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Burning News

Amber Burn Cosmic Freedom

We embraced new experiences and the whole universe within each of us

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, building Corner Camp, photo by Anatolii Ivankov

As the cold winter arrives and the summer is long gone, we are feeling nostalgic, remembering the magic and beauty it brought us. No doubt it was Amber Burn, a truly fascinating temporal city, a space that united and gathered the burner family once more in celebration of co-creation.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, Pievaya, photo by Gytis

The Cosmo Rocket driving exam upon arrival made sure everyone entered the gathering feeling galactic. The parades brought fire and connection to us all. We took it upon ourselves to experience the cosmic Bang Bang upside down and later just hang in the Cosmic Egg watching the primordial world and inner fire reignite. And then we danced and laughed at The Colours of Freedom. Cosmic rituals performed at Cuddle Puddle deepened our spiritual insight about this world. Do you remember how both snakes shed their skin? No one could escape it but to transform and let go, thanks to their transitional energy. 

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, burning Transition, photo by MayYouSee

All voyagers traveling through the galaxy got enough fuel as long as the gas station at Corner Camp was open, which was an inviting space for all to meet and share experiences. The program was full of activities, and the activities were full of us, the participators. New ideas were coming to life every day, like, for example, the intergalactic post service at the Colours of Freedom. Wonderful tea was served at Tea2Bar. A Drop unfolded into a transcendental water lotus and ignited flames in the water. The gigantic Obelisk released its power into outer space. While engaging through and within the WarmWhole we had to consider choices and freedom. Oh, and did your Ego take a trip? Some freaked out a little bit, but then accepted the hidden emotions of Hopelessness, Fear and Revulsion. It was magical to bid farewell and burn them down. And finally, the countdown began, and the rocket was launched. It carried us to Cosmic Freedom.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023, The Rocket, captured by Gytis

All that and so much more. Each year we all put an enormous amount of energy to make AB happen and put a lot of work into preparing the AB report where we all could see - how did it go this year. AB23 report is already announced. Check it out in the link below.

The Report AB23

Amber Burn 2024

Excited about next year!

Getting curious and inspired about how you could be a part of next year's Amber Burn? Join the production team and involve yourself in the unforgettable (definitely not an easy) journey of planning the burn. Fill out the form below.

The Form
Image description

Amber Burn 2023, photo by MayYouSee

Let´s start from the start. Heart beats in excitement!

Come to the first AB'24 meeting on November 14 at 19:00. Location Geležinkelių muziejus.

Amber Burn 2024

Leave No Trace

Amber Burn City is our temporary home

This year, the location was well kept, and most of the participants made sure the area remained clean during and after the gathering. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that MOOP (Matter Out of Place) that does not belong, no matter how small, has to be collected. We all make every effort to collect it or organize a group of people to help clean it and dispose of it in our personal trash bags. If it was a personal item, it was brought to Lost & Found. If you still miss some items from AB23, contact us within a week, or they will be lost forever in the void.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023 MOOP

Despite our shared efforts, there was still some trash found after the event: forgotten items in the area around the hot tub, loose glitter, candle wax, pieces of turf and carpets, etc. Moopy items don’t belong in the city in the first place. How can each of us ensure that we Leave No Trace?

Image description

Amber Burn 2023 MOOP Map

Thanks to all the volunteers who were truly dedicated to the Leave No Trace principle, all those who helped to clean up Amber Burn, who joined the art car on Sunday morning and took part in this collective effort, making sure there is no MOOP left in the location. Together, we left the city as we had found it.

The Cosmic Snake

The series of stories about the art of Amber Burn continues

The Cosmic Snake was the first art to burn in Amber Burn 2023 Cosmic Freedom. “The idea to make a sculpture came from the jungles of Peru. I have spent 10 days in the wilderness together with my mother of aya. Once I was back in Lithuania, a snake appeared in front of my eyes during meditation.” Karolina shared that the snake was dressed in wild plants and flowers. “I realized that this idea needs to be implemented. Strong energy led me to the creative process.” For the first time in her life, she had to organize a team, plan, and do construction. Seven people built the snake. The team started with the head of the snake two months in advance and finished in only 3 days at the location before the start of the event.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023 Cosmic Freedom, The Cosmic Snake (photo used with permission)

In spite of the rain, which spoiled the progress of the work a little, and despite some hiccups, the project turned out great: a 23-meter-long writhing wooden body made of 600 wooden tables with a huge head covered with pine cones, glowing yellow eyes, and a bright green tongue. It symbolized rebirth for each member of the team.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023 Cosmic Freedom, The Cosmic Snake (photo by Remigijus Ratkevičius)

The snake had a lot to do with the Amber Burn theme of Cosmic Freedom! In archaic myths, the serpent mediates between earth and heaven. As in heaven, so on earth, we wanted to materialize the snake as one between man, nature, and animals. As a snake changes its skin, as nature changes its clothes, so do we, humans, change both internally and externally. Everything is interconnected.

Image description

Amber Burn 2023 Cosmic Freedom, The Cosmic Snake (photo used with permission)

To finish with, Karolina emphasizes, “This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, the ephemerality of which has given rise to many wonderful emotions! When we were burning the sculpture, it sparkled like crazy in the fire, leaving nothing but skeletons and dust behind. I never thought that creating art could bring so much joy and adventure.

I want to remind all of you that it doesn't matter what kind of art you create; you can experiment as much as you want. The most important thing is to feel pleasure and do it from the heart.” 

Check the link below if interested to know more about creation of The Cosmic Snake!


AfrikaBurn 2024 'Creation'

Lithuanians in the dust

Burning Man regional AfrikaBurn hosts around 10,000 participants every year. The event takes place in the Tankwa Karoo, located between the Northern Cape and Western Cape Provinces of South Africa. In 2023 event dates are from 29th of April to 5th of May.

Image description

Pictures from www.afrikaburn.org

The AfrikaBurn Department of Public Works is a hard-working crew and is looking for volunteers. Setting up and breaking down the AfrikaBurn takes about 2 months. Applications for DPW are open, click here to apply. It is an experience that will transform your life.

Interested to go to Afrika Burn? Everyone needs to register on Quicket to be able to buy tickets and fill the form. Main sale will happen on 4th of December 2023. Get ready!

Image description

Pictures from www.afrikaburn.org

And get in touch with Lithuania Burners community members if you would like to plan going together or meeting at AfrikaBurn! Link below.

Get in Touch

Burning Man 2024

Black Rock City Honoraria Program

Burning Man Honoraria Program issues a small number of grants to fund artworks to be placed on playa during the event. The first step is to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). The LOI is open for applications until mid-November.

Learn more about what it takes to create art at Burning Man, what is funded, and whatnot, and attend events. Check out the the link below for more information.

Image description

Honoraria art in Burning Man in 2017 from Lithuania, 'Dance For The Dawn' Carlos Carlito & Linkmenu Fabrikas (photo used with permission) 

More information

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