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Dear friends,

This is an exciting time, with the book launch only one month away. The Natural Happiness Advocates can offer you tailored sessions, for groups or individuals, online or in person. If you can help me by pre-ordering the book, I'd be very grateful, see special offer below. You'll also see a range of launch events available this spring. And in these stormy times, the New Year cultivation tips could come in handy!

Happy New Year!


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Introducing the Natural Happiness Advocates

The Natural Happiness methods work especially well in interactive sessions, so I have recruited and trained a small team of Advocates who can offer both workshop sessions for groups of all kinds, and coaching for individuals. Sessions can be online or in person. Why not contact the Advocate of your choice for a free-of-charge conversation about how they might help you. These services are available in English or Spanish! See more here.

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How you can help with the book launch

Alan Heeks writes:
Whatever you think of Amazon, they dominate book sales. Their rating of new book launches is strongly influenced by the level of pre-orders received in the weeks before the launch date. So I am asking if you can help me by pre-ordering my book, and I'm offering a free book in return.

Here's the deal:

Please pre-order Natural Happiness via Amazon between now and March 15: you can use this link. When you receive the book, please post a review on Amazon by April 30. Once your review is posted by Amazon, contact me, and I will send you a FREE copy of one of my books, post paid in the UK. You can choose a second copy of Natural Happiness, or one of my two books on creative ageing, or one of my two workbooks, Find your Gift in Work, and The Work Easy Workbook.

Finding the Gifts in Bewilderment
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I invite you to imagine that the bewildering, alarming events of recent years have positive aspects which we need to discern: why not try? Like me, you may have attempted to make sense of all this by rational means, and failed. Whilst specific crises may resolve, the ongoing level of disruption will probably keep growing. This blog offers some ideas on positive responses, finding the gifts in the storm. Read more.

Events update

Natural Happiness: Use Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself

April 19-21, 2024 at Hawkwood College, Stroud

In these uncertain times, this workshop will help you deepen your roots and grow your resilience. With sessions in Hawkwood’s gardens, you’ll experience how organic skills like composting, mulching, and co-creativity can feed your wellbeing amid daily stresses and big issues like climate change. For more info and bookings click here.

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Natural Happiness: Use Organic Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself

March 7, 2024 - Online, 7pm

This is a unique chance to hear Alan share the stories behind his new book, Natural Happiness: use organic gardening skills to cultivate yourself. He will describe how these methods have helped him and many others. Alan will read a couple of excerpts, lead a self-help process from the book, answer questions and explain how the Advocates can offer tailored workshops and coaching. Book here.

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Book launch and signing

March 22, 2024 at North Books, Hay-on-Wye

Alan’s new book, Natural Happiness: Use Organic Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself will be published on 29 March. At this free event, Alan will be sharing the stories behind Natural Happiness, reading short excerpts, and signing copies. For more info, click here.

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Improved website

The Natural Happiness website has had a major makeover - now easier to navigate! Lots of useful resources, videos, blogs and more.

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Three top tips to blossom this year
What can organic gardens teach us about thriving in a challenging climate? Here are my top tips from Natural Happiness.
  • Deepen your roots: this gives plants access to more resources, and stability to handle storms. Work out what nourishes you, and reach out/dig down for more of it!
  • Use crop rotation: organic gardens use fallow periods and renewal crops to balance the demands on them. Do the same: put some rest and fun in your schedule, daily, weekly, yearly.
  • Learn from mycelium: we now know how plants share resources through shared root networks. Find your communities, and use ideas like wild margins to cultivate them.
Natural Happiness Seed 1: Nourish your roots

In these times of rising uncertainty, we need new ways to stay happy and clear. Natural Happiness has evolved from over 20 years’ immersion in organic gardening and farming: it draws on both techniques, such as composting and crop rotation, and the skills a gardener evolves, like observation and patience. Read more or for a 5-minute video on Seed 1, click here.

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