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FG July News Update!

This quarter we cruised past over $50,000 in USD paid out to users all time. Here is to another $50,000 to our loyal site users! Below you will find some important updates from the site!

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40% BitLabs Promo

Continuing now until August 4, BitLabs has given us a 20% bonus to offer you a 40% promo! Enjoy this while it lasts. 

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Earn to Give, Support Charity!

You all have helped to raise over $500 to charity! Our site is now featuring a new charity for the few months. This charity was suggested by one of our site members who is actively involved in raising money through it. Click below to learn more and support.

Visit Charity Page
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Pirate Game News

As we work through this exciting new update to the Pirate game, we undoubtedly tweak some things here and there. As it stands here are some quick details of the newest features (all subject to change)

1. " Ghost Ships" - 20% more naval power than all other pirate ships, costing 10% cheaper, AND with a 15% instant bonus converted to Gold Coins on all purchases / leveling, this ship is definitely tempting to purchase, but will be work to maintain. We will sea :). 

2. Loyalty Lighthouse - As mentioned prior, this will be lots of bonuses towards loyalty! Such as the ability to get double the rate of return on Loyalty Point exchanges, no loyalty penalties for inactivity, ability to purchase loyalty points, and a 20% increase in rate of earning! 

3. Harbor - We changed this up a bit since last newsletter, lowering the price on the harbor, and altering some of its benefits. The Harbor now allows a user to Level up all ships to Level 11 (up from 10). Also, to help pay for itself, users get an instant 2% back in Gold Coins on all withdrawals if they own a harbor. Several other benefits as well!

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Find Treasure Easier!

We made it easier to collect and win this round of our Pirate Fun Token (PFTs) collectible race! We added a new easy to complete daily challenge and made it twice as easy to find the "rare" PFTs that often stop people from finishing a level.

There are also 8 levels, so more people should win if you participate and start collecting!

Collectible PFT Challenges
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USDC & ETH Withdrawals

We've officially added a new $2 min. withdrawal option as USDC to Coinbase. Also, we have added ETH and USDC to any wallet for a $20 min. 

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Summer Survey Contest Results!

Wow, talk about a contest! Thank you everyone who participated. Congrats to grinchmas, ATG612, and Jdawg for finishing top 3 in the contest. All 3 completed over $80 in surveys in just 14 days! 

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Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you all the best.
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