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The Section Scoop

April 26, 2023

Vol. 7, Issue 4

Conclave Registration Opens May 10th

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2023 Section G16 Conclave will open on Wednesday, May 10th! 

As a subscriber of The Section Scoop, you are the first to know about this exciting conclave news!

G16 LIVE with the Gateway Region Chief

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, April 27th at 7:30pm for our next G16 LIVE, available only on the Section G16 Instagram account and rebroadcasted on Facebook and YouTube!

This month, Section Secretary Jack Lewy will sit down with the 2023 Gateway Region Chief Michael Whitford to discuss upcoming region and national programs, life as a national officer, and an exciting announcement about conclave.

Secretary Statement

In this edition of the Secretary Statement, section secretary Jack Lewy encourages Arrowmen to make good first impressions at lodge inductions, have fun at summer camp, and make activation events memorable.

Volunteer for Conclave Shows

The conclave shows team is looking for youth to help plan our shows for the 2023 conclave. They are in need of actors, script writers, film crew, editors, and anyone else who is willing to lend a hand. Even if you have never done it before, this is an awesome learning opportunity and a lot of fun!

Please reach out to [email protected] if interested.

2023 Section Communications Retreat Recap

On April 15, 2023, the Section G16 Comms Team met for their first team retreat in a couple years. During the retreat, the team reviewed and revised team policies, completed training, and planned out content for future publications. 

Check out the full recap for more information.

2023 Boise NLS - A Staff Perspective

Three members of our section leadership attended the National Leadership Seminar in Boise, ID on March 31 - April 2 on staff. Staffing an NLS is a completely different and rewarding experience. Check out what some of these staff members had to say about their NLS staffing experience.

2023 Inductions Season is Here

Spring is well underway and that means induction season has arrived here in Section G16. All of our member lodges have induction weekends planned in the coming months. 

Here is what our lodge’s have planned for this year’s spring induction season.

2023 Tsisqan Service Weekend Recap

On the weekend of April 21-23, 2023, over 50 Arrowmen gathered at Camp Baker for the Tsisqan Lodge Service Weekend. The annual event is free for dues-paid lodge members, continuing a long-standing lodge tradition of providing service to the council’s flagship camp.

ArrowCorps 2023

by Tor Helland

ArrowCorps returns this summer! Hosted by Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge, ArrowCorps is a week-long service project in the wilderness around Camp Pioneer. ArrowCorps is open to all Scouts and Scouters, not just OA members, and participants will have the opportunity to meet and serve alongside a special guest!


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