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October: News & Promos

Thank you for helping us be one of the most trusted crypto earning sites out there! We also are one of the highest paying checkout our rate comparison here!

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PIRATE POINTS start Oct. 8!

- Starting October 8, the top 100 'Active' Crypto Pirate gamers will earn "Pirate Points" each day. 
- The top 15 Pirates at the end of the year will share a 500,000 Gold Coin prize poo! 
- Pirate Points will be given based on a users rank from 1 to 100 points.  Higher the rank, the more points.
- If a Pirate does not login and do their minimum 25 GTs earning requirement to maintain loyalty points, they will not get Pirate Points for that day. 
- Pirate points have no cash value currently and are just a first step in making the Pirate game a bit more competitive. 

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New Collectible Round!

- October 1 marks a new quarter and a new start in collecting Pirate Fun Tokens for site bonuses and collectible contests! 
- We are keeping our Limited Edition PFTs available to collect as well, to earn additional instant 1000 GC bonuses for finding them.

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5000 Game tokens promo extended!

Our 5000 GT bonus promo has had some success, so we have extended it through the end of October! 

Invite your friends and family and earn up to 15% on their offerwall earnings!

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Zombie Invasion game

October's Arcade Game

Don't be scared! The zombies won't hurt you. Just click and they will go away...  

Don't miss a spooktacular game this month!

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Earn to Give, Support Charity!

FaucetGamers now have raised over $600 to charity! Our site is now featuring a new charity as we approach the holiday season.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps to make kids with critical illnesses dreams come true. 

Visit Charity Page
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Pirate Game News

- Harbor and Lighthouse speciality buildings are still coming. We have decided to pursue a new avenue with the Harbor. Details coming soon.  

Main Page Redesign! We also will be drastically changing our Home page. If you have any ideas how to modify it, please let us know. 

Promo code! Thanks for reading our newsletter! Stop in and claim our special promo code: OCTOBERNEWS

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Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you all the best.
Reach out to us with questions or comments! 

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