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April News and Promos!

Spring is here! Hope with the warmer temperatures, your earnings are heating up too!

40% Offertoro Bonus Promo!

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Visit Offertoro

Now through April 17 enjoy a 40% bonus on all OfferToro offers!

Checkout their new Multi-Stage reward section and complete game apps and other app offers in stages to unlock rewards easier!

New Gamer Shortlink!

A high paying, clean, and relatively easy shortlink has been added to our site that is available to all countries! Current rates are 50 GTs per complete up to 3 views per day. Rates subject to change as we evaluate it. 
-  It is an easy way to maintain daily loyalty if you are on the go and don't have much time. 

New Gamer Shortlink
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Pirate Collectible Race Round 3!

Our 3rd ever PFT (Pirate Fun Token) Collectible race has begun and will run through the end of June! Collect PFTs to boost your Naval Power in our Passive Crypto game as well. 

Be the first to collect 125 PFTs and win 250,000 Gold Coins ($25). Each 25 PFT level also has a 50,000 Gold Coin prize, and win other bonus prizes along the way!

Collectible PFT Challenges

Batter up!

Don't miss our monthly arcade game tournament. Swing for the fences in our new arcade baseball game and win GTs.

Head to the Arcade

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Passive Game Update Coming...

Coming this summer, we have some exciting new updates and additions to our Crypto Pirates passive game! Stay tuned for the addition of a harbor for your ships, a lighthouse, and maybe even some ghost ships. All will add more naval power to your crew and some other bonus features!

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