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Sharing knowledge and Ideas: the first MANIFEST Artistic Residency in Hungary!

Ten intense and fulfilling days of the MANIFEST first Artistic Journey in Budapest/Zsennye, Hungary, have come to an end. The artists from the 12 selected projects have all had the opportunity to present the concepts of their future artworks and work closely with the project’s partners Khora, Gerador, Pro ProgressioneLes Anneaux de la Memoire and CUMEDIAE on the re-imagination of Europe’s collective memory of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people.

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“Meeting the artists of the MANIFEST Project has been simply inspirational. Each idea has taken shape and truly embodies the challenge of reclaiming narratives, reimagining memories and building new futures around the under discussed topic of the transatlantic trade of enslaved people in Europe's present.”

Stefanie Thomas Gilbert-Roberts, Director of Strategy and Projects at CUMEDIAE

Check out MANIFEST social media platforms to learn more about the Artistic Residency.

ECHO Academies: Open Calls for Musicians on the ritual song heritage of the Bitola Region 

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As a part of the ECHO Academies Project, SFERA International has released an open call for 10 musicians to enroll in the ECHO Academy in Bitola, North Macedonia.

The 10 selected artists will research the ritual song heritage of the Bitola region, songs about the calendar cycle, life cycle, pagan holidays, and other traditional holidays, and as a result, develop music pieces.

Artists will get to visit music historians, attend celebrations that include traditional music, and meet with fellow musicians from Bitola in order to research and get inspiration for their work.

Hurry up! The deadline for the applications is set for July 8, 2023!

Apply here!

Project Butterfly: Open Call for Composers 

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The Open Call for Composers is out! Project Butterfly is looking for three composers who will be in charge of composing the music for a new sustainable opera.

The selected composers will work hand in hand with students from Italy, Poland and Finland to produce an opera consisting of three acts, each dedicated to water, air and earth.

The Project will culminate in the newly created opera to be performed in the three opera houses’ countries, namely Italy, Poland and Finland.

The deadline for the applications is set for September 17, 11.59 CET!

Learn more here!
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