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Culture and Media Agency Europe

As we close 2023, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the activities of CUMEDIAE. It has been a challenging year globally, but also a year with good moments, and new memories. As an organisation we remain committed to our mission to provide needed support for projects and initiatives that increase the impact of the creative industries as a way to create jobs and generate social and economic growth.

We wish for you and yours a happy holiday season and look forward to our continued journey in 2024.


Embarking on a New Melodic Journey: Composer Selection Process Completed for Project Butterfly's Next Chapter

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CUMEDIAE is pleased to announce the completion of the composer selection process for the Open Call, a milestone for Project Butterfly and the beginning of its next phase.

The artists who applied to the Open Call, which concluded at the end of September, underwent a selection process. Their proposals were initially examined for eligibility, and a selection committee reviewed the approved submissions. These steps led to the selection of two artists for Italy, two for Poland, and two for Finland.

Subsequently, the students from High School Francesco Selmi, High School no.6, and Otaniemi High School collaborated with projects' Opera partners, Teatro Comunale di Modena, Opera Bałtycka, and Opera Box, to choose the final winner for each respective country.

The winners for the Open Call are:

  • Attura Marco for Italy

  • Baczewski Beniamin for Poland

  • Korpijaakko Paavo for Finland

Congratulations to the winners of the Open Call for their outstanding achievements!

This marks an exciting step forward for Project Butterfly, and we look forward to witnessing the creative journey that lies ahead for these talented composers.

Check out for more updates here!

Discover the art of MANIFEST in the Metaverse: "A NOUS L'HISTOIRE"

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Step into the world of metaverse with XR4Heritage's recent virtual exhibition where MANIFEST artists showcased their inspiring works. Participants had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the exhibition, gaining firsthand insights into both the MANIFEST project and the artists' creations.

Beyond mere celebration, the event aimed to spotlight the significant contributions of individuals of African descent to Belgian society and address the complexities of Belgium's colonial past.

This immersive experience transcended boundaries, offering a unique presentation of artistic expressions on the Spatial platform.

Check out the link to visit the exhibition!

Aspects of Production Management: Highlights from the ECHO Academies Open Forum Series

Butterfly Open Call finalised

In a recent session of the ECHO Academies open forum, participants explored the intricate realm of production management in the cultural sector through the "5 Aspects of Production Management" series. On November 21 and 30, they engaged in dynamic discussions led by prominent figures in the field.

The first session, led by Ágnes Kovács and Judit Kőműves from Pro Progressione, offered valuable insights into career development and project-based work. The second part of the exploration on November 30, featuring Brigitta Kovács, Gergely Talló, Gergely Hamza, and Dr. Flóra Gubicz, delved into partnerships, cultural communication, and intellectual property rights.

These forums provided an enriching platform for shared knowledge and experiences, contributing to the continuous development of the cultural sector. 

Stay tuned for more highlights from our initiatives, shaping the future of cultural management.

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Lisbon Artistic Residency Recap: Experience the artistic journey of MANIFEST artists

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Dive into the vibrant world of MANIFEST artists as CUMEDIAE shares a captivating glimpse into projects' second artistic residency and an unforgettable experience in the beautiful capital of Portugal.

From exploring history to sparking creativity, witness the power of art in reshaping narratives. Discover the profound impact of art as it skillfully reshapes narratives, adding layers of depth to cultural conversations.

Follow MANIFEST on social media for the latest updates and to embark on the inspiring artistic journeys crafted by the project's talented artists!

Watch the full video here!
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