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Karen Fitzgerald: The energy of visual art changes everything.


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After Entropy

monotype with solar etching center, artists proof 

18.25" x 13.5"

$400 value

Scientists have long explored the condition of life from the viewpoint of entropy; things break down over time. Bodies die. What might a world look like after entropy - beyond the power of the entropic principle? This work explores the energy of transformation.

I will be gifting this piece to the winner of this season's giveaway.

The winner will be announced on September 20th.

Click here to enter the giveaway

We Are One 

Fluid Media September 2023 

New exhibit!

Find it here.

All is fluid. In physics, a fluid is a body whose particles move easily among themselves. We artists who are involved with fluid media know this property of fluidity. The substance has discrete particles, and yet they move as one.

Seen from a great remove, this is a good description of life: a situation where smaller parts create the whole. We are a small part of an absolutely amazing world.

Charles and Ray Eames published a brilliant book called “Powers of Ten”, which takes us visually from the galaxy scale to the proton scale of life. In every scale, we see “particles” moving among themselves. We see patterns replicating and changing and motion everywhere..

As Rick Rubin says in the end of his foundational book, “The Creative Act”,

“Art has an ability to connect us beyond the limitations of language.

Through this, we get to face our inner world outward, remove the boundaries of separation, and participate in the great remembering of what we came into this life knowing: There is no separation. We are one.”

The online exhibit is on view through March 8th.

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above: Unus Mundus, The One 

oil paint, mica, 12k gold on yupo mounted on panel, $2,400.

Click to view We Are One on Artsy

Tidings of Magpies, an online culture magazine, is presenting an essay with images of my work. A selection of work is included. Find it here:


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above: Unus Mundus 2, The One 

oil paint, mica, 23k gold on yupo mounted on panel, $2,400.

We are offering a new opportunity to bring my work into your space.

You tell me the inspiration for your piece whether it be a place, an element, an emotion, an object, or an energy and I will create for you a custom 

12” diameter (overall 17 x 16," unframed) watercolor painting 

on prepared paper for $350.

TO PARTICIPATE: Direct Message me on Instagram (@kbfitzgeraldart) or email me expressing your interest. 

Click to view watercolor examples
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above: Into Aboveness 1

Mica, oil paint, 23kgold on yupo mounted on board

12" diameter, installs with magnets.


Image description

above: Firmament 2

Mica, oil paint, Venetian plaster, 23kgold on yupo mounted on board

9.75" diameter, installs with magnets

Both of these works are available @fairshareart on Instagram

through the month of September.
The site features affordable work for sale by contemporary artists.
New work is posted on the first day of every month. 

All work is $450 or less. Work priced at $250 and below will be at the top of the feed; work priced at $450 and below will be listed below that. 

Click to view @FairShareArt on Instagram

View Spliced Connector group's summer exhibition, 

Sense Making, at Artsy.net here.

Image description

Above: Matter Unfolding

20" diameter, oil paint, mica, Venetian plaster on Yupo with 23k gold mounted on panel, .5" thick. $2,000.

From the curatorial statement:

..... For a long time, we believed the experience of the visual language was located in the brain. As with the new story, we are re-membering the sensual delight of experiencing visual art. Though primarily visual, this experience manifests in all our senses. We show up for the world when we expand our understanding of this broad-based experience. The rich network of sensual delights present in this mix of work does what all masterful artwork accomplishes: it shows up for the world, as the world shows up for it.

Sense Making on Artsy
Image description

Above: Gate of Thanatos, 30" diameter, oil with mica and Venetian plaster on yupomounted on panel, $2,850.

This work is part of a new exhibit at Artsy.net, Thinly and Thickly, organized and curated by Deborah Barlow. From her curatorial statement:

One of the reasons paint has had such longstanding appeal as a medium is that it is spectacularly responsive. From the translucent veils of color flowing across a Helen Frankenthaler canvas to the densely textured impasto of Claude Monet’s water lilies, paint speaks in the parlances of thin and thick, transparent and opaque, free flowing and controlled.

And while these terms describe how paint is applied to a surface, thick and thin can also suggest the aura that a work possesses. Some art has a presence that feels diaphanous and thin, leaning into what feels permeable, numinous and ephemeral.

Read the full statement here.

View the show here.

An Idiosyncratic Studio Visit
Over 4 short episodes, I narrate an exploration of my work across 30+ years. This project illuminates connecting ideas and processes that have shaped the continued development of my work. It identifies key influences and collaborators. The project is idiosyncratic in that it is not meant to be comprehensive, nor overarching. It is a view into an artist's thought process, and how this shapes the work.

All 4 parts are now on YouTube: Click the box to see all 4 episodes. 

Total run time 14 minutes.

Click to watch on Youtube

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