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August News Update!

I am so excited about some of the things we have going on at FaucetGamers. I love our community and helping you guys earn more than elsewhere. I know there are a lot of competitors, but I appreciate every cent that you choose to earn here rather than elsewhere. Here are some great things happening on FaucetGamers:

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Weekly Earning Contests!

To reward our top earners and diligent ones, every week the Top 5 earners will split 50,000 Gold Coins prize pool. 

Hopefully, this is only the start! If our daily average site earnings increase by 25% during this initial 4 week trial phase of these contests. We will double the prize pool and award to the top 10 for the next 4 weeks. 

If our site daily average keeps growing, who knows how big our weekly prize pool can get?

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Limited Edition Collectibles!

Until the end of Sept, we have launched a new set of 5 unique Pirate images to find with daily challenges! Each one will award you 1000 Gold coins and can be found 5 times!

Also, Congrats to KyleKoz on repeating as the Pirate Collectible race winner! Come on guys, you can beat him next time. 

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5000 Game tokens for free!

All new site users that register now through the end of September will receive an instant 5000 Game Token bonus! 

Attract your friends and family to try FaucetGamers with this promo. A popular site has been promoting FaucetGamers with this offer and getting over 50 refs a day!

Referral Page
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September's Arcade Game

Don't miss out on the Arcade game competition for August!
This fun, soccer (football) game contest will start in September, and it will be one of our best! Kick some goals and win some crypto! 

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Earn to Give, Support Charity!

You all have helped to raise over $500 to charity! Our site is now featuring a new charity for the few months. This charity was suggested by one of our site members who is actively involved in raising money through it. Click below to learn more and support.

Visit Charity Page
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Pirate Game News

1. " Ghost Ships" -  these set sail earlier this month! These provide a 15% instant bonus on $40 of earning on the site + Pirate Pool Rewards. These new ships also have more Naval Power than all other ships available to purchase. Make sure to read about more details of them on our Sailing page

2. Loyalty Lighthouse and Harbor specialty items are still coming! We were distracted by other various things and had a bit of a mishap in accidentally deleting some code. Stay tuned.

3. Pirate Yearly Leaderboard / All Time Leaderboard - before the year end (hopefully at the start of October), we will have a trial mini-contest running and keeping track of the top Pirates each day and awarding them Points based on their rankings. This contest will likely have a  $50 prize pool. Starting next year in 2024, a $200 pool will be split among the top Pirates. 

Main Page Redesign! We also will be drastically changing our Home page. If you have any ideas how to modify it, please let us know. 

Promo code! Thanks for reading our newsletter! Stop in and claim our special promo code: ILOVEFAUCETGAMERS

Claim Promo Code

Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you all the best.
Reach out to us with questions or comments! 

Contact FaucetGamers' Support on freshdesk or find us on Discord! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for promo codes and news alerts!

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