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September 2023 News

Start Strong, Finish Strong

Since the beginning of September, four college students and one high school student have started and/or resumed tutoring sessions in Spanish, Music History, and Music Theory. Why now? Because they are wisely getting a head start in the new semester, either responding to a low grade on the the first test or committing to stay ahead of the course content as it gets more difficult. Spanish and Music are both cumulative subjects in which you build your skill and knowledge progressively. If you feel uncertain in the beginning of the course, now is the time to sign up for help. A strong start leads to a strong finish! Click here to choose a lesson package. 

Get a Head Start...

on your choir music! This month, we have also had a request from an adult with previous experience as a trumpet player (reading treble clef) who now needs help reading the bass clef because he's singing in a choir. Before you know it, choirs will start working on December concert programs. If you are looking for extra help outside of rehearsals to learn your part or improve your sight reading, click here to choose one of several packages, from one hour to twenty!   

Exciting News! 

We were guests on an engaging and informative podcast called "The Choir Room," hosted by Greg Thomas. Part one of our conversation was released on September 13th. In this episode, we share our passion for empowering people like you in your musical gifts, and discuss how music, singing, and choir have been part of our lives from childhood to the present day. Here are the Apple and Spotify links to the podcast. More to come!

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