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Lisbon Artistic Residency: Unveiling Creative Expression and Cultural Exploration

Butterfly Open Call finalised

The MANIFEST project embarked on an immersive journey during the Lisbon Artistic Residency, a vibrant experience designed to foster creativity and collaboration. Artists convened in Lisbon, engaging in an intensive period of creation and mutual collaboration. The residency culminated in a dynamic showcase, graced by the MANIFEST artists. It's been an incredible adventure filled with creativity, camaraderie, and a range of engaging activities.

CUMEDIAE's Chairman and CEO, Ignasi Guardans, together with Stefanie Thomas, Director of Strategy and Projects, and Constantin van Grevenstein, Projects and Communications Manager, actively participated in select activities during the Lisbon Artistic Residency underscoring CUMEDIAE's commitment to the MANIFEST project.

The Residency, complemented by engaging tours and activities, provided a fertile ground for creative expression and cultural exploration, amplifying the voices of these talented artists. 

We are eager to share more about this enriching journey and the upcoming updates of project MANIFEST.

Check out the updates!

Round-Table Highlights at Lisbon Artistic Residency: Redefining Europe's Collective Memory

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CUMEDIAE’s Director of Strategy and Projects, Stefanie Thomas took part in the recent  round-table discussion at the MANIFEST Lisbon Artistic Residency.

Organized by Les Anneaux de la Memoire and chaired by Dr. Vânia Gala, the artistic anchor of the MANIFEST project, and Patricia Beauchamp Afadé, an insightful discussion took place in the beautiful capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

The aim of the discussion was to explore various approaches to integrate art into the remembrance of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people and colonial enslavement, fostering a change in historical perspectives.

Renowned experts, including Barbara Chiron, Alissandra Cummins, Evalina Dias, Alan Rice, and Ibrahima Seck, shared their perspectives, offering a diverse and enriching dialogue. This round-table discussion has inspired our artists in their preparations to showcase their artworks. 

Stay informed about the latest updates for MANIFEST artists and their forthcoming creative expressions!

All updates here!

Fostering Creativity and Sustainability: Project Butterfly's Educational Collaboration in Italy, Poland, and Finland

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Interactive sessions with artists

CUMEDIAE is pleased to announce Project Butterfly recently achieved a significant milestone, engaging students in Italy, Poland, and Finland as part of the 'Sustainability and Opera Workshops in School' phase. 

The meeting with the students from High School No. 6 in Gdańsk introduced students to the project's objectives and the central theme of water, setting the stage for an exciting creative journey. Meanwhile, in Modena, the collaboration with an Italian school in Modena emphasizes a sustainable opera creation alongside students.

The project's multi-country collaboration is bolstered by support from key agencies, fostering art and sustainability. These interactions sparked the creative journeys of students at Project Butterfly.

Stay tuned for the unfolding creativity of these enthusiastic students as they embark on this exciting project!

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Discoverability & AI: Exploring European Creations

We're excited to announce the participation of CUMEDIAE's Chairman and CEO, Ignasi Guardans, as the moderator for an upcoming prestigious conference at the European Parliament. The conferance, hosted by ECCD, will center on the pressing topic of discoverability and AI within the EU's legislative landscape.

Scheduled on November 8th from 16:30 to 18:30, the event will be a hybrid format, allowing participation both in-person at the European Parliament and online. The engaging program includes keynote speeches, insightful presentations by esteemed panelists, and a moderated debate, offering a platform for meaningful exchanges among experts and the audience.

Ignasi Guardans, PhD, and former MEP, will guide and moderate this influential discussion, ensuring a robust framework for exploration and dialogue. Notable panellists and sponsoring Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will share their expertise and insights on the legislation, further driving discussions on discoverability and AI within the EU law.

Be sure to check out the link below for the live-stream of the conference.

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