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Victoria Cruises brings you the worlds`s first affordable residental ship.

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Welcome to the Victoria Cruises online journal. For your convenience, we will be notify you by email as new journal entries are posted. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Victoria Cruises Line presents:

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Valerie has been appointed to serve as Victoria Cruises Brand Ambassador. Having spent the last decades traveling the globe, she will be on hand to share her incredible knowledge and guidance with guests.

Valerie has been a lifelong avid cruiser since age three.

She has two mottos in life, "There are no strangers in this world, only friends I have yet to meet" and "Live life to the fullest".

To meet Valerie, the first thing you will notice is her warm, genuine, sparkly personality and that she indeed embraces her mottos completely.

Raised in Southern California, she has had the opportunity to be an extra in dozens of movies, television shows and even MTV videos, back when MTV actually played music videos.

Valerie enjoys swimming, playing the harp, Karaoke, trivia games, exploring new places and making new friends wherever she goes.

A true Geek at heart, she loves history, archaeology, solving cryptograms and the sciences,especially Geology and Meteorology.

She has a passion for learning new things daily, currently she is taking Italian lessons,and looking forward to putting her new found language skills to work when Victoria Cruises arrive in Italy in 2025.

"I am honored to serve as the VCL Brand Ambassador," said Valerie.

"I am so looking forward to hosting our guests throughout the voyage sharing my expertise and ensuring every encounter is exceptional.

Experiencing world wonders such as the pyramids of Egypt, Petra in Jordan, Ephesus in Turkey or the Colosseum in Rome while enjoying unique shore excursions will be an experience of a lifetime," she added."

Meet the crew of Victoria Cruises ships

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Meet the VCL staff, our colleagues have created a short introductory video so that our passengers can get to know the staff before departure.

Not all colleagues can be introduced due to lack of space, so you can only get to know the managers and the officers from the videos.

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Destination-Port list

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Port list Victoria Majestic
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Flipbook brochure
Best Regards,
Victoria Cruises Line

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The Residential Ship

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