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Burning News

Amber Burn 2024


Can you feel it getting closer? Soon, ǟʀȶɨռʊֆ. We will get through the portal into the creativeland and enjoy our temporary city built together as a community. 

Amber Burn is a space to build art, experience it, become it, participate, and connect in a meaningful way through art.

Do you believe that everyone is an artist? This is a space for us to awaken and discover our inner creators, if we dare and if we have not yet.

    Image description

    Amber Burn ǟʀȶɨռʊֆ 2024, visual art by graphics team Jan and Andrej

    The gathering will host up to 888 inspiring and imaginative participants.

    Get your ticket and wait for the Amber News to flame your email with information on how to get involved: early builders, volunteering, a survival guide, and other exciting projects are awaiting us this year. Theme Camps are already preparing. Art grants, program, and Eye Pass registrations will be soon announced.

    Before you buy a ticket, read our Participation Terms. Follow the link below for a step-by-step guide on how to register and get a ticket to Ǟʍɮɛʀ ɮʊʀռ 2024.

      Participation Terms

      Tickets Information

      Everybody must register (create an account at https://amberburn.lt/registration) and have a valid ticket (Regular ticket, Ticket Aid, or Kids ticket) to enter the gathering. No tickets will be sold at the gates.

      Children 16 and under need to get a ticket and can access the event with their ticketed parents or guardians. Kids older than 16 years old need to fill out the questionnaire and have a regular ticket.

      A vehicle pass is required for each car to park. A camper van pass is required for all RVs, campers, and vans to park at the gathering.

      Ticket transfers will be announced.

      Step-by-step guide

      Ticket Aid

      Image description

      Amber Burn ǟʀȶɨռʊֆ 2024, visual art by graphics team Jan and Andrej

      A number of 100 low-income tickets are available for people who apply via the Ticket Aid program. The application is open; check the link below.

      This is an opportunity for those who are really in need, and otherwise they won't be able to come and burn in the mystical city of AmberBurn'24 Ǟʀȶɨռʊֆ.
      You can apply before all 100 Ticket Aid tickets are given out. One ticket per application. Ticket Aid is non-refundable and not transferable. After you apply, you will get a burning confirmation with further instructions via email.

      Ticket Aid

      Theme Camp Registration

      Are you a bunch of burners who contemplate about living as a small community in Ǟʍɮɛʀ ɮʊʀռ and pulsate to the rhythm of the city with all sorts of art, gifts, and activities? Consider registering as a Theme camp at the link below!

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      Amber Burn 2024, visual art by graphics team Jan and Andrej

      Theme CampsRegister Your Theme Camp

      Lithuanians in the Dust

      'A Month in Black Rock City' by Jupiteris

      A Short Story: Part III

      On Thursday morning while it was still not too hot, I went to the Temple.

      The building itself was really impressive, with carved panels with various ornaments. During the day, the light penetrated and fell through the panels in an unrealistically beautiful way.

      It was a quiet place where most cried or sat quietly, mourning. Once I tried to read the writings on the walls, it was difficult to stop the tears. It is a very sensual, humanly, and necessary place.

      Image description

      The Temple of the Heart at Burning Man 2023

      I came to the Temple just before the concert of an orchestra of about 40 people (referring to Playa Pops Symphony concert): someone dressed as a fox, someone with crocs, someone with a kind of gas mask, a conductor with a cowboy hat...

      The whole background and music were so utopian and wonderful. The orchestra played several classical pieces asnd versions of Pink Floyd and the Beatles. The whole audience sang along "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Imagine". Those magic moments.

      All art objects scattered across the desert, which we call Playa. There is so much art. Among the most impressive ones, there was a mechanical Pegasus. After pressing the buttons, it started to fly, and the movements of the legs, head, tail, and wings looked very realistic. And when those wings were with fire at night, wow!

      Image description

      Wings of Glory at Burning Man 2023

      In the afternoon, about 120 Lithuanians met for a photo next to the Man. It felt like a sandstorm blew up on purpose; hundreds of "rabbits" were circling around because the "billion bunnies march against humanity" was taking place. Iconic.

      In the evening, we saw two effigies burn: a burning robot ('1000 & 1') and a burning heart, after which a metal butterfly remained ('Breaking Open').

      Later, we went to Deep Playa. It was a good night—I would say even the best—in the middle of the desert, under the stars, with people having a blast without disturbing anyone.

      Image description

      The Monaco, Land Frigate at Burning Man 2023, She is approximately 45 feet long, holds more than 40 passengers

      On Friday, it rained again. We felt nostalgia to the times when it was sunny and hot.

      The next morning, not a few hundred city builders woke up, but ~70 thousand people woke up in the swamp. There were no more thousands of cyclists on the streets, no artcars. For the first time in the 30 years of the event, Saturday's Man's burning was cancelled.

      In the evening, it was a bit easier to walk, so we visited other Lithuanian camps. They survived, and the mood was either very good or on the border of crazy.

      Sunday started promisingly: the sun was shining through the clouds, and the pavement was getting drier and harder. We were informed that the Man would be burned in the evening! The mood was getting better. And then... That's it; it started raining again.

      The 3-days long rain happened for the first time in the history of Burning Man. Muddy Man, Black Rock Swamp, rain apocalypse - that's how people talked about the 2023 event.

      The last time it really rained in BRC was in 2014, and it wasn't that bad back then. 

      Well, our canteen was working according to schedule, the tent was dry. We will be there for almost a week; it is going to be sunny again, so chill. There will be something to tell the grandchildren, as they say.

      Image description

      Burning Man 2023

      Monday evening, there was excitement in all the camps; everyone was preparing for burning the Man, finally! People gathered and sat around. There were cyclists buzzing, burners in various costumes, and a million twinkling lights, all the artcars around playing different music at the same time.

      It seemed different from Amber Burn's cozy burnings; it seemed a lot, loud, and everything at the same time.

      After a long wait, the man finally started to raise his hands, and fireworks started shooting. They were truly unique and made me gasp more than once. Then an impressive so-called diesel bomb explosion engulfed and ignited the man. It was a big bonfire. And the crazy party continued.

      Image description

      Burning Man 2023

      Also, we watched another impressive art—the Chapel of Babel—burning. It's incredible how much work people put in and after a week, burn it.
      The morning after the Man burn, we were sitting in worn-out fishermen's chairs in our camp. Our crew had to go back to work. But somehow, nothing really pushed in. We continued to sit in our shade; a light breeze was blowing, and music played quietly. It felt like the end was coming.

      I went to see what was left of the man—on embers, people traditionally roasted ribs, bacon, and made coffee.

      Image description

      Burning Man 2023 The Temple of the Heart

      A similar crowd of people gathered for the burning of the Temple on Tuesday evening. Only this time, there was no sound. No fireworks. People didn't talk to each other; the crowd of several thousand watched as the temple burned in absolute silence. Giant tongues of flame danced in the darkness, illuminated silhouettes. We could hear only the wood crackling. In less than an hour, the temple disappeared. It was the last burn. The only thing left to deal with was leaving no trace.

      Image description

      Burning Man 2023

      Few days after the Temple burn, we got back to the rhythm of the pre-event: 7:30 meeting, work, tear down fences, remove lamps, help load things into vans, and handle hundreds of abandoned bicycles. It was okay to have some regimen after no regimen.

      Saturday was the moving-out day. I put everything in suitcases, and after all the rain, mud, and dust storms, I got my tent off the ground. It served well in extreme conditions. It was a good farewell. On the last ride in an improvised artcar, we were driving towards civilization, several remaining containers could be seen around, and the view of the surrounding mountains was in the distance. 

      It was a ride! A month of experiences. Burning Man, it was strong.

      Image description

      The author of the story - Jupiteris, 2023, Exploring America

      After resting in Reno, we went south towards Lake Tahoe, there was lot of forest camping, giant sequoias, Yosemite mountains, some of the oldest trees in the world, the ocean, and wild beaches.


      ' -Are you coming back?' - people were asking.' -Is it worth it?'


      Burning Man is unique. If you want a sense of unlimited freedom, if you want to breathe, if you want to test yourself for radical conditions, if you like to communicate and want to meet interesting people from all over the world; if you believe in magic or want to believe in it; if you like heat; if you want to fall into the best parties in the world; if you like to decorate without limiting your imagination and to be surrounded by fantastic decor; if you want to get away from the outside world for at least a week; if you like art or want to bring art; if you want to experience chaos or complete peace; if you like to ride a bike; if you want to be surrounded by smiling and kind people and feel like a part of such a community; if you want to live without money; only on the principle of giving; after all, if you like fire - come to Burning Man. And if it's too far, come to Amber Burn, or to the forest, or to the sea, or to the village, or go see the wind, the waves, the stars, the birds, and the clock, or whatever keeps you alive.


      The end. 


      A round of applause and big thanks to Jupiteris for sharing!


      P.S. The story was shortened for a newsletter. You can find the original in Lithuanian at the link below.

      Jupiteris diary Original in Lithuanian

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