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Project Butterfly: Open Call for Composers is officially finalised!

Butterfly Open Call finalised

Exciting news from Project Butterfly!

Our Open Call for Composers officially closed on September 30, and we're delighted to report an incredible response from many talented composers. The quality and diversity of the submissions surpassed our expectations!

The open call, which started on the 27 of June, invited composers to become part of Project Butterly by presenting one of their original pieces in connection with the following themes depending on the language used to write the literary text: earth for Italian, air for Finnish and water for Polish. 

What’s next? A Selection Committee will choose two compositions for each language based on quality and merit. Then, our partners Teatro Comunale di ModenaOpera Bałtycka, and Opera Box will organise auditions among project-involved students to select the final piece in each language.

Stay tuned for more exciting Project Butterfly developments!

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Empowering Artists: CUMEDIAE's commitment to the ECHO Academy Residency

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Interactive sessions with artists

CUMEDIAE’s new Projects and Communication Manager, Constantin van Grevenstein, embarked on a compelling journey to Budapest, where he engaged with the ECHO Academy. With a diverse background in project and communication management within the cultural sector and non-governmental organisations, Constantin joined CUMEDIAE's dynamic team in June.

The Hungary residency brought together 10 artists from 7 different countries, all with a shared mission of exploring and celebrating the industrial heritage of Hungary's capital.

CUMEDIAE fulfilled its commitment to facilitating the artists' connections with the market and supporting their pilot projects. Following an insightful online presentation on the marketability of artistic endeavours and an introduction to our extensive database of opportunities, Constantin's presence allowed for personal interactions with the resident artists. These one-on-one sessions enabled him to delve deeper into their projects and tailor his assistance to their unique needs.

Constantin shared his sentiments: “Meeting the artists and witnessing their creative processes as part of the ECHO Academy project was truly extraordinary. I felt lucky to talk to these talented individuals and to have the opportunity to help them expand their visibility. There's a unique satisfaction in witnessing projects you've worked on coming to life and making a significant impact on the cultural industry. I am genuinely enthusiastic about further contributing to CUMEDIAE's efforts and eagerly anticipate the evolution of all our projects.”

Find out more here

CUMEDIAE for Project Manifest at Nantes Digital Week

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CUMEDIAE’s Director of Strategy and Projects, Stefanie Thomas took part in Nantes Digital Week promoting MANIFEST and its artists. 

Magalie Mobetie and the Collective "On A Slamé Sur La Lune" (Albert Morisseau Leroy, Calvin Yug, Fred Ebami) were invited to present their artistic works.

CUMEDIAE is deeply committed to fostering social and cultural impact, supporting artistic initiatives, inviting the public to contemplate the enduring legacies of colonialism and its impact on society today. During the panel discussions “Les Arts Numérique” and “Art, Histoire & Numérique”. Stefanie’s presence showed CUMEDIAE’s commitment in bringing together artists and highlighting the potential of art in enhancing the re-imagination of Europe’s collective memory of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people.

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Our former intern Susanna Ferri shares her internship experience at CUMEDIAE

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Our intern, Susanna from Italy, recently completed her three-month internship at CUMEDIAE.

Susanna shared her feelings: "My experience at CUMEDIAE was precious and enjoyable. During my time there, I had the opportunity to enhance a wide range of skills, including teamwork, operational proficiency, communication, and administration. I gained significant awareness about the workings of European projects and deeply understood the innovative trends in the cultural sector. This experience reinforced my appreciation for the significance and beauty of culture and provided me with valuable insights on how to promote it effectively. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to CUMEDIAE and the wonderful people I met there."

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