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August 2023 

Words, Notes, and Offers

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"Words" from Elizabeth

You have probably heard that learning a foreign language, especially one that shares a "parent language" (such as Latin) with English, can build your vocabulary exponentially - in both languages!  Ask me about my list of almost 30 categories of cognates, from which you can easily learn hundreds of words that are almost identical in English and Spanish.

Because I love words - word games/puzzles, languages, translating, wordsmithing, etc., I subscribe to a daily email list containing an unusual English word and its definition. Recently, the word of the day was "susurrus," an unfamiliar word. Thanks to my knowledge of the Spanish word, "susurrar" (to whisper), I immediately knew that "susurrus" means "whispering, murmuring, rustling." 

Now it's your turn: Are you familiar with the word, "penultimate"? Many of my new students are not, and neither was I, until I learned the Spanish word, "penúltimo," which means "next to the last," also the definition of the English word! From high school students preparing for the SATs to senior citizens wanting to keep a sharp mind, learning Spanish can help! Click here to get started!

"Notes" from David

In 2021, a friend who knew that I wrote music asked me to compose an instrumental piece to accompany a slide show of photos from her birding excursions. My initial reaction was, "That's not something I do" - until I got an idea and started writing. The result was a piece entitled, "Consider the Birds." You can find it at Paraclete Collaborative (and Spotify, YouTube, iTunes) on the album, "Abide in Me." Can I write something for you? Please contact me here

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Need Help??

Are you a big-vision self-employed or small business owner (or do you know one) who is overwhelmed with the routine organizational details? Could you use some part-time administrative help without the added expense of staffing an in-person office? Stop trying to juggle it all yourself: contact David to discuss ways he can offer virtual assistance and collaborative help so that you can get back to the parts of your job that you truly love! One supervisor called him "...the most organized person I have ever had the pleasure of working with." 

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