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- July 2023 News -

Conversational Spanish Practice personalized and tailored to you!

Online lessons: one setting in which you can have someone's undivided attention for an hour! I (Elizabeth) first get to know you and then personalize the lessons to your learning style, goals, and interests, including your work. Over the past eight years of tutoring Spanish, I have learned about many different professions, from gastroenterology to asset management! Last month one of my online students was on a business trip in our area and made a point of planning a visit. What a joy to meet her in 3-D and share a wonderful afternoon of conversation and food! We served her an international lunch representing a few Spanish-speaking countries: fajitas de pollo  - chicken with peppers and onions (Mexico); habichuelas - pinto beans (Dominican Republic); frijoles negros - black beans (Puerto Rico); and David's homemade guacamole, of course!  Whatever your reason for learning, reviving, or improving your Spanish, visit our website and choose a lesson package. 

Singers and Instrumentalists: 

ramp up your practice sessions with digital accompaniment recordings!

Using accompaniment tracks for your daily practice will help you get the most out of your personal study and preparation time, and allow you to become more comfortable with the piano part and the ways it complements and supports your musical line. Having worked as a collaborative pianist for many years with musicians of all ages, I (David) am experienced with much of the standard vocal and instrumental repertoire and have recording software and equipment to produce high quality practice tracks playable using a computer or phone. Please click here for more information on accompaniment recording services. I look forward to helping you!

Organizational tip of the month

Emails can pile up quickly while you are away enjoying much needed summer rest and refreshment. Or maybe, like most of us, you struggle to keep your inbox under control on a regular basis. One helpful system is creating folders for various topics (i.e., work, family, shopping, travel, finances, recipes) and perhaps some subfolders for specific workplaces, family members, or categories. This clears your general inbox and makes it less overwhelming to tackle each folder individually. I (David) established a similar system at work which was very helpful for daily efficiency. Do you need to get a handle on your inbox or some assistance with another organizational or administrative project? Click here to book an hour or more of virtual/personal assistant services and let's get started!

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