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Fortnightly Newsletter - 8th December 2023

Volume 7, Issue 18

Dear parents, students, friends of Adelaide International School

Principal’s end of year message

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Dear parents, Term 4 is always the busiest term for schools, partly because it is shorter but also because it is the end of a year and where we prepare to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Australia.  Whether you are Christian or not it is impossible to escape the flurry of activity and excitement of preparing for this major festival.  We make extra efforts to visit friends, have farewell dinners and celebrate and rejoice in different successes.  Many schools have carols and plays and more widely the city of Adelaide has beautiful lights and shop displays that adds to our feelings of joy and happiness.

Our students have soaked this up by decorating our Christmas Tree and putting up decorations as well as the singing of carols as they practice for our graduation.  The end of the Term has produced a spirited atmosphere as students have had fun and games in their lessons.  They have enjoyed Tug of War, Dance, Monopoly, co-ordination and reaction games as well as participating in quizzes and listening to one another.

You may ask why am I writing about such things because school is a place of serious learning.  Of course, school is also about play and having fun and being a student and the challenge for them is that this is all in their second language and this is where the intellectual challenges have lain.  Of course, there has been a very serious side.  Our students have endured tests in every subject, submitted SATS for reporting and have undergone English Language Levelling.  They have worked immensely hard and are deserving of a little fun during this final week.  2023 has been a remarkable year for AIS and its community and I pay tribute to parents, students and staff for all that has been made possible.  We enclose some images here to showcase some of the highlights and I do invite you to go back and look through some of the earlier editions of the newsletter either sent out or on our website.

We are of course preparing behind the scenes for 2024 and I will write to you during the holidays to inform you about some of our exciting new directions.  We have made several appointments of new staff for 2024 who will bring fresh expertise and greatly expand the learning opportunities and activities that we are able to offer. 

I recently wrote to you all about uniform and booklists and I cordially remind parents that students should order their books by December 22nd by logging on to the Campion website, this ensures that your child has everything they require to commence their courses at the start of Term.  Secondly each child should be attired in the AIS Summer uniform which is also listed below.  AIS Polo Shirts and AIS hats can be ordered direct from the school and the other items from our recommended outlets.  The branded AIS uniform items will be available to order during the later part of Term 1 2024.

I wish you all a happy Summer (or Winter) holiday and may the start of 2024 bring you joy, health and stability.

Best wishes

Shaun Oakey


The Principal's Graduation Speech

Mr Chairman, Nigel Smalls, Mr Chen Director, staff, parents, guests and Adelaide International students -Good morning to you all.

It is with mixed emotions that I stand before you today.  On one hand, there is an undeniable sense of pride and accomplishment, and on the other, a tinge of sadness as we bid farewell to a group of extraordinary individuals who have achieved levels of English language sufficient to embark on new academic adventures in different schools throughout Adelaide and some leavers who will go to other states.

First and foremost, let me express my heartfelt congratulations to each and every one of our international students. Your journey with us has been nothing short of inspiring. From the moment you stepped through our doors, you faced the challenge of adapting to a new culture, a new environment, and a new language. Today, as you stand here, you are much more fluent and articulate in English, you have learned things you did not know when you arrived and many of you have embraced personal challenges and have flourished.

The mastery of a language is not just about grammar and vocabulary; it is about effective communication, understanding different perspectives, and embracing diversity. You have not only started to appreciate the intricacies of the English language but have also embraced the values of global citizenship. Your ability to communicate across cultural boundaries, to empathise with others, and to appreciate the richness of diversity is a testament to your growth during your time here and of course you will now go on to your destination schools to further develop these skills and to enrich their communities.

As you prepare to leave our school and move on to new schools, I want to emphasise the importance of the skills you have acquired. The ability to communicate effectively in English is a powerful tool that will open doors for you, no matter where your journey takes you. It is a skill that transcends borders and connects people from different walks of life.

I also want to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our teachers and support staff who have played a crucial role in your language development. Their commitment to providing a nurturing and challenging environment has undoubtedly contributed to your success.  I know we will all miss the energy of the primary students, the corridor high 5’s, your excitement in learning new words and practising them with determination and sometimes with a hint of mischief.  Our Middle Year students who have developed so much confidence in performing and even MC-ing assemblies.  The SACE connect class always eager for a conversation, your happy smiles and genuine expressive appreciation for what your teachers do for you and for the friendships you have made.  We shall greatly miss you all and we do hope that you will come back and see us.

I do also want to acknowledge the support and help of your parents, in many cases from afar.  Your accomplishments today is one of many proud moments for them and there and there will of course be many more to come.  It is a great privilege for any school to be charged with the responsibility of teaching children and it is a responsibility that we take very seriously.  We do not take it for granted and we are invested in giving levels of personalised service so that each child can grow to be the best the version of themselves.  School is not just a place where you strive to get good grades in subjects, it is a place to grow your character, where you learn values such as patience and tolerance, respect for one another and where you learn to feel wonderful just by being kind and eventually where you realise that serving others transcends serving your self.

Now, as you spread your wings and venture into new schools and new experiences, carry with you the lessons you've learned here. Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow, just as you have done during your time with us. Remember that language is not just a means of communication; it is a bridge that connects hearts and minds.

As you face the challenges and joys that lie ahead, know that you carry the spirit of AIS with you. You are not just leaving a place of learning; you are taking with you a wealth of experiences, friendships, and a foundation for a bright future.

On behalf of the entire school community, I wish you success, happiness, and fulfilment in all your future endeavours.  May your journey be filled with continued growth, meaningful connections, and the joy of discovery.

Congratulations once again, and farewell.

Thank you.


AIS had the privilege of hosting Professor Deb Green from the University of South Australia (UniSA). Her insightful presentation delved into the intricacies of Wellbeing and social media, covering essential topics that resonate with the daily lives of our students. 

Essential Insights: Professor Green's Key Takeaways 

1. Elevating Self-Esteem in the Digital Realm: 

Professor Green addressed the challenges posed by social media on self-esteem. In a world of filters and curated content, she guided our students through strategies to build positive self-perception and resilience in the face of online pressures. 

2. Guarding Against Blackmail and Online Threats: 

The digital landscape can sometimes be treacherous. Professor Green shed light on the rising incidents of online threats and provided valuable insights on how students can protect themselves from potential harm while navigating the virtual world. 

3. Mastering Information Processing: 

With the constant influx of information, processing it effectively is a crucial skill. Professor Green discussed techniques to help students sift through the digital noise, encouraging them to be discerning consumers of information. 

4. Unmasking Scams and Digital Deception: 

Cybersecurity is a growing concern. The presentation highlighted common online scams targeting students and equipped them with the knowledge to identify and thwart these digital traps. 

5. Empowering Students for Digital Resilience: 

Recognising the need for proactive measures, Professor Green concluded with practical advice on protecting oneself online. From understanding privacy settings to fostering a critical mindset, students left with actionable steps to enhance their digital resilience. 

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Professor Deb Green for sharing her expertise. As we navigate the digital landscape, let us stand united in fostering a community that is informed, resilient, and supportive. 

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Science Class

In Science, the primary children have been learning about rocks, minerals, and soil. Last week we had fun making edible soil. We used Oreo cookies for the bedrock, chocolate chips and mousse for the subsoil and topsoil and green coconut for the organic material. We even finished it off with gummy worms...yum!

In English, we have been doing lots of work around fairy tales which we look forward to sharing with you all at the Graduation Assembly. Prepare to be entertained!

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First Aid Lesson by St John's Ambulance Service

On Thursday, Helen from the St John’s Ambulance service came and spoke to us about what to do in a medical emergency and we had lots of fun putting our new knowledge into practice! Finally, we were treated to a fantastic performance of the Nativity story by the middle years class - complete with Christmas cards and treats to take away. Happy days.

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Middle years Christmas play

Middle Year Students put on a wonderful show for the Primary School Students and teachers. The Christmas story about the birth of Jesus was rehearsed hard by the students, but they also had fun at the same time. --- Joanna


Naomi- Joanna- Xiaoqiao Xu Caleb- Youlin Zheng- Narrators

Mary- Bi- (Tran Ngoc Thao Anh)

Joseph- Jacky- (Cheuk Kiu Chen)

Wise Man 1- David Houhua Qi

Wise man 2- Rick- Qirui Liao

Wise Man 3- Ruiyuan Zhuge

Angel Gabriel—Lona- Bao Ngoc Dinh

Heavenly Hosts- Nguyen Bao Anh

Caesar Augustus- Eline- Le Tu Thanh

King Herod- Janet-Qian Yang

Shepherds- Yuki- Yuqi Ling, Nhu Quynh Trinh, Ly Hung Le, Yen Nhi Tran

Inn Keepers- 1 Aoyou Yang, Yuki- Yuqi Ling

Props and costumes

Luke – Yiting Lin and Thuy Hang Bui


Mrs. Nayagam

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Our New 2024 Prospectus

Adelaide International School is proud to announce that from 2024 we shall be offering the Cambridge International pathway.  This means that students who come to us at 15/16 can take IGCSE’s and they in Year 11 and 12 they can begin a course in A-levels.  Three good A-level grades are accepted by the world’s top universities including those in Australia.  The A-level system is the gold standard of education in the UK and it is globally recognised.  Our 2024 prospectus includes more details and also includes the new details for 2024 SACE and EAP courses. 


AIS Calendar 2024

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The Adelaide International School 5 Pillars Infographic

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    The School places great emphasis on virtue ethics, this originates from classical Greece and the work of Plato and Aristotle. The idea is that through good habituation and virtue practice, young people can make wise decisions and wise choices, choices that benefit the self but importantly choices that help others. With practice an individual always makes the best choice for any given situation. Since being a global citizen lies at the heart of what we do at AIS, we want all of our students to master the five virtues (or inner strengths) of integrity, gratitude, aspiration, resilience and inclusion.

    The AIS infographic

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      The AIS infographic shows the five pillars (core virtues) in blue. These are the inner strengths that AIS nurtures in every student. Good virtue knowledge and good virtue practice equips our students with the ability to project the external skills of forming positive relationships, making ethical decisions and developing a learning culture. In this way each AIS student can flourish, and they have become the best version of themselves. They are true global citizens and fully embrace what that means.


      Best wishes


      List of our Staff




      Oakey, Shaun


      [email protected]

      Phillips, Zara

      Director of T&L & SACE Coordinator

      [email protected]

      Rosie, Broderick

      AISA Business Development Manager

      [email protected]

      Huang, Maliza

      EAP&EPET Teacher

      [email protected]

      Liu, Jing

      EAP&SACE Teacher

      [email protected]

      Nayagam, Sarah

      EAP Middle Years Teacher

      [email protected]

      Xu, Sally

      SACE Teacher

      [email protected]

      Hermann, Vincent

      Humanities Teacher

      [email protected]

      Rufino, Joel

      EAP / SACE Teacher

      [email protected]

      Wheaton, Angus

      EAP / SACE Teacher

      [email protected]

      Yeates, Clare

      Primary Teacher

      [email protected]

      Wu, Mia

      Primary Teacher

      [email protected]

      Chan, Tom

      ICT Support (Intern)

      [email protected]

      Gao, Grace

      Education Support officer

      [email protected]

      Huang, Chris

      ICT Support

      [email protected]

      Karem, Sam

      ICT Developer & Analyst

      [email protected]

      Rhothjirathanin, Grin

      Digital Marketing & Communication

      [email protected]

      Sha, Lola

      ICT Support

      [email protected]

      Du, Meijia

      Student Support Officer-Level 4 –
      reception; absentees daily

      [email protected]

      So, Catherine

      Student Support Officer-Level 5
      – admissions

      [email protected]

      Sun, Leo

      IT and Facility Manager-Level 5

      [email protected]

      Zhang, Jessica

      Student Recruitment Manager

      [email protected]

      Have the best weekend. Do reach out and contact Shaun Oakey on [email protected] if you need our support.


      Yours sincerely

      Shaun Oakey, Principal AIS

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