 June 2024

    Location: Online

    Cost: Free

    Beyond the Hub

    MAPS launch and survivor researcher community gathering

    This event is for anyone with lived experience of trauma, violence, abuse or neglect involved in research in any way, e.g. as a researcher, student, or expert by experience. 

    If you are interested, contact Angie at [email protected] 

    Date: 3 May 2024

    Location: Science Gallery, London Bridge

    Cost: Free

    Two days of inspiring speakers holding courageous conversations which challenge narratives, open perspectives, promote equitable care and inspire new thinking around birth trauma. Promoted by Make Birth Better.

    Date: 14 and 15 May 2024

    Location: Online

    Cost: From £35 and with three-month payment plan

    A 2-part training by The Trusted Youth Allies training, committed to establishing a secure and nurturing space for young individuals who have been victims of crime. Currently available for participants based in Southwark, Lambeth, Newham, Croydon, and Enfield.

    Date: 22 and 23 May 2024

    Location: Online

    Cost: Free

    This conference promoted by Action Trauma Network brings together some of the leading world experts in the field of trauma and invites us to explore the latest insights and interventions from psychological, neurobiological and cultural perspectives.

    Date: 17 and 18 June 2024

    Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belfast

    Cost: In-person £375 / Virtual £185

    Numerous reports highlight the immense pressure on CAMHS services. This event promoted by the Institute of Psychoanalysis will share firsthand accounts from clinicians working on the frontline and will explore interventions that could make a meaningful difference.

    Date: 18 July 2024

    Location: Online

    Cost: Free

    This course provides an opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Accredited level 2 qualification.

    Date: On demand.

    Location: Online

    Cost: Free

    Open your mind to transformative and insightful approaches to trauma and mental health from thought-leaders such as Gabor Maté, Bessel van der Kolk, Janina Fisher, John & Julie Gottman, Linda Thai, Frank Anderson and many more, all set against the backdrop of the University of Oxford.

    Date: 11 - 14 September 2024

    Cost: Early Bird by 30 April - £599 in-person & £275 virtual


    Neuroscientist and environmental journalist, Clayton Aldern, has travelled the world to meet scientists and doctors working at the intersections of environmental science, psychology and neuroscience to synthesize a new, interdisciplinary approach to a novel field — the neuroscience of climate change. Royal Society of Arts, 23 April 2024.

    Highlights from the Agbero 2100 National Launch which took place on January 18th 2024. Agbero 2100 is a strategic intervention developed by The Ubele Initiative in 2023, designed to provide long-term support and resources to Black and racially minoritised communities, with the aim of creating sustainable communities, redeveloping community assets, fostering intergenerational leadership, and promoting community enterprise.


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    A report by the All-Party Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood, aiming to influence the views of the UK Parliament and the performance of Government to better address issues relating

    to Adverse Childhood Experiences. March 2024

    Compared to 2017-19, the last complete triennium, there was a statistically significant increase in the overall maternal death rate in the UK in 2020-22. This increase remained statistically significant when deaths due to COVID-19 were excluded. January 2024

    A working paper by Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value, and Leilani Farha, Global Director of The Shift. Council on Urban Initiatives. January 2023

    Action & Tools
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    The Flying Child Project is a survivor-led initiative aiming to challenge the stigma and shame of child sexual abuse (CSA) and the stereotypes of the abused child. It encourages open discussion about a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable, and examines the reasons behind the silence.

    The Traveller Movement created a Healthy Relationships Toolkit to help young people spot the warning signs of abuse and know their rights in a relationship.

    A practice and metaphorical tool developed by Dan Siegel to enhance mental clarity, promote emotional regulation, and deepen our connections with ourselves and with others.

    Current funding pots that mental health user-led community groups and organisations may be interested in applying for. By National Survivor User Network.

    Islington developed iTIPS (Islington Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools) in September 2017. Since its inception, over 30 schools have taken part in the programme, and it has been extended to TinyTIPS (early years and children’s centres) and Community iTIPS (voluntary sector and partner agencies) to enable trauma-informed practice to reach a range of services. 

    Racial Justice
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    Visualise is the first major research into race and ethnicity in art education. They want to ensure art education is accessible and fulfilling for all students, and that teachers are supported to deliver a broad and engaging curriculum. By Dr Shabna Begum, Marlene Wylie, Hassaan Anwari and Simon Hood, The Runnymede Trust and Freelands Foundation, March 2024.

    Lived Experience

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    The acclaimed actor and director is a survivor of sexual abuse in the care system. Here she talks about her many achievements in life, while sharing her musical choices and some of her reflections and insightful learnings over the years. Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4.

    A sharing by Tayyaba, a Gingerbread group lead, connecting and supporting single parents in north London. She shares what motivates her to keep developing the group and herself. 20 March 2024

    Article by Charlotte Gallagher and James Gregory, BBC News, 10 March 2024.

    News & Initiatives
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    Special Interest Group Newsletter detailing events, reports and initiatives on ACEs including discussion of health, assessment, intervention, offending, neurobiology. April 2024

    A new study’s methodology—focusing on twins who share the same genes but not the same experiences—provides compelling evidence that challenges the dominance of biological determinism in psychiatry. By , Mad in America, 18 April 2024.

    From 1 April 2024, the Sentencing Council is including a new, dedicated mitigating factor: ‘Pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal care’, in the majority of offence specific sentencing guidelines, providing guidance for courts on sentencing pregnant offenders and new mothers. Sentencing Council, 1 April 2024

    By Birth Companions, 18 March 2024.

    Debate in Westminster Hall, 12 March 2024.

    Press release, Care Quality Commission, 21 March 2024

    British Psychological Society, 5 March 2024.

    Articles & Books
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    An article by Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Isabelle Butcher, and Kamaldeep Bhui. BMJ Open, 19 February 2024.

    An article by Georgia Bacon and colleagues. Health & Social Care in the Community, 9 September 2023.

    An article by Carl F. Weems and colleagues. American Psychologist, 1 February 2022.

    An article by Mark Shevlin and colleagues. BJPsych Open, 2 September 2020.

    A book edited by Suryia Nayak and Alasdair Forrest. Published by Routledge, March 2024.

    A Dot of Inspiration

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    “The most beautiful people I have encountered are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, humility, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people don't come out of nothing.

    ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

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