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Fortnightly Newsletter - 10th March 2023

Volume 7, Issue 3

Dear parents, students, friends of Adelaide International School

From the Principal & Deputy Principal

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AIS VISION: To Assist in the creation of an international learning community enriched by education, which nurtures harmony, mutual respect and understanding.

Students of the World

Thank you to our families for choosing Adelaide International School to educate your child. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously. We are committed to welcoming students of the world to learn English as a second language (5 years old to 17 years old) and commence studies towards the completion of their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). “Education is everything”  - to quote a key colleague here at our school. Those of us here with a migrant background know the opportunities that education offers families in their new country. We have lived the journey. We have listened to our family conversations regarding the sacrifices made being far away from loved ones - to provide educational opportunities and university pathways for their children. At AIS we add personalised value to each child’s world experience. We also learn from each child’s unique experience of their home country. In 2023 we continue to welcome students from Indonesia, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Hong Kong and most recently from Iran. We continue to work with our overseas partner schools in Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and China to host Study Tours in Sydney and Adelaide. Thank you to Ms Rosie Broderick for leading our recent Indonesian tour with distinction and Ms Didi from Jakarta for escorting our tour group to Australia. We warmly welcome our Japanese study tour next week. Thank you to Mr Angus, Mr Tony, Mr Grin, Ms Kitty, Ms Beta and Mr Shaun Oakey for your great support in classroom and Homestay matters. 
Warmest wishes
Gina Kadis

From the Director of Teaching and Learning

Happy World Womens Day for Wednesday 8th March. On this day we celebrate all women. This year the hashtag #EmbraceEquity was used to raise awareness about discrimination. I was thrilled to read the message from our CEO Alexis Watt, who communicated with all Adelaide Education Group staff on the day, to acknowledge the amazing women across our business, in our lives, and in our communities.

Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." (internationalwomensday.com, 2023)

During the week

Over the last week, teachers have taken students to excursions. Our unique location in the heart of Adelaide, allows the city to be our classroom. This week our students attended the Adelaide Festival Theatre to enjoy the play The River that Ran Uphill. Some of the dialogue was in broken English to show a more authentic experience of a cyclone in Vanuatu. Thankyou to Ms. Xu for organising this event.

I also thank Mr. Oakey and Ms. Nayagam for taking the English for Academic Purposes students for an urban field trip. Students collected data about green spaces for their report they are now completing.

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The Learning Program

This is an important week in the learning program. During the week, students will complete summative assessment tasks which will also be levelled against the LEAP Levels or Learning English: Achievement and Proficiency diagnostic tool. We use this tool to find out how much each student’s English has grown for the assessment period. We also use this tool to work out how close a student’s English use is compared to an English as a first language speaker for the same year level. Have a look at this table below. This table is produced by the Education Department of South Australia.

Figure 1: Register Continuum (education.sa.gov.au, 2022)

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So, look at figure 1 above. Level 14 shows a writing level of the average Year 10 student in Australia. A level 10, shows the writing level of the average Year 6 student in Australia.

At AIS, we usually see each student grow a least 1 level per 10-week term. Quite often, students will grow 2 levels and occasionally more.

In week 11 of this term, you will see a formal academic report for your child. This table will be in the report for students in the English for Academic Purpose Program. In addition, the senior students will have this information provided in the term report in the subject, English. Please look at the growth in English these students have made.

The following usually helps students to grow in English when they are at home:

  • Talking around the dinner table. Have a topic, do a PMI or generally catch up!
  • Watching English language shows.
  • Have the radio on with English channels playing.
  • Have a weekly catch up if the week has been so busy you have spoken to your child or homestay very much.
  • All homework is completed.
  • If your child or homestay has a part-time job, they are not working more than 8 hours per week so there’s time for them to complete all work.
  • Help support your child or homestay by encouraging social interaction on the weekends.
  • Start planning for the holidays which are coming!

The Learning Program

The SACE is a world recognised qualification allowing students into all universities around the world. A student must have at least 200 credits and C grades or higher to gain this qualification.

Moreover, the students also must have 50 of the 200 credits for these subjects:

  • English (20 credits)
  • Mathematics (10 credits)
  • Personal Learning Plan (10 credits)
  • Research Project (10 credits)

And, 90 of the 200 credits completed at a Year 12 or Stage 2 level. 20 of these Year 12 credits can be from a Certificate 3 course.

It usually takes 2 years to gain 200 credits. Students need to use English quite confidently and quickly as well as without translators for much of the work to do well in SACE.

The English for Academic Purposes students also can gain SACE credits when:

  • The student is in Year 10.
  • If their language use is getting close to a level 14.
  • If their subjects are close to a Year 11 standard
  • If the amount and type of assessment is close to a Year 11 standard.

At the moment, I am submitting applications for SACE credits for some English for Academic Purposes students. For others, their language level and amount of assessment needs to increase to be eligible for this.

The maximum number of SACE credits for English for Academic Purposes courses is 40. These 40 credits are for Year 11 credits, not year 12. They are also not part of compulsory English or Mathematics courses.

I am currently auditing the SACE Patterns of students. You may receive a communication from me regarding your student’s learning and how they will progress their education beyond 2023 if there may be any concern with gaining the 200 credits required.

Ms. Phillips.

Thank you SMP Al Azhar 1!

On Friday of week 4 we were honoured to receive and farewell our Indonesian guests from Al Azhar 1 High School and to see their wonderful martial arts performance. We were thrilled to see that they had really enjoyed the delights of Victor Harbour, Handorf Town, Tatachilla College and of course our very own Rundle Mall.

The students sang the Australian National Anthem at our assembly as well as hearing the feedback from the students on the tour. They had some time to exchange gifts and to catch up on the experiences.

Shaun Oakey

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Green Space in the City

Last Friday the SACE Connect and Middle Years Humanities classes went out into the Central Business District of Adelaide to study the greenspace. The beautiful city of Adelaide is well known for its parklands and is really a city in the forest. The students were interested to use GIS technology to map the greenspace, record its temperature at up to 7 locations and to monitor the sound levels. The students also recorded the various ways in which the citizens use the greenspaces. They found that in the city people mostly like to sit and read their phones and to chat with friends. The map above shows that the temperature was warmest where the building were very tall and where there was little vegetation. The Botanic Gardens were shady and quiet but still quite warm because we visited their during the hottest part of the day. The students have had fun writing up their results and rose to the challenges of recording field data very well.

Shaun Oakey

Image description

ArcGIS map of Adelaide showing Sound in blue and coloured asterisks of temperature.  Red is the warmest and green the coolest. 

Image description

Mr Oakey showing SACE Connect students how to record their data in the Botanic Gardens

Important Upcoming Dates

13th March Public Holiday – School is closed

14th March Japanese Study Tour begins – Welcome Assembly

17th March Student Levelling process begins

24th March Japanese Study Tour ends.

Homegroup Program

Year Level

Homegroup Teacher

Email Address

EAP Primary

Ms Gloria Ye

[email protected]

EAP Middle Year

Ms Sarah Neyagam

[email protected]

EAP Headstart

Mr Gary Gong

Mr Shaun Oakey

[email protected]

[email protected]

EAP for SACE Connect

Ms Maliza Huang

[email protected]

Year 11

Ms Sally Xu

[email protected]

Year 12

Ms Zara Phillips

[email protected]

List of our Staff




Kadis, Gina


[email protected]

Oakey, Shaun

Deputy Principal

[email protected]

Phillips, Zara

Director of T&L & SACE Coordinator

[email protected]

Rosie, Broderick

AISA Business Development Manager

[email protected]

Gong, Gary

SACE Teacher

[email protected]

Huang, Maliza

EAP&EPET Teacher

[email protected]

Liu, Jing

EAP&SACE Teacher

[email protected]

Nayagam, Sarah

EAP Middle Years Teacher

[email protected]

Xu, Sally

SACE Teacher

[email protected]

Ye, Gloria

EAP Primary Years Teacher

[email protected]

Chan, Tom

ICT Support (Intern)

[email protected]

Gao, Grace

Education Support officer

[email protected]

Zhou, Joel

Education Support officer

[email protected]

Huang, Chris

ICT Support

[email protected]

Karem, Sam

ICT Developer & Analyst

[email protected]

Rhothjirathanin, Grin

Digital Marketing & Communication

[email protected]

Sha, Lola

ICT Support

[email protected]

Shao, Kitty

Student Support Officer-Level 4 –
reception; absentees daily;
first-aid officer;

[email protected]

So, Catherine

Student Support Officer-Level 5
– admissions

[email protected]

Sun, Leo

IT and Facility Manager-Level 5

[email protected]

Zhang, Jessica

Student Recruitment Manager

[email protected]

Have the best weekend. Do reach out and contact me on [email protected] or Shaun Oakey on [email protected] if you need our support.

Yours sincerely

Gina Kadis, Principal AIS

Shaun Oakey, Deputy Principal AIS


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