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Don't miss these changes...

Thank you for your continued support at FaucetGamers! We could not continue to run and be successful for over 3 years without users like you. Below are some important site changes!

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20% Extra Bonus on Everything!

Starting 6/22 until the end of the month, enjoy the biggest bonus we have ever offered on everything!

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No Fee BTC & ETH Withdrawals

We have removed fees on all our withdrawal types! We also brought back BTC direct wallet and added ETH direct  withdrawals (min. amount of 200,000 GTs/GCs). 

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BitcoTasks is here!

New offerwall for all countries is here! Featuring PTC ads and Shortlinks, this wall will have something for everyone.  

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Withdrawal Bonus Changes

We have so many bonuses on FaucetGamers it is hard to keep track of them all!  One of the often forgotten bonuses on the site, we are officially ending July 15. This is the GT only large withdrawal bonus. With the addition of Ghost Ships in our next Pirate game update, this bonus will be essentially improved upon. See details below about Ghost Ships.

(Copy from Previous Email) Pirate Game Announcement 

To shake things up in the Crypto Pirate world we are proud to announce some upcoming changes: 

1. " Ghost Ships" - These special ships will last for around 200 days and give 20% more Naval Power than our current most powerful ships! These ships, however, require your payment to go directly to Gold Coins upon purchase.

2. Loyalty Lighthouse - Purchase this and never lose your loyalty points again (at least for 100 days)! You also will earn them twice as fast.  They also will add bonus Naval Power to your fleet, approximate price 50,000 Gold Coins

3. Harbor - Be a harbor master and earn 10% more on the site offerwalls! Also, never lose 20% if you need to sell your ships early. You also will earn bonus Naval Power. Also, lasting 100 days this special building will cost approximately 100,000 Gold Coins. 

4. Year long top Pirate Captain contest - We plan to award points for being a top Pirate each day. The top Pirates at the end of the year will take home some extra booty!

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PFT Round Ending Soon!

Our 3rd ever PFT (Pirate Fun Token) Collectible race concludes at the end of June! There has no Pirate yet to have found all 125 PFTs but some are close.

Also, enjoy our Limited Edition PFTs until the end of the month and earn cool bonuses with them!

Collectible PFT Challenges
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Sizzling Summer Survey Contest!

It's back again! Our mid summer survey contest which will run July 9 to July 22! Mark it on your calendars and get ready to rock some surveys on those days!

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Thanks for your continued support. Wishing you all the best.
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