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Karen Fitzgerald: The energy of visual art changes everything.

FitzgeraldArt Summer Giveaway 2023

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Lowell Lake

When traveling in Vermont for an annual gathering, we often visit Lowell Lake. It’s a beautiful, quiet spot. This watercolor navigates the equal interest of water and surrounding trees. These two essential elements provide sustenance for long city nights.

I am giving away this signed 13" x 12" original watercolor painting
(value of $350) to the winner of our Summer Giveaway!

Click here to enter!
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Queens Rising Open Studio at FitzgeraldArt

June 22 - 25

June 22, Thursday, VIP preview, 6-8

June 23, Friday, 3 - 7:30

June 24, Saturday, 11am - 7pm

June 25, Sunday, 11am - 5pm

3151 12th Street, 2nd Floor, 

Astoria / Long Island City, NY 11106

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Brut Construction Nº 15

Donnelly Marks

Image description

City Nights

John Cox

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Waters That Are Never Still 3

Vicky Stein

Image description

View of the Evening

Alison Cuomo

Image description

The Sky Puts 

On A Crown

Karen Fitzgerald

Representation of works to be featured.

Queens Seen: What Artists are Creating in the World's Borough

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Gallery Hours:
Thursdays & Fridays: 5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 2:00pm-9:00pm

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Matter Unfolding
oil, mica, Venetian plaster with 23k gold on panel
20" diameter

In partnership with Culture Lab LIC, Queens Rising is presenting a month-long gallery show highlighting the work of Queens visual artists. This gallery show will highlight a variety of work intended to show the brilliance, creativity, and beauty of the visual art happening in Queens.

Exhibition runs June 1 through July 2.

Curated by Karen Kettering Dimit.

Jurors: Ann Margaret O'Connor, Phil Ballman, Amy Simon, Julia Del Palacio Langer, and Louise Weinberg.

Accepted Artists Include:

Willy Airaldi, Noah Bassman, Bugzdale (Anthony Jackson), Xiangyun Chen, Ann Cofta, Dawn DeVito, Anthony Duque, Karen Fitzgerald, Linda Ganjian, Tina Glavan, Jardley Jean-Louis, Veronica Lawlor, Grant Hao-Wei Lin, Margaret McCarthy, Richard Meyer, Ged Merino, Cristián Pietrapiana, Helen Quinn, Ellie Reynoso De La Rosa, Daniel Roberts, Santiago Rodriguez, Jennifer Saftler, Nelson Host Santiago, Celia Luz Santos, Elinore Schnurr, James Seffens, Elizabeth Sheehan, Minshik Shin, Josh Steinbauer, Susan Varo, Ian Zdatny

View Spliced Connector group's new summer exhibition, 

Sense Making, at Artsy.net here.

Image description

Above: Unfolding Matter

20" diameter, oil paint, mica, Venetian plaster on yupo with 12k gold mounted on panel, .5" thick.


From the curatorial statement:

We are privileged to live at a moment when a new story is being written about how we understand ourselves in the world. The old story said we were all separate from one another; even our bodies separate from our minds. The new story is revealing something quite different.

It’s the whole organism that’s conscious, not just the brain. It’s the whole organism that attends or remembers. The brain makes animal cognition possible, it facilitates and enables it, but it’s not the location of it. A bird needs wings to fly, Thompson says, but the flight is not in the w

ings. Disembodied wings in a vat could never fly—it’s the whole bird, in interaction with the air currents shaped by its own movements that takes to the sky.

“The mistake was to think that cognition was in the head,” Calvo says. “It belongs to the relationship between the organism and its environment.” The same act that keeps a living system living is the act by which, as Noë puts it, “the world shows up for us.”

We show up for the world. We embody, embed, extend, and enact. We are an ecological psychology. And like the octopus with cognition centers scattered throughout its body (each arm has it's own "brain") our cognitive apparatus is also distributed among our sensual capacities.

What does all this have to do with the visual language? For a long time, we believed the experience of the visual language was located in the brain. As with the new story, we are re-membering the sensual delight of experiencing visual art. Though primarily visual, this experience manifests in all our senses. We show up for the world when we expand our understanding of this broad-based experience. The rich network of sensual delights present in this mix of work does what all masterful artwork accomplishes: it shows up for the world, as the world shows up for it.

* Evan Thompson is a philosopher at the University of British Columbia and one of the founders of the enactive approach in studying cognition.

** Paco Calvo, the plant whisperer. Planta Sapiens: The New Science of Plant Intelligence W. W. Norton & Co, New York, NY (2023).

Sense Making on Artsy
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above: Aleatory 2

oil paint, and mica with 23k and 12k gold on panel, .75" thick

12" diameter, $400.

Image description

above: Cross Currents

oil paint, and mica with 23k gold on panel, .75" thick

12" diameter, $400.

Both of these works are available @fairshareart on Instagram. 
The site features affordable work for sale by contemporary artists.
New work is posted on the first day of every month. 

All work is $450 or less. Work priced at $250 and below will be at the top of the feed; work priced at $450 and below will be listed below that. 

The above are available. Each is $400.

Click to view @FairShareArt on Instagram
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Earendel's Neighborhood

17" diameter, mica with Venetian plaster on yupo with 22k moon gold, mounted on panel $2,000

Find this painting as part of Fluid Media's new exhibition, The Call Away.
The show is at Artsy.net.
Organized and curated by John Cox and Alison Cuomo.

Click to view The Call Away on Artsy

From the curatorial statement:
There are two distinct threads of art making, and artwork, that are each connected to the deep capacity we have to recognize – to re-member, and re-connect phenomena within our perceptual systems. These are our capacity to imagine; and the capacity of our perceptual system to connect us to our physical world. Art making and experiencing artwork build a unification of imagination and perception, creating recognition that easily calls us elsewhere.
While the work ranges from abstraction to representation, the content achieves its power of connectivity in the same manner. Our imagination works hand-in-hand with our perception; a recognition happens, and we too, are called away.

Please visit Art Lives Here NYC. Connie Lee and Cinzia Meneghello have built a beautiful website that reflects the collaborative community Connie is building. This is a refreshing presence in the art world; one where we each know and care for (and about) one another. A presence that encourages collaborations of all kinds, one that respects and honors the creative initiative. This is oxygen that feeds the fires of inspiration and supports the creative results.

An Idiosyncratic Studio Visit
Over 4 short episodes, I narrate an exploration of my work across 30+ years. This project illuminates connecting ideas and processes that have shaped the continued development of my work. It identifies key influences and collaborators. The project is idiosyncratic in that it is not meant to be comprehensive, nor overarching. It is a view into an artist's thought process, and how this shapes the work.

All 4 parts are now on YouTube: Click the box to see all 4 episodes. 

Total run time 14 minutes.

Click to watch on Youtube

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My work is widely available outside of the studio.
Find it in these online presentations:

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