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Culture and Media Agency Europe

Sharing Knowledge and Building Connections: April Insights at CUMEDIAE

Our newly-launched project, ECHO Academies, has launched the first two calls for artists for residencies  in Athens and Budapest. At the same time, even more materials about the transatlantic trade of enslaved people are being published at MANIFEST.

👀 Read on to learn more about our activities that promote social issues through culture and creativity. Last but not forgotten, CUMEDIAE's free-accessible platform, Culture Agora, now hosts more than 100 opportunities for individuals seeking opportunities in the cultural and creative sectors!

ECHO Academies: First Open Calls for Comic and Industrial Heritage Artists

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The Academy in Budapest is looking for ten individuals to develop artworks and create proposals for their development as pilot projects.

The reuse and reinterpretation of the Urban Industrial Heritage of Budapest will inspire participants of the Academy.

Artworks will be visual elements such as photos, mock-ups or even designs – anything. These will be developed with the help and facilitation of artistic supervisors, academic researchers, and production partners through the Academy.

In the end they will be presented in an exhibition and an online digital archive.

🚨Deadline for the applications: 1 June

Learn more here
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The Athens Academy will focus on comics and the specific heritage object of Karagiozis Shadow Puppet Theatre. Ten selected comic artists will stay in Athens for three weeks, create an artwork inspired by Karagiozis, and design a pilot project to be implemented in their home country in collaboration with Inter Alia and a local micro-organization.

At the end of the Academy, an international judging committee will elect three winners who will receive a cash prize and will be called to implement the presented pilot project in their home countries using ECHOAc funding.

✔️ The programme covers travel and accommodation expenses and foresees food for the whole duration of the Academy.

Apply before May 7

The two calls have been addressed to young and emerging artists who are residents of the EU and the Western Balkans, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia and constitute a part of a broader initiative that aims to foster young and emerging European talents. The artistic fields included within the residencies will be manifold: comics (in Greece), fashion design (in Bulgaria), music (in North Macedonia), photography and architecture (in Hungary).

       Follow the ECHO Academies project on social media for updates!


MANIFEST:  solid and documented materials about our shared European history


The history of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people still needs to be discovered in our societies. However, it played an essential role in the construction of modern Europe, our national identities and our social relations.

The MANIFEST project provides a Resources centre with various data formats, including articles, visuals, videos, and audio. Recent articles explore the economic, social, and political impacts on modern Europe, how the trade influenced art and created new music genres and movements, the legacies and memories present in Europe today, the people involved in recognition and reparation, and how colonial products spread worldwide.

Come regularly to discover the new content published online!

Find Your Opportunity in the Cultural Community 

on Culture Agora

CUMEDIAE's free-accessible platform, Culture Agora, provides regular updates on Residencies, Events, Open Calls, Funding in the arts and much more! 

Agora is a wiki-style participatory tool that intends to simplify, compare, and showcase a broad spectrum of cultural content scattered across the web. 

In the platform, everyone has equal opportunities to gain exposure, whether it's a seminar or training program offered by a renowned institution in a metropolitan area or a meeting or job provided by a small dynamic cultural organisation.

Currently, over 100 Events and 60 Opportunities from more than 16 Countries are on the platform, and new content is updated regularly.

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