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The Age of the New

We live in an era I am calling “The Age of the New.”

It doesn’t matter who you are, the planet feels as if it is spinning faster each day. And what defines “new” constantly evolves, sometimes within a day or two.

Consider this: roll back the calendar on your iPhone just a decade. The buzz then? It was all about smartphones becoming ubiquitous. Ten years later they’re a staple of everyday life, owned by just about every human being around the world.

The latest sensation, and I can feel it slipping into “That’s-So-Yesterday Land” as I type, is the metaverse. Or maybe the Next Big Thing is the newest biotech breakthrough? Either way, let’s dive into the essence of what constitutes “new” in 2023.

First? THE NEW TECH FRONTIER. Those words are scary to some (“Wait… I have to learn a new social media platform? Is it going to require online FAQ’s and 30-minute YouTube tutorials? I was just getting used to learning how to embed videos… aaaaaaaahhh!”).

The term ‘metaverse’ sounds like it came straight outta the latest Star Wars movie (what number is this? 30? As in “Star Wars: The Metaverse Reports”). It is quickly becoming the new reality. These shared, virtual spaces promise a future where our online and offline worlds merge seamlessly. There are augmented reality glasses, decentralized digital currencies, not to mention quantum computation (?) all of which are redefining our technological frontiers.

Next: THE NEW GREEN. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword (in fact it can be considered “old”). It’s an urgent call to action. Innovations go beyond smart gadgets. Now we want greener, more sustainable ones. From electric planes to lab-grown meat, the push (whether you want to admit it or not) is toward products that satisfy both our needs as humans, and the planet’s need to survive.

Then we have: THE NEW WORK. Say what you want about the pandemic, but it reshaped the way we do and define our jobs, introducing the concept of “remote work” to businesses too stuck in their ways to realize the benefits of it. Today there is a hybrid model, combining the best of both worlds. Office spaces are being reimagined, and work is no longer “the place you go” but it is “what you do.”

And this: THE NEW SOCIAL NORMS. The rise of digital platforms has resulted in a drastic change. Our social norms are in flux. The concept of privacy sounds quaint today because the influence of influencers and the virtualization of every experience from live music concerts, live comedy shows, business conferences, and even to finding a compatible mate (or even just dating!) is continually being redefined. Human interaction and communication is far different than it was just a few years ago.

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And what about: THE NEW HEALTH. The era of pandemics and bio technological advances means that health is not just the absence of disease. It’s wearable tech monitoring our vitals, with personalized medicine based on our genes and mental well-being taking center stage.

Everything is new. In essence, “new” is no longer promoting and finding and using the latest product or trend. It's about fundamental shifts in how we perceive and interact with the world around us.

Yes, it can be overwhelming.

At the same time, there's an exhilarating promise in the new – a promise of a future that's more connected, sustainable, and attuned to our needs than ever before.

Much of this “new” is based on technology we already understand, platforms we use, systems and social mores we update regularly (whether we’re aware of it or not).

Related to that, my website - www.taylormason.com - has been overhauled, re-habilitated, and moved into the world as we know it. I am grateful to Bill Weil, whose support, talent, insight, savvy, and skill made it happen.

The biggest change - again, it’s my website, therefore much of the content is similar to what was there before - the biggest change is the accessibility to users with handheld devices (which lends itself to this interesting truth: the old adage, “left to my own devices” has taken on a new meaning in this new world right?). I hope you’ll check it out.

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And my podcast, with the esteemed advertising prodigy Dave Kasey, STORIES UNLIMITED, can be heard on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Listen and let me know what you think!

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