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Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.
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Image description

Of late, that has been a slight uptick in our readership by PBM GMs. If you're one of the PBM GMs out there that reads PBM Chaos, or whether you just browse it but do not consume it all, know that PBM Chaos and myself appreciates you taking the time to read, browse, and/or participate. Feel free to write in. You are free to disagree or to disagree with anything that gets published in issues of PBM Chaos. I do realize that time is always in short supply, and that you always have other things to do, but even still, your patronage and participation is truly appreciated!

Indeed, the surest way to ensure that your PBM game(s) receive more coverage in issues of PBM Chaos is likely via communicating with me. That, alone, serves as a reminder of sorts to me to incorporate your PBM games into the pages herein. Also, if PBM GMs would send me a list of any position openings in their games, I could try and list them in PBM Chaos, in an attempt to try and help get them filled faster.

Also be sure to encourage your PBM players to write in to PBM Chaos, with their insight and experiences with playing your company's PBM games. Our readership tends to enjoy hearing what other PBM games are like, through the eyes of your players. It's free space, if any of your players out there would be willing to do you the courtesy of writing in.

And to one and all, thank you for subscribing to and reading PBM Chaos!

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Warlords, Rarity, and the True Meaning of Words

Charles Mosteller

Warlords, the highest level, are somewhat rare in Alamaze. Warlords have special abilities that activate in certain circumstances that is beneficial to the group. Warlords may detect the presence of an invisible or ambushing group, but not fully identify the composition of the hidden group. Warlords also may prevent the effects of certain spells such as Chaos (causes confusion during battle and prevents groups from effectively withdrawing resulting in receiving greater damage). Warlords are similar in heroic stature to an Alexander, Achilles, or another figure of historic legend.

- Alamaze 4th Cycle Rulebook

Page #78

In my first-hand experience of playing Alamaze non-stop over the last several months, I have come to the conclusion that warlords are anything but rare, in Alamaze. Indeed, encountering warlords in Alamaze is an exceedingly common thing. There was one Alexander the Great in history, and there was one Achilles in mythology. Yes, there have been many great military leaders, both in real history and in mythology, but even the vast majority of them do not approach Achilles or Alexander the Great in stature or reputation. How anyone figures that warlords are "somewhat rare" in Alamaze is beyond me. For the Alamaze rulebook to declare that warlords are "somewhat rare" is to strain credulity.

Below, please take note of how I managed to encounter no less than five enemy warlords in one game (Game 5703) over the span of just three battles in two turns (Turns 22 and 23).

Image description
Image description
Image description

Somewhat rare, indeed! In just one battle in just one turn, my forces faced off against no less than three different warlords, simultaneously. The concept of rarity is stood on its head, when warlords are so commonplace that they're making regular appearances in battles all across Alamaze.

Here's a couple of my own warlords in another game of Alamaze, where I play the Dwarves in Game 5663.

Image description

You tell me, what should I think about such? Just turn a blind eye, and pretend like the phrase "somewhat rare" actually means commonplace or frequent? If the most military leaders that you can have in one military group is three, and all three of them turn out to be warlords, what's actually rare about that kind of an occurrence?

How many warlords can there be in a game of Alamaze? I'm not aware that there's any actual upper limit, as far as a hard number goes. Thus far, in Alamaze Game 5693, there have been twenty-six warlords to appear in that one game of Alamaze through the thirty-five turns that have been played in that one game of Alamaze, thus far - and that game is still going.

Historically, every kingdom or every country did not have a true equivalent of Alexander the Great - yet in Alamaze, every kingdom can not only have an icon of heroic stature of that magnitude, all kingdoms can have multiple ones, simultaneously.

And for those who think that I should read the Alamaze rulebook, but that I never do, then how is it that I manage to find crap like this all on my own?

Perhaps rulebook evangelists who go around insisting that people should "read the rulebook" would be well-served to read the rulebook more, themselves. Has Alamaze always been plagued with such a proliferation of warlords run amok?

Warlords in Game 5693 by Turn Number

Turn 5

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

Turn 7

A warlord has emerged in the Deathknights kingdom.

Turn 8

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

Turn 9

A warlord has emerged in the Forgotten kingdom.

Turn 11

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

Turn 12

A warlord has emerged in the Lycans kingdom.

Turn 13

A warlord has emerged in the Amazons kingdom.

A warlord has emerged in the Amazons kingdom.

Turn 14

A warlord has emerged in the Forgotten kingdom.

Turn 17

A warlord has emerged in the Forgotten kingdom.

A warlord has emerged in the Sacred Order kingdom.

Turn 18

A warlord has emerged in the Halfling kingdom.

Turn 20

A warlord has emerged in the Free Traders kingdom.

Turn 21

A warlord has emerged in the Lycans kingdom.

Turn 22

A warlord has emerged in the Lycans kingdom.

Turn 25

A warlord has emerged in the Free Traders kingdom.

Turn 26

A warlord has emerged in the Amazons kingdom.

Turn 27

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

Turn 30

A warlord has emerged in the Free Traders kingdom.

A warlord has emerged in the Lycans kingdom.

Turn 31

A warlord has emerged in the Sacred Order kingdom.

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

Turn 32

A warlord has emerged in the Free Traders kingdom.

A warlord has emerged in the Elementalist kingdom.

Turn 33

A warlord has emerged in the Sacred Order kingdom.

Turn 34

A warlord has emerged in the Giants kingdom.

TOTAL WARLORDS SO FAR = 26 (and counting)

26 Achilles? 26 Alexander the Greats?

Alamaze image ad for Old Man Games, LLC

Game 5703: Minions of Hell Undaunted!

Just as this issue of PBM Chaos was really taking form and almost finished, fresh turn results dropped into my e-mail in-box, and it appears that the struggle between the Demon Princes and the nasty, stinky Giants and their no-good allies, the Red Dragon, goes on.

Everybody that knows anything about Alamaze should already know, by now, that I pretty much suck at the game. Yet, be that as it may, these two hayseeds still haven't managed to put me away, despite this game having seen twenty-four turns come and go. What's going on here, fellas?

Militarily, both Alexicles (the Red Dragon player) and Glowamane (the Giants player) have already trounced me in this game. Oh, for sure, I definitely understand much more about the military end of Alamaze than I did even a few weeks back.

But it's gonna take a lot more than what I already know to elevate my game play in Alamaze to the competitive level. Fortunately, I'm playing the Demon Princes in Game 5703, and with my Demon Prince characters, alone, I am still managing to hang in there and give this unholy alliance a run for the Alamaze money.

Of course, from their respective perspectives as experienced Alamaze goons players, my kingdom may seem little more than a mere inconvenient nuisance. Be that as it may, I still continue to hold my head high in this one, their perspectives be damned!

This turn, my kingdom lost a town and two villages to these accursed enemies. The flip side of that coin, though, is that my kingdom also gained control of three towns, this turn, so they can both just keep on drinking their own diluted, polluted Kool-Aid, as far as I'm concerned.

What's up with the Alchemists trading a shit ton of food to the Giants, though? Why not help their gargantuan tummies to starve, instead? But hey, whatever happened to that supposed 4-player alliance that was arrayed against the Giants? The Gnomes are gone, and the Alchemists are openly selling food to the Giants, but aren't the Alchemists supposed to be a part of the 4-Player alliance that never was?

But wait - there's more!

Johnny "Firestarter" Mulholland, aka Brekk Forum Burner, has surrendered his Lizard kingdom in Game 5703. Truly, it's a sad day when the new owner of Alamaze makes haste to abandon his kingdom in a game of Alamaze. Now, he must pay the price of this public grilling, as I roast his high-tailing Lizards over an open verbal pit. Anyone up for a piece of roasted reptile?

Oh, I'm not done, yet. Not by a long shot!

Yet another kingdom has surrendered, this turn, and this time, it's none other than the infamous DuPont. Was his kingdom beaten to a pulp? Or did he simply not bother to create a sanctuary to carry the war(s) on from?

DuPont may well be the top Alamaze ace, for all that I know. He's indisputably one of Alamaze's most well-versed veterans of countless wars in and across the realms and epochs of Alamaze. So, what truly happened, I wonder?

Probably that damned old Wookie Panz who is playing the DeathKnights in this one. Or was it the Free Traders who are helmed by player Zarashand that dealt the final blow to DuPont and his once-mighty Black Dragons?

Step back, Billy Jack! Hell and its four Demon Princes ain't going nowhere, anytime soon, if I have anything at all to say about it. If it weren't for the Red Dragon butting in to save him, the Giants' player would already be on the ropes, most likely. Of course, that's just an opinion, but right at the moment, it's an opinion that I hold most strongly.

All of a sudden, the Dwarves declared the Demon Princes to be allies, this turn. Talk about a hell of a turn, pardon the pun. What's going on, here? Is this a mere ruse to try and beguile the Dwarves' Druid enemy into becoming distracted, and turning against my kingdom? Or is it just a brazen plea for help, aided by a wee bit of Dwarven psychological manipulation?

But what should I do, in light of this recent development? The Druid kingdom appeared to be almost out of it, not so very long ago. The Dwarves had made great inroads into the Druid region of the Sword Coast. What in the hell happened?

The Dwarven kingdom in this game is played by player Milo007, and his Druid adversary is played by none other than Jon Deaux. At the moment, in this contest of war between these two experienced Alamaze veterans, the Dwarves appear to be coming up short (pun intended).

With both Red Dragon and Giant armies roaming over the region of Mythgar, I have my hands full, already. Perhaps Jon Deaux has grown tired of that new game that he was preoccupied with, in recent weeks, much to the Dwarves' chagrin.

Since two other kingdoms surrendered and departed the game, this turn, should I follow suit, I wonder? Hey, isn't what's good for the geese also good for this hellacious gander? That would really toss a monkey wrench into things, I thing. It would also likely let the fat Giants roll their way across the map, hand-in-wing with their Red Dragon lackey.

Uh oh! Looks like the Giants have finally taken over the region of Nyvaria. Oh, dead, whatever will I do, now? Should I quake in morbid fear from these obese Giants stomping all over the place? Oh, to be certain, I'm not entirely oblivious to what's going on over in that neck of the woods of the map.

The regions of Zanthia and Zamora are now uncontrolled. The ancient Lizards' departure from this epoch assured the collapse of their reign over Zamora, whereas the Dwarves continue in their fray against the come-from-behind Great Druid kingdom, but they control Zanthia no longer. Verily, is the Doom of Dwarvendom now close at hand?

Clearly, superior knowledge of the wisdom that the Alamaze rulebook contains does not guarantee a spine nor an iron will and unquenchable resolve to  stay in the game for the full Monty. In true fairness, DuPont is likely overwhelmed with real life, and Brekk probably got busy smoking one of his fancy peace pipes (or whatever the heck kind of pipes that they are). Or could this just be the latest in the Lizards' long line of trick, and will they soon be back with a vengeance?

Dare to stay tuned for the continuing saga of the Demon Princes of Alamaze epoch 5703 in future issues of PBM Chaos. If you're a participant in this game, feel free to write in and set the record straight. That's if you have time to spare, that is. Hell's buffet of suffering remains open 24/7 for those Giants and their Red Dragon ally. All you can eat!

Middle-earth PBM image ad for Middle-earth Games

From Our PBM Chaos Readers


In your recent newsletter, you asked of MEPBM 'isn't there one module where I wouldn't have to play as part of a team?'

Well, yes, Champions of Middle-earth is our two player (1 vs 1) game, which you would be welcome to join:https://www.middleearthgames.com/games-starting/cme/


John Davis,

Thank you for the invitation to try Champions of Middle-earth, a module of Middle-earth PBM. Actually, I was already aware of the existence of a module for MEPBM where I would not have to play as a member of a team

Taking a closer look at that MEPBM module, I see that it comes in two-player and four-player variants. I am curious, though, why there's not variant where the typical full range of players is available, such as for the 1650 and 2950 - which is what, 25 players? The amount of players in other modules are, I would think, a major draw and attraction of those modules.

As I sit here at 1:02AM browsing the Champions of Middle-earth module, I take note of the fact that this PDF booklet is only 36 pages long, and only 31 of those 36 pages form the real meat of the module's information (not counting 2 pages of disclaimers, the front cover, the credits page, and the Table of Contents.). So, there's not a ton of stuff that one has to wade through, where this particular MEPBM module is concerned.

I did take note, John, that on Page #5 of the module under the Processing section, it says that Champions of Middle-earth games will run as soon as all players have submitted orders. That strikes me as similar to how the Ready Button works for games of Alamaze, though without having to click a Ready Button. One downside, it seems, that the Champions of Middle-earth module does not allow for a revised set of turn orders to be issued, once a player submits their turn orders.

Again, I do thank you for the invitation to give the Champions of Middle-earth module a try. I'll consider it, though time always seems to be at a premium. Plus, it's been a few decades, since I last tried my hand at any module of Middle-earth PBM (the 1650 module back when Game Systems, Inc. ran the game, back before Middle-earth Games came into existence). Thus, it would also entail me brushing up on the underlying Middle-earth PBM rules, and that rulebook is 342 pages long, isn't it? That's no five minute read, and reading rulebooks for games isn't exactly one of my favorite pastimes.

Still, J.R.R. Tolkien's setting of Middle-earth always holds a certain appeal. I love the setting, and I love the flavor that the well known characters of Lord of the Rings lore brings to the games that you fellows over at Middle-earth Games run and offer for play to the general gaming public.

From browsing your company's website, tonight, I also took note of the fact that there's a leaderboard for the Champions of Middle-earth. Leaderboards are not usually a big draw for me, personally, but I did take note of the fact that you, yourself, have one win recorded for the Champions of Middle-earth module, John. Congratulations! Notably and curiously, Clint Oldridge does not seem to have managed to match this feat of yours with this particular module. Why is that? Perhaps you're the better Middle-earth player, of the two of you?

And for the curious, anyone out there reading this can find an array of materials for the various different modules and variants of Middle-earth PBM by clicking here. Thus, go forth and check out what all that the folks at Middle-earth Games have to offer, to whet your PBM gaming appetite!

There is also a MEPBM Wiki and a MEPBM Discord, for those who want to explore Middle-earth PBM and its community of players further.

A Glimpse at the MEPBM Discord



3423 felt like a meat-grinder. To be honest, I thought it was a distraction for FP..... but all is well that ends well.... so I was happy to be proven wrong!


I felt that you guys would just curse whoever had the Ring, but the DragonLord player seemed fairly certain that it made you immune to SM spells. Would have been interesting to test for sure!


In a hole in the ground, there lived one.
The answer could be:


I recently had a battle in a game (can’t say much more, but I’m in 5

games atm so I feel that’s enough cover) where my paltry force fought

against a superior foe, with both of our armies destroyed after the 1st

round of combat. NPC power added enough strength to my army to eliminate

the enemy army. Get this: my battle report said my army was defeated in

a matter of mere hours, but my army commander took no wounds, while the

supposedly victorious army commander took serious wounds. Normally, the

winning army commander suffers no wounds. My conclusion (not

definitive!) is that in cases of mutual destruction, the army with the

initial higher strength (including from NPC bonus) wins the battle,

which can lead to the enemy army commander being injured, captured, or


A Glimpse at the SuperNova Discord



Found another two DMX fleets. Neither had battleships

Both look manageable

My asteroid colony CSV said high. Dropped 200 colonists, built 2 domed city and 2 fluid conversion plants. Got 1 net growth

Very happy with that.


Once you get subterranean cities and perhaps terraforming stations you may get ideal conditions.

Edmund Hack

I've made a bunch of progress on my program to read in text versions of Draco turns and put out csv files of the GEO, CSV, and PMAP scans.

GEO works really well. I extended PMAP processing to also add the microorganism/pollution/radiation data. The CSV processor gets the attrition data only. I have some ideas on how to add the attrition cause information to it, but only in a primitive form.

SuperNova is an interactive game of galatic conquest, colonization and exploration. As a player, you choose your own objectives, interact with players from around the world and control your own destiny. You will construct mighty warfleets, colonize entire worlds and explore the galaxy in search of the unknown. You'll encounter a playing area of incredible diversity and flexibility with a complete space fantasy environment featuring detailed planets, diverse lifeforms and numerous unknown elements just waiting to be discovered.

The gaming area for SuperNova is vast with literally thousands of star systems waiting to be explored, developed and/or fought over. Your species, which you design, has finally consolidated into a single world government and has developed the minimum technology to begin reaching out to the stars. You'll have a hand in every aspect of your fledgling empire's development. Set research priorities, design the ships your people will use, plan and direct industrial operations...colonization...exploration efforts and, of course, military operations. The future greatness of your people is at stake and will be determined by your actions.

Duel2 image ad for Reality Simulations, Inc. (RSI)
A Glimpse at the Duel2 Forum

One Armed Bandit


It seems there is no thread for this tourney yet, so I thought I'd make one.

- The tourney is taking place on Saturday, October 28

- Strategies are due on Wednesday, October 25, although they usually accept them for a few days after up until they start running the tournament.

- The prize for all living TCs is one potion of Resurrection, Immortality, or Rejuvenation; living TVs get priority challenging in the arena.

- The prize for all dead TCs is resurrection plus immortality on themselves, while all dead TVs are resurrected.

- There will be stylemaster awards in all tourney classes for the nine styles that don't TC, and the prize for that is 1 ZAP potion, which can be used to re-roll a part of the favorites, a skill bonus, damage, or handedness (and possibly endurance now too).

Time to get those strategies in if you haven't already!

Good luck to everyone in the tourney.

One Armed Bandit


Some other useful items to know:
- arenas with due dates of Thursday October 26 and earlier run BEFORE the tourney.
- arenas with due dates of Friday October 27 and later run AFTER the tourney.
- there is no longer a basic freeze; warriors fight in classes based on their FE on the day of the tourney.


The Consortium

Wed Sep 27, 2023

16-10-13-21-9-8-7 BA

norm endu, great dmg +4 Attack

bumped ST to 17


13-10-0 arena, 1 DM title: 24-21-1 tournaments

skill learn = 1,77 (sorta poor)

Masters Init, Attack, Decise; Experts Riposte, Parry

I = 12 + 18

R = 6 + 11

A = 9 + 18

P = (-1) + 19

F = 2 + 11

D = 9 + 20

weapon results:

WH = 50/176/17 1 kill

ML = 22/126/22

FAVES: MA, High/Low, Learns Init


Hi all-

New player here. Found Duel 2 after going down a wikipedia rabbit hole and wound up reading the history of play by mail games. It sounded fascinating and I'm excited to start playing one.

Already ordered my set up, read through the content here and at the terrablood/assur sites and started filling out my rollup sheet.

Outside of character creation, is there anything I should know before sending in my sheet? I saw somewhere that Arena 93 is for new players, but I don't know if some of the information is out of date or if some of the arenas are inactive now. I'm fine with being assigned a random arena.


Takamo image ad

From The Play By Mail Facebook Page

Regarding a PBM Roll of Honor from 1987 in Computer Gamer magazine

Richard Lockwood

Oh yes. I was at the con. Æs swept the board (given that Sloth / Saturnalia were bound to get a load of firsts, due to weight of numbers).

Dave Cooksey

Loved AEs, cracking game.

Stefan Graf

Are there any remnants of AES? Website? Rulebook?… or from one of the other mentioned games?

Edmund Hack

A UK magazine, iirc.

Leslie Ian Jones

I played World of Vengeance, Earthwood, Delenda est Carthago (met the wife playing that).

Stephen Suddell

Recognise and still agree with a lot of this. But, there seems to be something wrong with the best player list!

Visit the Play By Mail Facebook page

Regarding Arena Combat by Schubel & Son

Raven Zachary

I played it as a kid and also had turns run at Gencon 1987. Long pages of dodges, parries, blows, and wounds until there was a victor. Not my type of game anymore. Those that are into this can play Duel 2 now.

Regarding The Next Empire by Cyborg Games

Steve Tierney

He was ahead of the game with his printouts, for sure.

Reactions to an old Warlords PBM ad

Tristin Grizel Dean

Looks titillating!

Shawn Michael Dunn


Josh Moore

Clearly the sexy woman angle made guys wait by the mailbox in anticipation of their next move…

Jason Torpy

I think that brutal depiction of a woman warrior can be lost to history.

TribeNet image ad

A Glimpse at the TribeNet Discord

0112 scion


Love the reboot. I haven't felt so engaged with TN for eons. There's something cleansing about being primitive.

Jbobz (140)

Peter takes pleasure in watching us suffer?


With regard to Garrisons and activities, they can perform all activities, but are not supposed to do Engineering or Shipbuilding. There was at least one edge case where Peter allowed it, but that was the Caretaker at King Kelvin's Sacred Tomb.

As for a garrison moving, they can do it, but they are only supposed to do it by following a fleet.

I think both of these will be fixed sometime soonish.

Dave B. (102 Nexus)

Garrisons were not supposed to do Engineering that required GM intervention, so it was ok for auto-code stuff like building walls and structures. Arguably so in the case of building a meeting house, as that required naming in GM actions.They also had weird rules about scouting. I suspect that they will be allowed to do everything but move in future.

Kingsley (456)

Hey guys you can mine Sulphur at a Volcano hex.

anakok (113 Aged Ones)


I seem to recall that one of the VVV members (225?) went by the name "Naughty Gourmands" so the death, death, death theme makes sense...


I see these ⁠mapping posts about the best way to utilize the 8 scout groups, and just have to chuckle...ain't no one getting 40+ hexes mapped this far NW.
Not with 8 scout groups, not with 18 scout groups.

I am sending my 8 groups out in a typical spider pattern. I have no allusions.

Darkmage 163

@TribeNet Are garrisons still limited in actions to Defense, Suppression, Security, Hunting, Herding, Fishing and one other Activity (That's doesn't require GM intervention). The important thing here seems “one other activity” which would be scouting, or engineering, or mining etc. But generally anything that doesn’t require GM intervention.

Magnus (0275)

The "weird scouting rules" are also a throwback to the pre-auto turnsheet days. I was scouting from a Garrison without any issues for the last 20 turns or so of the last iteration. I had 5 named Garrisons last game and as far as I was concerned the only things I couldn't do was shipbuilding and GM assisted Engineering. Everything else worked the same as any other settlement. Including the dodgy farming.

Image ad for Sword and Crown
Image ad for PBMville: Wild West Shootout

PBMville Characters & Locations

The Living

Sheriff “Wild Bill” Hickok

Player: NPC

Health: GOOD

Last Location = Entering PBMville.

Assignment Last Turn: Gives warning to clear the streets! Stayed in same location.

Current Location: 30

NOTE: Sheriff "Wild Bill" Hickok gets two order slots per turn.

Sharpshooter Archibald Tyrrell

Player: Darrell Lias

Health: GOOD

Last Location = Entering PBMville

Assignment Last Turn: NONE

Current Location: 5

A bit of an oddball looking fellow, Archibald Tyrrell served several years aboard a British frigate as a Royal Marine, earning a reputation as a sharpshooter. Of course, he also earned another reputation - as a slobbering drunk with a big mouth. Not one to back down from a fight, Sharpshooter Archibald Tyrrell has been lucky, thus far, to only carry the price for such with an assortment of scars, and a few broken bones, most of which healed properly.

How on Earth he ended up in the American Wild West isn't exactly known, seeing as how Archibald went on a drinking binge that lasted at least a few months. His memory of that time frame is spotty, at best. It's a good thing, too, seeing as he turned out to be a deserter.

Average Joe Smith

Player: William Caddell

Health: GOOD

Last Location = 21

Assignment Last Turn: Just standing around picking his ass (Missed the turn!).

Current Location: 21

Angry August Ryan

Player: Barry Robertson

Health: DEAD


Last Location = Entering PBMville

Assignment Last Turn: SHOOT at Fastdraw Kid Sammy Hill in 19.

Current Location: 18

People Killed: 1

Not wanting to mess around, Angry August Ryan reaches for gun, his fingers tingling as they reached around the hand grip on the revolver. He took a quick aim, and let a bullet fly. It struck its target! In through the chest, and out the back of Fastdraw Kid Sammy Hill. It was the end of the line for that outlaw. Good riddance!

Deputy Farkus Gurdeen

Player: NPC

Health: GOOD

Last Location = 23

Assignment Last Turn: Gives warning to clear the streets! Stayed in same location.

Current Location: 23

NOTE: Deputy Farkus Gurdeen gets one order slot per turn.

Big Bad Black Bob

Player: Indie Spin

Health: GOOD

Last Location = 2

Assignment Last Turn: MOVE to 3.

Current Location: 3

Deputy Winslow Kinkaid

Player: NPC

Health: GOOD

Last Location = 1

Assignment Last Turn: MOVE to 13.

Current Location: 13

NOTE: Deputy Winslow Kinkaid gets one order slot per turn.

Dan "The Loner" Hughes

Player: Stefan Graf

Health: DEAD

Last Location = 8

Assignment Last Turn: SHOOT at Rowdy Slim McGraw in 22.

Current Location: 8

It was a good day to send a man to an early grave was his thought, as he stared at the man that he aimed to shoot. Fuck that son of a bitch, Rowdy Slim McGraw! Eat lead, brother! It turns out, though, that Rowdy Slim had the same idea, only his aim was the truer of the two. It turns out that Dan was right. Looks like a man went to an early grave, after all - only he ended up being that man.


Fastdraw Kid Sammy Hill



Player: Alex Sahm

Health: DEAD

Last Location = 19

Assignment Last Turn: SHOOT at Angry August Ryan in 18.

Current Location: 19

People Killed: 1

The streets of PBMville seemed to be teeming with people with itchy trigger fingers. Already wounded, the Fastdraw Kid couldn't risk taking another gunshot wound. Aim, fire, and pull that trigger! BAM! The bullet strikes home, but it only wounds Angry August Ryan, making him all the more angry, as he glared back at Sammy Hill while holding his now-injured arm.


Mississippi Jane Deadshot

Player: Richard Lockwood



Health: GOOD

Last Location = 25

Assignment Last Turn: MOVE to 24.

Current Location: 24

People Killed: 1


Rowdy Slim McGraw



Casey Link


Last Location = 22

Assignment Last Turn: ShOOt at Dan "The Loner" Hughes in 8.

Current Location: 22

People Killed: 2

That no good Dan "The Loner" Hughes clearly had a death wish, and Rowdy Slim McGraw was a wounded critter - but a wounded critter with a gun and plenty of ammunition. The bastard was aiming at him. He had to act quickly, if he was to have any chance, at all. He did. Lead flew, and it found a target, and Dan "The Longer" Hughes was soon found with a mouth full of dirt, and a grave with his name on it.


Brendan "The Dirge" Weir



Player: Brendan Weir

Health: GOOD

Last Location = 14

Assignment Last Turn: SHOOT at Angry August Ryan in 18.

Current Location: 14

People Killed: 1

Possession: Ace of Spades [1 Use Only] [Averts Death]

The Dirge kept his wits about him, as lead began to fly all about the streets of PBMville. Brendan didn't recognize who his target was, only that he was a target. It turned out to be Angry August Ryan. But luck and good fortune were with Brendan "The Dirge" Weir, this day, and somebody else's bullet struck his target, first, leaving The Dirge with an easier shot. POW! A hit, one that turned out to be a mortal wound for Angry August Ryan.

Boot Hill Cemetery
The Dead


Makes Widows Smile

Makes Widows Smile

Was shot with a gun

He'll be dead fer a while

No more drinkin' nor fun

Killed in Issue #16



Wild Willey Gunn
Was shot in the back
Wasn't no fun
A wallop it packed

Killed in Issue #15

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Just a friendly reminder that PBMville can be a very deadly place. Gunfights are inherently dangerous activities to participate in. Fleeing can get you branded a coward, though.
Just because you're new to town don't mean that you can't die. You most certainly can. Be careful!

But send me some business, if you will.


Ringo "Fifty Two" Fry

Here lies Ringo Fry

A stone marks his grave

That ain't no lie

Never learned to behave

Killed in Issue #16

The Undertaker Says

Characters live
And characters die
Dying ain't losing
You can have another try
Just send in an e-mail
And name a new one
They might even make it
It might even be fun

How are you enjoying PBMville so far?

One thing that I've noticed about PBMville: Wild West Shootout, thus far, is that when characters die, their players tend to get all quiet. Just because characters die (and they will die, it's a central part of the game) does not mean that players have to quit playing.

New characters enter the game regularly, as you can already plainly see. Just start a new character. There are even NPC (non-player-characters) than can be turned over to players, in some instances. Currently, there are two deputies roaming the streets of PBMville. These can be converted to player-controlled characters - but only if your character has already died.

Be sure to send your turn orders for your characters in for processing. Issues of PBM Chaos do not stop the printing presses, just because you fail to send your turn orders in (for any reason, at all). Excuses won't get your turn orders processed. Excuses may well get your character killed! Because once they enter the streets of PBMville, they automatically become fair game. So help me to help you, by issuing turn orders for your characters in a very timely manner. If you only have one turn order to issue to just one character, and your choices are SHOOT or MOVE, that really should not take several days (or more) to figure out what you want your character to do.

High Noon is High Nooe, and the sun don't stop crawling across the PBM sky for any man, woman, or creature. And every issue of PBM Chaos is High Noon for the characters that roam the streets of PBMville with murder and mayhem in their hearts, for their turn orders are due ahead of the shootouts that inevitably come.

              Events & Notices

               PBMville Town Notice

One thing that all players should take notice of is that law enforcement is authorized to ARREST or KILL those criminals who go about shooting up the town. If your character ends its turn within one space of a law enforcement official, they can now MOVE AND ARREST in the same turn. So, think ahead, if you aim to outwit them!

                               PBMville Town Notice

Rumor has it that a doctor is coming to town. If you're wounded, then you're in luck - provided that you live long enough for him to check you out! Be sure to keep on the look out for his arrival in town over the next few turns.

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