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August 30, 2023



A Project Shaped By GHC Activism

Image description

After years of planning, consultation, protest, and construction, Mount Sinai is about to open its new facility on West 124th street.

The Greater Harlem Coalition worked extensively with the Mount Morris Community Improvement Association on helping Mount Sinai see that our community is already oversaturated with addiction programs and we wanted a community health facility that would serve community health lacunas.

"the services will include: Primary Care, Specialty care, HIV care, mental health services All outpatient. No CARES or addictions or OTP"

Mount Sinai writes:

"As part of our larger overall commitment to provide inclusive, equitable, and high-quality medical care for all communities, the new Center will provide a variety of medical services including outpatient primary care (adult internal medicine and pediatrics), outpatient mental health care, radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services. Primary care providers will also be able to refer to select in-house specialty services including but not limited to Gynecology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, HIV/AIDS Care, Transgender Care, LGBTQAI Services, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Dentistry (adult and pediatrics), and Pain Management. Beyond Traditional Health Care"


Fundraising at the Plaza Hotel for Harm Reduction

Image description

The oldest continuously run syringe exchange program in the United States - St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction (SACHR) - is looking to expand it's services to include the Bronx's first supervised injection site.  To this end, St. Ann's is fundraising at an October event at the Plaza Hotel.  

"The event, hosted in the iconic Plaza Hotel reflects on old New York, prohibition, and the pleasure principle."


City and State Reports on OnPoint Through OnPoint's Eyes

Image description

City and State has an extensive article on OnPoint's harm reduction work that fails to incorporate impacted community voices.  As the image (above) illustrates, OnPoint's impact on the neighborhood goes beyond supervising drug consumption.  

[Note that the three chairs in the image are used by drug dealers who conduct drug sales outside OnPoint's front door every day of the week.]

"And with limited research on OnPoint’s impact, despite research from other parts of the world, hard data to support either success or failure in New York is still scarce. It’s an experiment, and the whole country is watching to see if New York City’s approach works. No pressure."


The Role of the Letter "X" in Drug Naming

The letter “X” is popular in branding and thought to evoke speed, fluidity, and stick in the memory. 

It occurs sixteen times as often in drug names (compared to general usage in other English words)

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