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Greater Harlem Coalition Logo

May 31, 2023



For Harlem's City Council Seat

The Greater Harlem Coalition (GHC) has endorsed Inez E. Dickens in her bid to

become Harlem’s next city council member. 

GHC’s work to achieve a safer, more vibrant and cleaner Harlem where all individuals and families can thrive compliments and parallels Assembly Member Inez Dickens’ vision for a vibrant and safe Harlem.

“The [Greater Harlem] Coalition represents so many areas of Harlem. I feel honored to have been endorsed by so many community organizations at once. It truly represents the idea that if you want to go far you go together. There is strength in numbers and I look forward to working with GHC and all of their member organizations to make sure Harlem gets its fair share.”

Shawn Hill, co-founder of the organization, released the following statement in support of


“The Greater Harlem Coalition is proud to announce our unequivocal support for 
Assemblymember Inez Dickens in her bid to become Harlem's next City Council member. Inez Dickens' focus on practical legislation that will improve Harlem residents' quality of life and her advocacy for the fair share distribution of city and state services throughout all of New York's neighborhoods are positions that The Greater Harlem Coalition firmly supports." 

“We urge all Harlem residents to vote for Inez Dickens and support her fight for equity and a Harlem that thrives."

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For more information about the Dickens campaign please visit www.inezedickens.com


Two Major Anti-Fentanyl Initiatives

The recently passed New York State budget included the following items that will hopefully impact the overdose crisis in our state:

  • $7 million to establish an Anti-Fentanyl Innovation Grant, creating units tasked with shutting down fentanyl supply chains flowing into our communities and prosecuting in cases of overdose deaths.
  • $18 million for the State-supported Crime Analysis Center network, including the establishment of a new center in New York City, bringing the number of centers Statewide to 11. Of this funding, $2 million will also be used for crime and data analysts focused on stopping fentanyl distribution.
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The Bronx v America

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"Tranq" Increasingly Seen In Harlem's Drug Supply

Fentanyl and it's profound impact on overdose death rates across North America is now followed by another deadly drug that is used to extend fentanyl's brief high - Tranq.

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Tranq - the street term for Xylazine - a veterinary drug - is increasingly found in drugs tested at OnPoint's center on East 126th Street. Tranq causes skin ulcers on human bodies that can lead to amputation. People ingesting Xylazine can doze for days at a time, often keeling over on the street. There’s a danger their breathing will be suppressed, and their heart rate decreased.

Drug users who have tranq in their heroin or fentanyl face a double danger because the suppressed breathing and slower heart rate caused by Xylazine can’t be reversed by the anti-opioid medicine Narcan.

“If they go for Narcan in the bar and try to revive them, and the person isn’t breathing right away, they need to call 911 immediately,” Brennan said. “The Xylazine isn’t going to be responsive to the Narcan.”

The high from fentanyl is (relative to heroin) short lived.  As a result, tranq is added to fentanyl in order to extend the high.

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